Bus Trip to Washington D.C. – Event Photos

The Restoring Honor Event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC this Sat. 8/28 was an inspiring and incredible moment.  Our Bus Trip of 54 people consisted of concerned Americans from Western North Carolina area as well as members of the Caldwell Tea Party.    The bus trip was a great success and joy was had in meeting like-minded Americans.  We stood together to send a message of American moral integrity leading to individual freedom and less government control.  The Day was beautiful with shining blue sky weather and August sun.  Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin were key speakers for America’s fortitude and historical conviction.   Shown here are some pictures.  Thank You to Christine Gates and Steve Bogdan for organizing the trip.  Thank you to all who made this honorable journey.

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1 Response to Bus Trip to Washington D.C. – Event Photos

  1. Christine says:

    NICE WORK!! (I’m “borrowing” some of your pictures for a Caldtea video.)

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