Republicans and Tea Party share common objective

The Tea Party Express coming to a town near you will be making its way to the voting polls! There should be no mistaking that when it comes to a common objective of putting America on the right track there is no division between Republicans and the Tea Party. Being the first and foremost objective of standing up for the United States and stopping poor negligent governance puts the Tea Party conservatives on shared ground with the whole Republican Party in ending a source of bad policy.

Republican candidates backed by the Tea Party should be applauded and elected full scale just on the basis of bringing fresh ideas and new blood to an ineffective and troubled U.S. government where more positives can be accomplished. Tea Party backed Republican candidates such as Christine O’ Donnell, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Jeff Miller, Nicki Haley, Linda McMahon, Michele Bachman, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, John Raese, John Kasich, Dino Rossi and more speak wisely and proudly about positive improvements to America that promotes the base foundations that has always made America great and the best! Christine O’Donnell represents a fresh new pro-America spirit to make common sense of governance based on Constitutional liberty logic rather than be a shill. Sharron Angle is pro-American worker and pro-jobs while Harry Reid supports illegal Aliens crimes, foreign worker wage suppression against Americans and high unemployment. Rand Paul speaks sound policy on fiscal responsibility and pro-American interest foreign policy that means “Don’t Tread on Us” just as Ron Paul rightly spoke in 2008. Jeff Miller offers wise steps for tapping U.S. resources to stop foreign oil dependency. Dino Rossi offers robust renewed economics rather than more government dependency. Sarah Palin has been justified in pointing out the faults of bad conduct and what can be done better to promote America.

The Tea Party is about taming. Taming a too large, top heavy weak kneed out of control government. Taming social security, taming federalized education, taming spending. Taming these areas is reasonable responsible logical course of common sense for America. Conservatives stand for conserving the country because that is what is needed now. Tea Party backed candidates already know and lived American experiences common to the working family in the U.S. and solely based on the honesty of their pro-U.S. character puts Tea Party backed candidates as the better prospect to do what’s right to improve the United States well-being. Tea Party backed candidates know exactly the problems put on Americans by ineffective, wasteful, bad or improper governance that has occurred.

What is more unacceptable — trusting Tea Party folk who come from the backbone of the U.S. who are pro-free market Americanism and pro-American form of government that has worked and been the best outcome for 232 years or trusting PC (politically correct) folk keeping with doing more of the same of the past 2 years failures, in hope of just a little more time of government control wealth re-distributing that makes U.S. conditions worse? The Tea Party goes beyond being people united from various politics (Independents, Democrats, disenfranchised, etc.) into We the People united for America, because all Tea Partiers are Americans first and foremost who know something wrong in America.

The Tea Party and Americans (including the much used term middle class)– do not want government handouts, do not want bribes (in the form of stimulus or social security bonus checks), and do not want to be talked favors to that ends up being the track record of lies– Americans want a strong and free United States where the ‘U.S. government that governs least governs best’ and carries out its functions without violations of American freedom, privacy and the Bill of Rights. Americans want a President who will stand up for the United States. It is perfectly sound and positive to be pro-America, pro-United States, pro-American family. It is positive to be pro-America in saying that enforcement of immigration laws and border security are a top priority for national security against illegal invasion violations (such ID theft, counterfeiting, stealing, gangs, etc.) and illegal Aliens taking jobs.

It is perfectly sound and reasonable to be pro-America, pro-United States, pro-middle class, pro-American family to defend the Nation and not “give away the farm”.  It is pro-America to say that social security needs to be reigned in, that spending is out of control, that spending going to special interest paybacks that then go to re-electing incumbents is corruption. It is pro-America to say that much foreign aid is a waste that should not be given away when there is near bankrupt fiscal problems here at home or that government expansion of stifling regulatory regimes with bloated bureaucrats harms the economy, or that Czars are unnecessary and unconstitutional. It is sound wise reason to say that it serves the best interest and benefits of all Americans and Legal immigrants residing in the U.S. to have government that adheres to founding American principles and defends the Bill of Rights.

Republicans have put forth a renewed spirit in the Pledge to America and it is simply more harmful to continue down the path of the “Democrats” (spending $2-$3 Trillion is grossly obscene) and so the overriding theme is pro-Republican. So, on a candidate by candidate level the back ground theme of continuing a bad agenda puts the Party in power on the bad footing of the current bad policy of America today. So is the Tea Party close with the Republicans or is the Tea Party causing a divided Republican Party? Which is it? A liberal just can’t decide which way they like it? Well, in good time, but first things first and for now the Tea Party people are on the same page of the Republicans.

A vote for Republicans (that includes the Tea Party backed candidates) is a vote for common sense, is a vote for the right track for America, is a vote for a pledge of allegiance to the United States of America. A vote for Republicans is a vote to have America stand as a strong leader of honor and integrity worldwide, so that other Nations and Peoples know they have a leader of freedom and for freedom that is represented by the U.S. flag.

Republicans would do best to listen foremost and welcome the Tea Party backed candidates who have new ideas and accurate prospects for righting the ship of America. Tea Party members nationwide will be coming to voting polls on election day to monitor helping needs. In November, Americans should remember the past 17 months of discord and why the U.S. is in worse shape now than before Jan. 2009 and vote Republican.

By Ron

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1 Response to Republicans and Tea Party share common objective

  1. Gordon Ipock says:

    I am almost 57 years-old. I have been paying into Social Security for almost 40 years. Why do the Republicans think they can now steal my retirement pension? Why does the leadership of the Tea Party think it is OK to renig on my Social Security retirement pension? Why do both groups think it is OK to steal my investment in the Social Security pension fund and give it to the bloated and corrupt military industrial complex — America’s biggest special interest group? Why do the leadership of the Republican Party and the Tea Party talk about cutting the size of government and cutting government spending, but none of them will support cutting any spending on the military — the only place there is any possibility of making a significant cut in government spending?

    Social Security is not a “tax” that needs to be cut. It is an investment for working people. The money working Americans pay into Social Security should not be mixed with or confused with income taxes and other taxes that are used to fund the government. Social Security is a separate entity. Al Gore wanted to put Social Security money in a “lock box” and keep the likes of George Bush from blowing it to fund stupid wars in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam. George Bush Jr. tried to destroy Social Security by handing it over to Wall Street to steal.

    If Tea Baggers and Republicans think Social Security is socialism, they can work for themselves and not pay into it. But that does not give them the right to steal it from people like myself who have paid into Social Security all our lives.

    If Tea Baggers and Republicans think they can loot and steal my retirement pension, they should reconsider their position on gun control first.

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