NC GOP Convention highlights

NC GOP Convention 2010

NC GOP Convention 2010

I just returned from the North Carolina GOP Convention (NCGOPCON) this weekend.  It was encouraging to see the process in action and I urge everyone to get involved.  It’s easy and it doesn’t cost that much.

I grinned when I read one of the resolutions stating the Party would officially recognize the efforts and fundamental principles of the TEA Party movement.  With little debate, it was adopted by the delegation.  🙂 What a great surprise!  The wording doesn’t seem to hi-jack the movement, but to acknowledge our efforts for change and reform in government as a common goal of theirs, too.  The GOP will “promote and implement policy based on the conservative values… smaller government, lower taxes, free enterprise, personal responsibility, and the NC and US Constitutions.”  I will hold the GOP and candidates to this resolution!

Adopted a resolution to Repeal Obamacare!  That was the best news of the day.  On the national level, the Party will work towards repeal and replace Obamacare with “legislation that truly reforms health care with common sense solutions that would allow the free market to correct health care and insurance problems.”  On the state level, the GOP urges our Attorney General, Roy Cooper, to join the federal lawsuits to “oppose the healthcare legislation recently passed since the legislation clearly violates the US Constitution and infringes on each states’ sovereignty.”

NC GOP adopts a resolution to oppose a proposed VAT tax and offers support to a Fair Tax.  Although there was lots of debate, this did pass as a step in the right direction for real tax reform in the country.
Also resolved to call for an official reversal of the Obama administration’s new nuclear weapons policy posture and to reject the new nuclear arms reduction treaty recently negotiated with Russia.  This was sparked a long heated debate with the Campaign For Liberty contingent of the delegation, but it did pass.

The NC GOP resolved to support Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s immigration laws that now mirror federal law.

Resolved to support oil exploration and drilling in North Carolina and off the coast.  It was pointed out by one wise delegate, the only reason why BP is drilling in one-mile deep waters in the Gulf is solely due to government regulations!  The government doesn’t permit shallow water drilling anymore.  These comments threw thunderous applause.

The one disappointment came when there was a motion made to add to the party rules a statement that for all appearances would allow for more transparency in the state GOP organization.  “No Executive Committee member may be denied admittance to Central Committee meetings.”  In the recent past, there had been a closed door meeting regarding budget, disciplinary actions, and payroll of officers where the Central Committee was denied access to Executive Committee meetins.  The Central Committee is the ranking committee that has full oversight of the organization.  One delegate commented, “Maybe we shouldn’t have people who have discipline problems in our organization?”  I wondered why the pay of officers wasn’t known, since these positions should be paths to great fortune.  As vast majority of the organization is made up of volunteers who do sooooo much fund raising, I think it appropriate that the officers salaries be made known.  Example: I’d like to know if the first $1 million dollars of fund raising is going to one person, or two people, or does it pay all officers in the organization? That seems reasonable. The vote was 122 Yes, 114 No.  Unfortunately, the motion was brought to the floor for consideration instead of being submitted to the Rules Committee 30-days prior to the Convention.  Although a majority of delegates supported the new rule, it required a 2/3-vote to pass. The motion FAILED.  Transparency loses.

Note: I will post some links for the GOP platform, rules, and resolutions under the LINKS section of this site.  They don’t have the 2010 documents posted yet, so I will post the 2009 docs and update when the new ones are posted.

TWITTER note: You can look at the numerous comments made by me and others in attendance by searching ON TWITTER #ncgop, #ncgopcon, #ncgopconv.  Twitter has no rules for hashtags and those are the ones I saw being used at the event.
Extra TWITTER info: Set up an account.  Get started.  Our group’s newly created hashtag is #caldtea so we can keep up with each other. 🙂


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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