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Meeting – TOMORROW!!

Meeting Location:  Caldwell County Main Library June 24th, 7pm – Dr. John Bennett, Buncombe 912, will be inspiring us tonight with some provocative new ideas and his unique call to action.  “Don’t wait.  There won’t be time in October to … Continue reading

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The (Ron Paul) Tea Party Movement – the long story :)

This article was recommended to me by two difference people.  I haven’t read it carefully yet.  You might love it as much as they did.  It looks to me like a big Ron Paul piece, with some history mixed throughout.  … Continue reading

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“STOP!” Fed’s end protective action in the Gulf

More evidence that Obama is NOT working for the good of America! These people on the Gulf Coast are angry!!!!!! While we pay attention to a million other issues Obama is undermining everything American! Continue reading

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To all those tired patriots…

It’s hard to keep pushing through an impossible system that wants to defeat each of us. But we must. His sage advice after the primary and run-off election is to step back and take a break. Then come back to the fight renewed, invigorated and refreshed – ready to win in November!! Continue reading

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Collected News – June20-26

News collect during the week and posted in one place for easy reading. Thanks for coming the site and leave comment. We want to do better. Continue reading

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