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Never Mind the Tea Party

So what is it that I ask of all you who are grieved and dismayed – whether you Tea or not – who are full of angst in your soul for this nation. It is simple, it is mundane, it is a true sacrifice, and it is something you CAN do. Go to your county, your municipality, your township – and watch. Go to the commissioners meetings. Get on the advisory boards. Attend every meeting you possibly can. Go, and do the job your newspaper has stopped doing or is doing poorly at best. Even my own county is over two months behind on approving their meeting minutes. Get the word out. Report the facts. Video tape, audio record, let boards and commissioners know that their information is going to the public immediately. Not in months when it no longer matters whether the board voted for or against prayer in the name of Jesus during the invocation. Continue reading


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Reminder – Don’t miss Economics lecture

August 2nd and 3rd Loren Spivack, Free Market Economics lecture, 5:15–9pm, at the library, FREE, Spivack is a nationally known speaker, each night covers different info, come ask questions.  Come to all, or part, of this lecture. This information is … Continue reading

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