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DREAM Act Vote Very Likely to Take Place After Thanksgiving!

Yesterday afternoon Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Chairwoman, Rep. NydiaVelazquez (D-NY), announced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tentatively set a vote on the DREAM Act as soon as November 29th! (Capital Wire PR, Nov. 16, 2010) During her announcement at the Latino Leaders Network luncheon, Rep. Velazquez called for all Americans to contact their Congressmen to urge passage of the DREAM Act. (Id.) According to the latest reports from Capitol Hill, Democratic House leaders may even be so desperate as to amend the DREAM Act to the Help Haiti Act of 2010 (HR 5283)—a bill that grants green cards to about 1,400 Haitian orphans while they are in the process of being adopted by Americans. (CQ Today, Nov. 17, 2010)

FAIR estimates that 2-3 MILLION illegal aliens will be eligible for amnesty under the DREAM Act. However the bill provisions such as NO age limit and letting family members to then petition to get legal status that balloons the number of amnestied illegal Aliens to 10-15 million. This is a mass amnesty and that is the real intent of the bill. “Pathway to Citizenship” IS an amnesty.

The DREAM Act:

Grants illegal aliens “conditional” permanent resident status upon the receipt of a high school diploma, or simply enrollment in a college program or the military;

Grants these aliens normal LPR status (green cards) upon finishing two years of college or service in the military—requirements the Obama Administration can WAIVE.

Authorizes states to give illegal aliens in-state tuition so that your tax dollars will openly be subsidizing illegal immigration; and

Makes newly amnestied aliens eligible for numerous taxpayer-funded student loan programs.

Although touted by its sponsors as a way to give illegal alien children a pathway to citizenship, in reality, the House version of the DREAM Act has NO AGE LIMIT (H.R. 1571) — so an illegal Alien who is 35 years old can claim he entered the U.S. at age 5 with no means for the DHS to verify these claims. Moreover, once illegal aliens receive amnesty they will be able (at the age of 21) to petition the federal government to bring in their parents, siblings, and other family members.Call your Representatives and Senators NOW and tell them that you want our immigration laws enforced, not another amnesty that encourages more illegal immigration. You can find Congress phone numbers at:The open borders lobby is counting on you to be distracted during the Thanksgiving holiday so that they can pass this amnesty bill as soon as Congress returns!

The DREAM Act rewards those who broke U.S. immigration laws and only encourages more illegal immigration;

The DREAM Act unfairly allows illegal alien students to tap federal and state benefits, when those benefits are desperately needed by Americans who are struggling every day to make ends meet.

The DREAM Act puts ILLEGAL Alien intruders ahead of legal immigrants and American kids for limited college seats at universities.

With 22 million American workers looking for work we should not be allowing illegal Aliens access to U.S. jobs with an amnesty.

The open borders lobby is counting on you to be distracted during the Thanksgiving holiday so that they can pass this amnesty bill as soon as Congress returns!

Please act now and continue to reach out to your Representatives next week while they are home in their districts. If you don’t take action, the only voices they will hear will be the ones that support amnesty, open borders, and immigration policies that serve special interests, not the interests of Americans. Can find Congressman phone numbers at: — go to bottom of page and click on ‘Congress’ — then enter name or State to pull up Congressmen. Tell them:

Reid Plans DREAM Act Vote for Lame-Duck!

Overnight, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced on his Twitter account that he will bring the DREAM Act to the floor during the lame-duck session of Congress. Reid remarked, “It’s good for the economy & Pentagon says good for [national] security.” (Politico, Nov. 17, 2010) Almost simultaneously, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced two new versions of the DREAM Act (S.3962, S.3963), and then, by invoking Rule 14—which allows leaders to skip the committee process—put them directly on the Senate floor calendar.

More on this later…..

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