9/12 Wash DC Tea Party to herald strong message

The Tea Party Express national tour is fast approaching and growing. Come join this rally to hear and witness the good message. In what will be a historic effort, patriots will cross the nation leading to a giant “March on Washington” Tea Party on Sunday September 12th also in observance of Patriot Day. The American People’s Tea Party movement which garners the Independent majority is to send continuance of strong message against wayward governance on the wrong track. The Tea Parties across the U.S. gather to now form the general public and the mainstream in standing in defense of freedom by the Constitution and American form of limited government for these United States. The Tea Party rejects both Parties or any government official in as long as their actions continues a path of destructive results for America. The Tea Party comes in peaceful spirit to produce understanding.

The Tea Parties of America include and welcomes all Americans and Legal Immigrants of ethnicity and creed and Party affiliation speaking at the event and standing up for a U.S. government by the People. Proper U.S. government means not infringing on liberty or imposing industry takeovers leading to un-American socialism or communism, not dividing Americans into groups and penalizing particular groups while favoring others and standing to be pro-United States. The Tea Party wisely supports rational concepts of: common sense, free market capitalism, limited government by law, confined responsible spending, individual choice, strong national security and secure borders, energy independence, fair beneficial trade, American exceptionalism and moral integrity.

Independents and many more see that a Progressive foreign anti-U.S. stance is incompatible to U.S. principles, freedom or U.S. Republic. Independents and American People know what they have seen in a violating dictatorial government that goes against their will, such as Obama’s healthcare or suing Arizona or spending $2 Trillion into oblivion as well as other violations such as results of destroyed American jobs by oil moratorium. A government with officials or Congressmen that idolize communist leaders such as Mao-Tse-Tung have shown the results of practicing communism and not an American free system. President Obama’s actions, erratic policy and Democrat enablers have deservedly caused and brought the Tea Party movement themselves. In tradition of the original Boston Tea Party of December 1773 where excessive taxes leading to government abuse was protested, so too does the current National Tea Party emerge, but for far more than just taxes but also for government principles based on individual liberty.

It is not about tax cuts for the American middle class (which is the backbone of the Nation manifesting prosperity) or simply handing out wealth re-distribution benefits to chosen Americans. The Tea Party rejects Obama’s excuses or offers that are as if Obama and Democrats are not responsible for what is going on in their policy. The problem is over-government, the problem is too big government, unnecessary government, un-American government, an attempted foreign system government and a healthcare bill praised by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. The problem is a government bloated with government employees called bureaucrats working to control other people rather than creating something of economic benefit with their hands. Americans don’t want bribe money called stimulus. Americans don’t want more spending, $50 BILLION of spending on so-called “public works” infrastructure that ends up going to political buddy pockets, SEIU, other Unions, illegal Aliens or “public works” bureaucrats. Czars are an unconstitutional foreign governance.

Independents, Americans and Tea Partiers know what is best for their community and know a bad government trying to say otherwise. It is simple logic that those committing offenses against the United States need to hear and face who they work for and be removed. Per the Declaration of Independence: “Governments long established should not be changed for light or transient causes”. Americans come in peaceful statement of conscious that the problems of America are originating from an irresponsible government practicing foreign ideology and the fixes from said government are not fixes at all but rather further harm and usurpation against the United States. The Tea Party march of Americans petitioning a government of abuse, offense is the legitimate act of freedom designed by the Founding Fathers to wise up or abolish said government. ALL American Citizens and legal Immigrants should be concerned about bad government violating the founding U.S. documents and so-called “progressive” government practicing socialism and/or communism.  The U.S. Constitution and Liberty forever.

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