If someone was trying to ruin a country, then this is what they might do:

  • Incur massive national debt, raise debt ceiling, let grandchildren pay
  • Print more money!! $2 trillion ought to do it for now!
  • Stop drilling for oil for six months (immediately losing 20,000 jobs in the Gulf and crushing 200,000 support jobs in an economy with 10% unemployment already)
  • Take over the entire health care industry, 17% of GDP.
    • Taking on $1 trillion in NEW debt liabilities when the people are able to cover these expenses themselves
    • 51% of insurance plans will not meet gov’t set criteria
    • Implement heavy cuts in services (i.e., rationing)
  • Make the government solely responsible for all student loans
  • Unprecedented seizure of auto industry (too big to fail)
    • Fire GM’s CEO and replace with appointment
    • Force Chrysler sale to foreign company
  • Take over and overhaul US financial industry which does only one thing – limits access to consumer debt.
  • Nearly a trillion-dollar bank bailout (too big to fail)
  • Another half-trillion dollar bailout of private financial institutions (AIG, Goldman Sachs, etc…
  • Deceptively take on the role of college medical school admissions selection, which students gets grants and scholarships, the location of student internship and residency, and government determination of the medical field in which the student will practice – all as terms of agreement for medical school admission
  • Force volunteerism as an college graduation requirement (gov’t determines worthy causes and locations by area of social need as deemed by gov’t board)
  • Open advocacy for re-distribution of wealth
  • During a disaster (like Gulf oil spill) be virtually missing for the first month
  • Appoint radicals to unelected and congressionally untouchable positions within the government to make “regulatory” policy, essentially usurping the legislative process (as of June 16, 2010, there are 50 Czars)
    • Look favorably at those who are avowed Socialist, Marxists, Communists, or other unfriendly to American tradition
    • Choose those with NO experience or first hand knowledge of the industry over which the regulate
  • Appoint radicals to the Supreme Court, especially:
    • avowed Socialist, Marxists, Communists, or other unfriendly to American tradition
    • those with NO experience or first hand knowledge of the industry over which the regulate
    • those who will look to international law or the United Nations for guidance
  • Housing market lending changes that don’t fix the real problems, but increase funding to those quasi gov’t agencies who were really responsible for the problems in the first place.
  • Show overt union favoritism (like exempting them from health care reform rules and criteria)
  • Open up bank and other financial institution records to the government for purposes of verification of financial responsibility for medical services (all Medicare recipients must turn over all financial records)
  • Tell all people that some people make too much money (divide the nation)
  • Work towards massive legislation that would “necessarily make energy prices skyrocket.” Hit the middle and lower economic groups hard and make them more dependent on government, like health care dependency.
  • Demonize all private business (big and small) to divide people again. Marginalize the producers. Extol labor.
  • Extort large sums of money from big business or whole sectors of industry (BP has put $20 billion in escrow and must lock another $20 billion hard assets)
  • Selectively bail out companies, noting publicaly some are too big or too needed to fail.
  • Hate capitalism!
  • Continue to push Global Warming agenda (nationally and internationally) even though top Global Warming scientists admit it was all a hoax.
  • Encourage or reward those who will not work with more gov’t programs.
  • Put actors and Hollywood directors on a commission to study/brainstorm how to “plug the hole”
  • Go on lots of dates with wife and Secret Service security detail – at great taxpayer expense
  • Travel abroad to high profile celebrity laden events at great taxpayer expense
  • Host countless celebrity events at the White House at taxpayer expense.
  • Never cut vacations short for national crisis (underwear bomber, TimesSquare bomber, oil spill)
  • Golf at every opportunity during the week

Does any of this sound familiar?


About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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