“Democrats” can’t explain their identity crisis

Open Letter:

Vice President Joseph Biden just said in Delaware fundraiser last Friday that he can’t explain to Americans the benefits of the bills “democrats” passed — that well, “it is just too hard.”  VP Biden did two things here — insulted the American People of Delaware and also won’t explain what he knows is the badness of what “democrats” have done.  The persons calling themselves “democrats” won’t explain their past two years of legislative actions (so called- moving forward) because they want to continue with more of the same bad results  (i.e. re-distribution of wealth, gov’t control) which they know is anti-America defilement.  So the “democrats” lay claim with finger-pointing blame of who dunnit and unimportant aspects of their opponents past.  Americans in large numbers simply don’t like what Obama and the “democrats” are doing.

President Obama makes the assertion that he has brought improvement to America when all the facts show he has corruptly made matters worse and says, ”Keep moving America forward”.   Moving America forward to WHAT??  Barack won’t say WHAT that is because he knows it is more anti-America socialism damage against U.S. founding principles and the U.S. Constitution.  Barack just wants keep to running, keep moving fast, keep racing that American car, keep moving America forward as if he thinks he can dismiss and disown his own anti-U.S. person, run away from what he has done and how he’s acted (not being pro-America).  Obama thinks if he keeps moving you won’t see him and what he is doing.  Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to take America to being America the leader— Pelosi and Obama want to take America forward into socialism — MORE OF THE SAME of what they have just been doing — so they are just asking — be patient, let us do more socialism to experiment and see if it will work.

So while Obama says he “got the car out of the ditch”,  he uses the ditch as the reason to drive the car off a cliff.  The keys should be locked away from one drunk on socialism (government takeover) looking to ‘transform’ who needs a breathalyzer.  See, Obama created the Tea Party by taking the American car off the American road, heading toward a communist cliff and the Republicans and the American People (that he has not listened to) are the police to administer the breathalyzer.  Clearly the keys should be removed from a dangerous driver speeding forward about to crash and burn.

Blaming former President Bush and the Republicans for the inherited problems claiming the Republicans will take America back to same old problems is an excuse ,  to say, I (Obama) did what I did and I am not responsible for my actions , that‘s not me, because it‘s Bush‘s fault.  Another, act of deliberate excuse, is to say that if President Bush did massive spending, created bigger government, then why can’t I, so in the excuse of it being all Bush’s fault, socialist Barack Obama can do whatever he wants. —- Yet what “democrats” and Obama have done is far worse — TRIPLING deficit spending, not focusing on jobs, destroying jobs, stimulus spending to Union buddies, violating American Government, imposing healthcare mandate on Americans, violating American People’s liberty and violating the United States with over regulatory government and taxation.

The basis of the “democrat” identity flaw is that the ”democrat” wants to separate what the person is or who they are (the progressive driven ideology) from what they are doing so as to say that they are not responsible for the outcome or results (for example stimulus bill, or gov’t controlled healthcare high cost) for the anti-Americanism they are pushing on America. Progressives (the deformed creature calling itself a “democrat“)  try to disown their responsibility for what they are doing.

So let’s see, OBAMA spends 20 years with Reverend Wright’s hate America speeches and gets schooled in Marxism, but that’s not who Barack is.  Barack staffs his office with socialist/communist Czars but that’s not who Barack is.  Barack says ’transforming America’ is re-distribution of wealth but Barack is not a Marxist.  Barack takes over by government the GM and Chrysler car industry but Barack says he is not doing socialism.   Sorry, But if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then IT IS A duck.  Barack is a smoker but he doesn’t want to look like a smoker.  ALL the “democrats” voted right down the line to enact what they have done but want to stand there and say,  ‘that’s not me,  I didn’t do it.’ Barack and “democrats” are the identity problem that is to blame that is anti-American principles that defile the U.S. Constitution, liberty and limited government federalism.

