American’s For Prosperity home phone calling system

Get Involved with AFP’s Home Phone Banking System – Hear from Existing “Freedom Phoners”

This is not doing banking by phone or on-line. It is making phone calls on behalf of candidates from your home.  AFP will provide the phone numbers and script for you.

AFP recently launched an at-home phone banking system that allows citizens to get involved from home and educate fellow Americans about the big government, big spending agenda of the Left. You can see testimonials from our existing “Freedom Phoners” and get involved and registered by clicking here. (See bottom of the page for phone bank details.)

“Calling on behalf of Americans for Prosperity to ask Americans three survey questions is an easy means to engage our fellow citizens to learn of their level of awareness and involvement in issues; it takes a few minutes each day for a few days to make a difference. Our Freedom/Liberty is on the line… is time to articulate/know what we believe, why we believe..speak with courage & grace….Our founders did….”
-Wendy from Raleigh, NC

“I sat down at my computer, went through the tutorial, reviewed the questions and the boxes to check based on citizens responses, and clicked to begin. When I clicked on the first citizen’s phone number, my phone rang and I was connected. It was so easy that I completed 76 calls my first time trying (and “met” some interesting new people). I found that most people responded well to courtesy and honesty.”
-Larry from Monument, CO

“I am pleased to count myself among the freedom fighters that want to right our country again. Nothing could be easier than to do it right from my own home!”
-Carol from Columbus, OH

“The system is super easy to use. The calls go quickly. You’ll think, why stop at 25? ”
-Rhonda from Lansing, MI

“The phone banking system is excellent…I can make calls quickly and easily right from my own home. I can make 30 – 35 calls every hour.”
– John from Kansas City, MO

It’s easy. We can all do it. Call Steve 726-8670 he wants to setup a call party.

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