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This Voter Guide is not an endorsement of any candidate, only informational.

Please share it with your friends, print it, pass it around, and send it out to your email contacts in Caldwell County.

Notes about this guide:

Whether all of these answers are truthful or not, I cannot know.  I will hold each candidate accountable to their responses.  I hope you will join me in reminding them of their campaign promises.

Regarding school funding, graduation rates are the same as 1970’s, but funding has increased over 10-times (more than 3-times in dollars adjusted for inflation).  Performance doesn’t seem to be tied to funding.

My advice to voters – don’t vote until that last day. Who knows what news will come to light and may change your opinion about a candidate.

WAITING FOR SUPERMAN — On Oct 11th, Dottie Darsie was giving a report to the Caldwell County School Board members about the CUBE Conference she attended in Baltimore, MA, the previous week.  One seminar she attended was based on the outcomes from the important school reform movie “Waiting for Superman”, she called the seminar and movie “brainwashing.” Ms. Darsie had not seen the movie and asked all of school board members if they had seen it. None of these people, who claim to love children and revere education so much, had seen this movie. I was terribly surprised. One woman in the front (who works at the education department) said she heard it’s “not any good.”  I have plans to see this movie before it leaves the theaters and want to see what is working for this one school. I’m open to new ideas. Why is our current school board condescending, uninterested and disengaged?

Setting the Bar Low? — The current school board keeps campaigning on continuing the past excellence in our schools. Who thinks we really have “excellence” throughout our schools?  As an example non-excellence, in an Oct 4th County Commission meeting, Clay Bollinger asked Dr. Stone about how the graduation rate changed from 68 to 75% in one year?  (See 20:20 in the video link below.)  Dr. Stone said that last year they implemented a new program for an alternative graduation requirement in which struggling students were allowed to graduate with as few as 22 credits instead of 29 credits.  The school board has set the bar lower for SOME STUDENTS.  Effectively, this increased graduation rates 7% without anyone lifting a finger.  I had a child in the local school system.  The problem, as I saw it, is that the so-called “guidance” counselors just aren’t doing any “guidance” towards graduation.  It’s simple math, with 32 possible classes in four-years, a student only gets 3 TOTAL non-academic classes.  Do the math and plan for the future!  Another example, remediation is the norm in Math and English for a students coming out of high school and attending 4-year universities, even for those going to the local community college 65% take at least one remedial class.  That’s is not “excellence” in our schools! Watch the Oct 4th meeting for yourself.


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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2 Responses to Voter Guide

  1. Linda Baird says:

    Gaither is not the man for the job. He knows apparently how to manupilate figures to sound like he has done a wonderful job. I think he has the silver tongue of a dishonest man who hides the real truth. People I know who have been in law enforcement will tell you he is a typical politician. I do not know the history of Jason Parker,but I know he cannot be worse than Jay
    christine, do you know anything about a state rally in Charlotte this week-end?

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