Tea Party at Caldwell County Fairgrounds & Hickory Oktoberfest (Oct. 6-10)

Welcome members and interested persons!

We welcome all residents and Peoples to come visit and join the festivities and the Tea Party to be better informed about issues, the coming election and learn about the Tea Party movement!

Caldwell Tea Party will be greeting, talking issues and providing information just in time for November elections at our booths at the Caldwell County Fairgrounds (Oct. 6 – Oct.10) and the Hickory Oktoberfest (downtown Hickory – Oct. 9 & 10 — 10 am-6:30 pm on Sat., 12 noon – 5pm on Sun.)   Enjoy the market, food and rides too!

If you are a concerned Citizen who feels our United States Country is on the wrong track. If you are a North Carolina Resident who feels that the NC State Legislature is on the wrong track, WE would like to hear your views and ideas.

Come find out for yourself and get Peoples ideas rather than being told what to think by the media. Whether you are an Independent, Republican, Democrat, Progressive, or Party disenfranchised, or establishment disenfranchised — WE hold that WE are all Americans first and foremost coming together in serious concern for our Nation’s current condition to uphold the founding American principles of government for the well-being of the United States and to make a better world. Poor governance and bad results occur for America by wasteful overspending, over regulating, over government, no jobs and reducing your liberty when Elected Officials do not listen to the People and stray too far from principles.   We wish to bring understanding to make our Country strong, prosperous and a better future for our children.

If you have patriotic interests or just want to find out more, come out and join us.

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