Never Mind the Tea Party

Never Mind the Tea Party


Don’t get me wrong, I love how the Tea Party, 912 groups, We the People, Fair Tax… you name your local grassroots organization … have gotten energized and given everyone a place to go to vent, protest, and educate in their community. It’s a noble cause, curiously attacked by main stream media (MSM). Even more curious is the phenomenon that few of those groups are affecting real change in their prized and failing republic. Yes, they are changing and engaging the community in a way that has seldom been seen in my lifetime. But oft times those energized and engaged individuals lose heart. They see they did not find the action they were craving for. They found instead bickering, rabbit holes, and power hungry crazies. What you find differs greatly on the group leaders in your area. Some good, some bad, many somewhere in between – well intentioned but with wrong action or the opposite.

It seems to me the glaringly obvious thing, while not escaping all, has escaped many. How many times have I heard the mantra “We’re not a democracy – we’re a republic!” But the people chanting while realizing the obvious don’t seem to act on it. Some may have been involved in primary elections (as I was) or perhaps are now. I applaud you. It is an essential part of this republic indeed. But I plead with you all, it is not all! This nation was truly designed from the bottom up – minus this democratic element that is miss-taught in our nationalized education system. Please act like a republic!

So what is it that I ask of all you who are grieved and dismayed – whether you Tea or not – who are full of angst in your soul for this nation. It is simple, it is mundane, it is a true sacrifice, and it is something you CAN do. Go to your county, your municipality, your township – and watch. Go to the commissioners meetings. Get on the advisory boards. Attend every meeting you possibly can. Go, and do the job your newspaper has stopped doing or is doing poorly at best. Even my own county is over two months behind on approving their meeting minutes. Get the word out. Report the facts. Video tape, audio record, let boards and commissioners know that their information is going to the public immediately. Not in months when it no longer matters whether the board voted for or against prayer in the name of Jesus during the invocation.

Remember these small things can have immense impact. You don’t even have to speak out at these meetings. Just go and report.

You know, I went and looked at the minutes of the meeting posted on my county’s website, to see the state of matters. And I looked at the names of the citizens who spoke at the meeting. I had suspected that there was likely one type of person from the community present at such meetings – the person who wants something. After all, why would you attend if you are not trying to get something for free? Why would you waste your time, when you want fiscal responsibility and down-sized government? Silly people! This apathy has been the death of our republic for decades! There are those attending who desire things! You must guard the republic with your life! I looked up the names of those community speakers for one particular environmental regulation issue. Two were registered democrat, one was registered unaffiliated, one was not registered in the county, and one was registered republican. Is this who you want to represent the community on your behalf? If you are a fiscal conservative, these figures do not bode well for representing you. Get out there. Be there! Do!


Shout out to Jenniefer & Zo, Toby Marie Walker, and Jonathan Tabor for putting into action what I merely dream of – for being a true solution in the wake of despair.


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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