Barack Obama, Progressives (“democrats”) want to practice a form of personal dis-ownership that is the height of their non-accountability and irresponsibility that feeds the basis of their personal victimization argument.  Here’s Nancy Pelosi, ‘Well, we just passed the bill to find out what was in it‘, –we didn’t know it would do bad things —(healthcare bill — costs going up, companies dropping employee coverage, mandate controls on doctors practice)— so in other words, the “dems” didn’t do it because they didn’t read it.’  So “dems” try hiding behind their sobbing victimization argument instead of being pro-America.

A “democrat” is now a dead animal (donkey) because of Obama and Progressive ideology and there is no Americanism left in the word “democrat”.  “Democrats”, the persons now called progressives went right along to enact anti-American legislation and continued bankrupt spending re-distribution.  A ’community organizer’ per theory of Saul Alinsky (Obama’s fundamentals of ‘transforming‘) is really a ‘community revolutionary’.   The “democrat” Party is now a deformed  thing called Progressives that are the party of eugenics, collectivism, socialism, government control to get human control, Marxism and communism.  One of the platforms of the 1963 Communist goals was to “capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”  Sure enough, at the few gathered One Nation rally for the “democrats” and Obama was the Communist Party with red shirts and red flags.  The Communist USA Party should be rebuked in all places and quarters of the United States.

The “democrats” now talk in vacuous terms about the future — moving forward (to what?!!), about green energy/jobs, electric cars, about free stimulus food stamps and free healthcare, about a ‘fairytale utopia‘ of government living your life for you — telling you when to eat so that you are not hurting the planet.  Other than that the “dems” talk is about name-calling or unimportant issues of persons past such as witchcraft rather than what a candidate is going to do for America such as Marxism or be pro-America and stand for the U.S. Constitution.   “Democrats” supposed greatest achievement – the healthcare bill (Affordable Healthcare for America Act)  has been reduced to legislative wastebasket mistake and the “dems” nationwide don’t want to talk about its supposed merits — THEY DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT NOW!   THEY DIDN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT THEN when they were crafting the bill behind closed doors without Republicans -(hiding the bill from view, voting on weekends and Xmas eve in dark of night), THEY DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT IN THE FUTURE! WHY?? — Because they know they have done governance of anti-American socialism — they have injected the larger poison of anti-American government control and taxation (which is why they want control for a revenue stream) violating the U.S. Constitution and the American People.  One private industry after another gets government control and taxation until its communism.  “Democrats” just want the healthcare bill to impact Americans in stealth little by little, ramming itself of control on the Peoples liberties and choice of insurance and medicine — and THEY DON’T care because they and bureaucrats know what is best for you.  Now we have seen McDonald’s and 3M company dropping employees from coverage and insurance costs rising.  Tea Party town halls — told you so and yet more disaster and lower healthcare quality will come from this bill that needs repealing ASAP.
Sorry, “dems“,  your actions speak loud and clear, that are not just a little accident, misconception, that well, like spilt milk–it was an accident— you just didn‘t mean to do it.  Suing Arizona, slapping a moratorium on oil drilling destroying jobs, calling middle class American Peoples and families of all types in the Tea Party racist nazis, plow spending deficit $trillions into pockets with little results, re-distribution of wealth, socialistic takeover, dismissing American People at town halls as ignorant IS NOT an accident.  NO, we are not going to just try out communism for a little while longer to see if it works. NO WE are not going to be patient and try out socialism a little while longer to see if it works.  NO, “democrats”, Pelosi, Reid and Obama should not just be “given more time for IT to work”.  NO, there is no being patient with socialism, communism because such ideology is contrary incompatible to the American form of governance based on individual rights of liberty and States Rights.

A “democrat”, now a Progressive socialist can’t explain their identity because they are not pro-America.  Any “democrats” that want to be pro-America should abandon the donkey Party. That identity is something Independents, Republicans, Tea Partiers and the American People don’t have to explain.

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