Updates about the Dream Act

Important updates about the REAL Dream Act:

From Susan Tully, FAIR National Field Director

We’ve asked for a lot from all of you all in the past few months, call upon call, but I am asking you to do this one more time, bigger and better than ever!
We must call the Senate switchboard at 9:30 AM EST (202) 224-3121 ask for your U.S. Senators by name. Ask everyone you know to do the same. Here are our talking points:

— The elections clearly demonstrated that the American people want Congress to focus on jobs and helping American workers, not rewarding illegal aliens. Yet, it seems that the first priority for Democratic leadership post-election is to pass a massive amnesty bill.

— It is absolutely absurd that a huge amnesty bill is thrown down in front of members of Congress without committee hearings, and given only days – or maybe even hours – to decipher changes made through back room negotiations. This is not how U.S. immigration policy should be made and such maneuvers are clearly one of the reasons our immigration system is in crisis.

— The DREAM Act is promoted as legislation that will help kids. In fact the age limit is 30. Over 42 percent of the illegal alien population is under 30 years old (Pew Hispanic Center, 2008). And while the DREAM Act requirements narrow down the pool of eligible illegal aliens, the number who may receive amnesty is still a minimum of 2 MILLION based on an age limit of 30. FAIR estimates that there would be up to 3.2 million beneficiaries if the age limit is 35, and up to 4.5 million if there is no age limit.

CBO Findings

  • The CBO estimates that the DREAM Act will reduce the deficit by $1.4 billion over 10 years, but will increase deficits thereafter when beneficiaries begin to receive benefits.
  • The CBO cost estimate assumes only 1.1 million illegal aliens will receive amnesty under the DREAM act.
  • The CBO cost estimate assumes only 15 percent of amnesty recipients will apply for federal student loan programs.
  • The CBO cost estimate assumes that Homeland Security will charge fees sufficient to pay for the massive administrative costs, yet there is no requirement in S.3992 that illegal aliens pay any fees for anything-the applications, background checks, medical exams, verification procedures (if any exist), or any other administrative costs.
  • The authors extended the conditional non-immigrant status for 10 years for the very purpose of ensuring that the cost of providing federal benefits to these aliens would not show up in the CBO cost estimate.
  • The DREAM Act directly rewards the parents for their illegal acts: their children get legal status AND receive taxpayer-funded assistance. Moreover as soon as amnesty beneficiaries turn 21 (if they are not already), they may petition for their family members to get green cards. It is a backdoor amnesty for the illegal alien parents.
  • The DREAM Act does nothing to fix our broken immigration system. It does not secure the border, stop visa overstays, aid the courts, reduce fraud, hold employers accountable, provide tools for law enforcement agencies, or do anything stop illegal immigration. The DREAM Act will only encourage more illegal immigration. The 1986 amnesty taught us this lesson.

Message from Ron King, 12/10/10, 12:10am

Have to continue here with what is happening. Had to work today and was praying that things would go our way. There is good news and bad news. Good news is we stopped the DREAM Act bill today at this moment. The bad news is that the bill was just tabled and Reid will likely bring the bill back next week, so we are not out of the woods yet.

Folks, there is a bad atmosphere at our U.S. Capitol. Simply seeing the spectacle on the tax cut bill and then having other issues being popped up and thrown in for sudden votes, is quite clear that there are unbridled deal cutting shenanigans going on!!

The GOP seems to be quite close to already blowing their ‘probation’ to straighten up and should be looked at as a bad prospect and get more removal from office in 2012. Not much of a peep from John Boehner about DREAM Act or this whole theatrical play we are watching, ever since his meeting with President Obama…..so what deal (s) has been cut…??? Tax cuts (R) in exchange for illegal Alien Amnesty(D)?? So we have the good ol’ Federal government club in Washington — why heck Republicans, Democrats — what’s the difference — they are part of the same club — putting on a show for the American People…….President Obama says to the Repubs in his meeting, “c’mon Repubs, we are part of the same government club, don’t you want to slam the American People one last time and make things good for our club?”

Sorry folks, but that is my opinion. For those of us watching this rush-rush chaos going on, something is strange and there are bad things going on. $$billions of our dollars are being played with at our expense.

–Back to the DREAM Act. We are going to have to be back on the phones and sending letters first thing Monday 12/13. As soon as Sunday night I will be filling up Capitol phone messages and writing. Likely to make some calls tommorrow Fri. 12/10 just to keep after them. I think that many of us are on to them and it is a Party (R) to Party (D) deal cut to maximize both Parties standing and money interests — that also has corporate and social group (like SEIU) interests also tied to it — meanwhile the American People get duped and nothing at all changes for the better for the Nation.

I would suggest for the most part ignoring the media because they are putting out junk to provide cover for the DEAL going down –you know — it’s all corporate so they get what they want. The Far Left tantrum show, is just that — a show–it is meaningless and part of the charade.

The following are a couple messages from the other 2 groups I am involved with — I feel it important to relay these messages. I will submit more info here as more is learned and/or there is shift in strategy. Thank you and bless you all.

Message #1: from– NumbersUsa.com


Reid Plans Vote On House-Passed DREAM Amnesty Next Week
As He Hopes To Use Time To Gain More Votes


Our NumbersUSA Hill Team was convinced that we had enough votes to kill the DREAM amnesty if there had been a vote at 11 a.m. as promised.

