Bus Trip ~ August 28th “Restoring Honor”

8/28 Bus trip to Washington DC for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor”. THE BUS IS FULL!

If we fill the bus (55 people), the cost will be $49 per person, includes driver tip and driver hotel for the day.  This is the most inexpensive way to get your family to DC! Tell your friends!!  Email: caldwellTEAparty [at] yahoo [dot] com ~~ attention Steve Bogdan. (The email is typed funny to prevent spammers from taking the email address.)

Make your reservation today.  First Come; First served! 🙂  Purchase your tickets today.
If you would like to take a bus ride up to the August 28th Glenn Beck event – Restoring Honor in America, please sign up and pay for your bus ticket. Each bus will have a restroom on board. We will make an overnight drive to DC.  Please bring snacks & drinks for the day, in the past, there is no availability of snacks on the Mall. There is plenty of room for folding chairs and signs on the bus. We will make a stop for breakfast and dinner on the way. We will load the buses in DC around 6pm to return home.  (Please note this DC schedule is subject to change.)  There is time to visit  a museum or two. 🙂
Expect hot weather for the day of the festival and make sure you bring water, hats, sunscreen, etc. Please bring snacks & drinks for the day. There is room for folding chairs and signs on the bus.
The bus will drop us off as close to the event as possible and will return to pick us up afterward to bring us home.
The bus will leave from Walmart parking lot on Hwy-321 in Lenoir, NC, at 12:10am on August 28am, returning back to the Walmart parking lot in Lenoir at 2am on August 29th. There is a huge parking lot there and we can park our cars in the very back of the parking lot.  Just look for the bus. We already paid the deposit for the bus and need to begin collecting money.
Thank you!

About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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15 Responses to Bus Trip ~ August 28th “Restoring Honor”

  1. Carole Mace says:

    Just posted on our message board; no one will find a better bus deal that this one!

    Nice to finally meet you July 1st @ the Boone Tea Party.

  2. Linda Baird says:

    I wish to go . My neighbor Bruce also wishes to go.

    • Steve Bogdan says:

      Linda Baird,
      We have 13 spots still open and I’ll try to find you via the phone book. You can email us at caldwellteaparty@yahoo.com and put attention Steve on the subject line.
      Come to our meetings! We’d love to meet you. We had 40 people last night and it was very fun and educational. Have a great day, Steve

  3. Christopher Keene says:

    I wish to go to the 8/28 Restoring Honor trip on your bus. I know of three others that would be interested, as well. Please let me know if there are still spaces available and who to contact for payment information. Thanks!

  4. Richard Black says:

    I am interested in reserving a seat on the bus for 8/28. Please let me know if there are any seats available and how I can pay. I resently joined the Hickory 9/12 group.
    Thanks, Rick Black

  5. Stacey says:

    Are there any buses leaving from raleigh?

  6. Robert Ballard says:

    I would like a spot on the bus. I went to 9/12 and it was great. Please contact me with info.

  7. Catherine says:

    My 17 year old daughter and I are looking for transportation to the Rally… We just sent one of “our’s” to Afghanistan.. My oldest son returned recently from Iraq, and my 19 year old son is scheduled to deploy sometime After September, and Before the New Year. We have had the privilege to Welcome some of these Men and Women back home, at ceremonies.. You know what’s appalling? The Soldiers that return to US soil.. with Nobody at the Welcome Home Ceremony for them.. Not a hug, smile, hand-shake.. nothing.. I attended 4 ceremonies in 2 days.. just to be certain.. the “one or 2 soldiers with nobody there.. had someone there”.. Come on Americans.. Wake UP… They are Fighting FOR US!

  8. Ted Deal says:

    need ride for 8 people

  9. Ted Deal says:

    were from morganton NC

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