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“Don’t Tread on Me”

Don’t Tread on Me – movie trailor. Anyone interested in see this movie in Hickory. The Hickory912Project is working on a location at time for viewing this movie. Continue reading

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Economics Lesson – free!

Mr. Spivack is a brilliant man and well educated in economics. If you want to learn more about our monetary system and economics, please plan to attend this free seminar next week. Another local group is hosting this seminar and have invited us to attend. You all know who he is. He was the merchant who was closed down for selling Conservative books, t-shirts, and bumper stickers in the Concord Mills Mall. Continue reading


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Political Reality

by Aaron Biteman, “I have learned my lesson and decided it is time for all of us to stop supporting just any liberty candidate and start focusing on winning liberty candidates.” Continue reading

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Obama supporter punches TEA Party guy in face!

The guy who throws the punch drives away in a BMW after thinking nothing of punching a man in the face after he asks him to stop pushing his wife! The police save the day and it all on video. Continue reading

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We Surround THEM!

Many Conservative candidates won big around the country in the June 8th Primaries. =) But don’t relax yet, we all know the Left can bring people to the polls. Continue reading

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