Collected News – June20-26

News collected during the week and posted in one place for easy reading.

So… Gen. McChrystal is fired and Gen. Petraeus (hated and vilified by the Left last year) becomes Afghan War commander?  Petraeus immediately changes the RoE’s.

I don’t quite understand the political maneuvering at work here.

General McChrystal is so highly regarding my those under his command that they have nicknamed him “The Pope”.  He has the highest integrity and is reportedly above reproach.  He is not a politically connected general, but one that was a soldier, an uber-soldier.  He was a highly decorated Special Forces soldier.  He was the leader of the Special Forces team that captured Saddam Hussein.  Like I said, McChrystal is an uber-soldier!

In my opinion, his lippy comments came after his professional expertise was being ignored by a President who is too busy to meet with his war generals DURING WAR!  Obama left McChrystal hanging last year without approving a war strategy.  After several months of attempted communication, McChrystal finally made comments to the press to get our distracted Commander in Chief’s attention.  Why would a General have to make comments to the press in order to the POTUS / Command in Chief to pay attention to the war DURING WAR???????  Why?

Now… General Petraeus was the world’s most hated man last year.  Remember the New York Times ad “General Betray Us”?, the George Soros backed and loudest Obama supporter organization, paid for that ad.  They wanted him fired for being such a war-monger.  Why did Obama tap Petraeus?  Why did Petraeus accept the position under Obama??  What is going on?  Gen. Petraeus successfully lead the military insurgency in Iraq and is responsible for the entire mission’s success.

I thought Obama and everyone on the Left wanted to end the wars in the Middle East and bring all of our troops home?  Why is Obama, Commander in Chief, ignoring the war under McChrystal, and then escalating the war under Petraeus?

First thing Petraeus did was to change the Rules of Engagement (RoE’s) to something more sensible than the previous RoE – shoot only after another soldier is shot, but only if there are no civilians around.  Come on!!???!?!??!???!  Petraeus threw non-sense that out.  Why did Obama allow it?  Nothing adds up here.

Is there a political plan afoot to lose this war and blame Petraeus?  Is Obama really trying to win the war?

Obama stops protection of marshes and still wants to ban all drilling!

“NEW ORLEANS —The federal government is shutting down the dredging that was being done to create protective sand berms in the Gulf of Mexico.”

More evidence that Obama is NOT working for the good of America! These people on the Gulf Coast are angry!!!!!! While we pay attention to a million other issues Obama is undermining everything American!

Obama/Salazar appeals the judge’s ruling! Obama forcing ban on all drilling in Gulf!

Like spoiled children, Obama and Salazar are re-writing the Oil Drilling Moratorium.  Re-writing so it is a new law that would need a wholly new court case, instead of an appeal on the same.  Despicable legal maneuvering for a president.


June is LGBT Month – Whitehouse Proclaims it!

Obama announced yesterday the June is LGBT month. :\ Cleverly kept quiet until the 22nd of June. Hmmm…late, but it will have set a precedent for the coming years. It’s WH official: June is LGBT month. (LGBT = lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender folks)

50 Statistics you don’t want to know, but should.

NC Run-off election results (most recent #’s)

Obama v. McChrystal in a war of words

Rolling Stone article with General McChrystal and his aides commenting the administration’s ineptness. Read the article for yourself.  The rumors are flying around the internet about whether McChrystal will be fired or quit!  Stayed tuned, they are supposed to meet tomorrow at the Whitehouse. (If Obama wasn’t so thin skinned, maybe this wouldn’t be such a sensational story?) <— THE Rolling Stone article

Judge rules to stop the ban on drilling in The Gulf.

Yippee, drilling can resume in The Gulf!!
I’m mad that we can all see how Obama lies. Now – a federal court rules that the Obama administration mislead everyone, AND I HAVEN’T HEARD IT ON FOX NEWS! It was one small article at the top of the DrudgeReport. No coverage, except retweets on Twitter. :\ Maybe it will get coverage in the morning. Shouldn’t misleading the American people, misleading the courts, and misrepresenting the conclusion of  a panel of experts concluded get this man impeached?
As the story grow, the administration has already filed an appeal and plans to enforce the drilling ban while litigating.

Thomas Sowell’s – Is the US sliding towards tyranny?

This is a GREAT article and relatively short.  Dr. Sowell is a guest for Rush Limbaugh and the professor of economics and author of many books, such as “Basic Economics.”

Who are the people of the TEA Party movement?

The Sam Adams Alliance put together a short video and some compelling statistics about the TEA Party people.

Great job!  I thought you all might be interested.  You’ll always learn something from Sowell.

Obamacare details

Obama unveiled details from the health care bill today, nobody cared!  There is too much other Oh-My-Gosh news (McChrystal, BP, AZ, election news, etc…)! I guess it took this long for someone to read the bill and understand what’s coming.

** ARTICLE OR VIDEO TO BE POSTED.  Hahaha, I found them the next day, but there are zero views.  So, I guess no one really cares. Part 1 / 3 Part 2 / 3 Part 3 / 3

Federal Gov’t to sue the State of AZ over immigration law.

Eric Holder (US Attorney General) is bringing a federal lawsuit against Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) to force AZ to stop enforcing immigration.  LOL, AZ adopted federal immigration law as state law so they could enforce the laws at the local level.  AZ has taken this unusual action because the fed’s refuse to enforce the immigrations already on the books. ETL, ETL, ERL! Enfore The Law!  The icing on this rotten cake: Mexico files a “friend of the court” brief to ask the judge to not allow enforcement of immigration laws, federal or otherwise. What?? I think we should adopt Mexico’s own immigration laws- harsh!!

Anything Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) says is worth noting

I love Christie, because he is not Governor to make friends.  He is there to make the right discussions that will keep the state of NJ from imploding.

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