Patrick McHenry Townhall meeting

Hi fellow Americans!  Glad to be a new post person for the Caldwell Tea Party!  Wanted to comment/suggest for upcoming townhall meeting with Representative Patrick McHenry on Thurs. 8/19, 6pm at Broyhill Civic Center in Lenoir.  Having attended his townhalls in the past, thought it may help to inform how he conducts meeting.

Upon entering you will likely be asked to sign in.  Mr. McHenry will first give a talk about happenings and legislation that went on in Washington, as well as how this relates to our 10th District.  Patrick McHenry will then take questions from the audience.  Patrick has been good about this, willing to hear from every person that wants to speak, taking as much time as necessary.  As a heads up, each of us may want to think about the question we would like ask Mr. McHenry – whether about an issue, future action in Washington, about how he voted or “holding his feet to the fire”.

As well, as politicians do, I’ve seen him answer questions in a ‘slick’ manner that doesn’t answer the question much at all.  Also witnessed that sometimes the opposition (more liberal view) to Mr. McHenry shows up and their can be a bit of an argument.

Thanks to all and keep the faith and good fight.

Tea Party member – Ron King

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2 Responses to Patrick McHenry Townhall meeting

  1. CJ says:

    Patrick McHenry turned my stomach yesterday. How can we still back this man today and look in a mirror tomorrow. When I joined the tea Party we were about taxes. When did we start changing text books and supporting wall street fat cats? I’m through. I can not and will not support the craziness that has taken over a great movement. Good-bye

  2. Gordon Ipock says:

    Most of the Tea Party movement is controlled by the Republican Party and big corporations which are pushing an agenda that benefits them — not average Americans. That’s why the main issue for the Tea Party has become tax cuts for big business and the wealthy (which is exploding the national debt) along with corporate welfare for big oil, Wall Street and the military industrial complex. This whole agenda can be best described as Republican Big Government.

    Republicans have no plan to balance the budget or create jobs or restore the national economy. They talk about conservative social issues like abortion and gay marriage as a way to get the Christian vote, but there is nothing for working people. All the stuff they really work for benefits the wealthy and big business. Politicians like Patrick McHenry are just bought and paid for agents who work for these economic elites. It’s good you have recognized this, CJ.

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