Reid obviously knew pretty much what we knew. He didn’t want to accept that his amnesty dream was lost and moved to buy another week of time, showing that one of his top priorities continues to be adding millions more foreign-born workers with work permits to compete with unemployed Americans.

He moved to table the Senate’s DREAM amnesty bill.
A motion to table only required a majority vote. It passed 59-40.

It is very difficult to read into what each individual YES and NO vote meant. Each Senator seemed to have different ideas in mind. We had several strong anti-amnesty Senators voting with Reid to table and some strong pro-amnesty Senators voting against tabling.
The result, however, is that we were not able to kill the DREAM amnesty once and for all today.

The pro-amnesty side is crowing that it has another week to change the minds of some Senators to pass this next week.

ACTION: We need you to continue to come back to your customized Action Board every day to take action until Congress adjourns or deals with the amnesty.


For today, every single Senator needs to hear from you again to help guard against listening to bargaining offers. So, call your two Senators again.

Message #2: ALIPAC —

Friends of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC), http://www.alipac.us

We are glad to report that the major votes on the Dream Amnesty bill in the US Senate has been pushed back again to Monday of next week. This extra time slightly increases our chances of defeating Amnesty.

Senator Reid plans to push the version of the bill that just passed the House.

The bad news is that I estimate this Amnesty has about a 65% chance (at this moment) of making it to President Obama’s desk, although I hope to be wrong and will do all in my power to stop Amnesty.

The Republicans are filibustering on the Dream Amnesty for now to get what they want in the government budget and tax breaks for Americans making over $250,000 per year. They are signaling that they are willing to help pass Amnesty if Obama, Reid, and Pelosi give them what they want.

The GOP leadership in the Senate is not fighting to defeat or destroy Dream Amnesty. Many of them are simply pushing back the vote to increase the price tag on their Cloture votes.

In back rooms and hallways, the offers to Republicans in the form of legislation they want, funding for their districts, funds for their campaigns, and probably things that will help their personal wealth rise are being offered.

There are more than enough RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) who are willing to defy the national GOP Platform to pass Dream Amnesty.

The most likely scenario is that Republicans will keep pushing back the vote on Dream Amnesty. Then, just before they adjourn a few Republicans will suddenly defect to the side of the Democrats and vote Yes on Cloture to let the bill proceed to a vote. Then many of them will turn around and vote against the Amnesty bill, but it will earn over 50 votes and pass.

The shifty ones will then exclaim they voted against Amnesty, when in fact they voted to pass it.

They will likely send over Republican Senators who are not up for reelection in 2012 that are in states they feel they can easily reelected a GOP traitor. After all, the election results from AZ and NV told Senators there is no need for them to listen to their constituents on immigration issues. You can betray your constituents like McCain and Reid and still be elected to the US Senate is the example that has been set!

This will be much easier for them to do considering the major media black out.

While Fox News has reports about Dream Amnesty votes on their website they are NOT broadcasting content or notice of these votes.

I personally had Fox News on in the background for over 4 hours today and heard no mention of the impending vote in the Senate nor the historic passage of the Dream Act Amnesty in the House last night.

The Drudge Report also took a dive and had no news contents warning conservative readers of the impending amnesty votes. Who knows how much Matt Drudge was paid with Saudi money flooding DC to lay down, but there was nothing there.

This is very unfortunate for us because most of our allies in talk radio have become addicted to the ease of getting their daily news stories for their shows from the Drudge Report news aggregation service!

So between Fox News and Drudge Report blacking this story out, and Lou Dobbs now being a turn coat Amnesty supporter and being off of CNN, most of America has no idea that this is even happening.

The American public is not informed enough or agitated enough for us to stop this Amnesty push in my opinion and the communication channels necessary to alert them are being disrupted.

Pundits continue to assure English speaking conservative audiences that there is no reason for alarm or concern and that these votes on the Dream Act Amnesty are merely symbolic and have no chance of passage.

This is pure propaganda designed to keep the patient calm and docile, while major surgery takes place on lady America,while she sleeps.

Please remember that while the Tea Party groups fought against the unpopular health-care legislation, that 2 out of 3 Americans opposed, Congressman Luis Gutierrez assured his awaiting illegal alien troops to rest easy because the passage of the health-care bill was the practice run for Amnesty.

They have our communications choked off and a media blackout or brown out in place. Dream Amnesty activists are practicing a high degree of aggression towards groups like ALIPAC. English speaking audiences are being pacified with lies, and the amount of political theater taking place speaks to the danger level.

Please continue your calls to the house and the Senate. Please continue sending in your much needed donations and please continue to rally the Americans around you.

We will fight with all we have and we will pray that it is God’s will that we prevail in a nation, where so many bad things have flourished.

More info will be sent to you soon.

Yours in the cause,

(??? I don’t know who wrote this.)


Please see this page below for the initial details and contact info of the Dream Act as posted here Dec. 8th.



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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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  4. Ron King says:

    12/15/2010 — DREAM Act update (part of these notes comes from numbersusa.com and alipac.us headed by William Gheen)

    We have been doing good job phoning, faxing and e-mailing!! Thank you for hard work in hammering the Senate. We have been making major impact and we rock– but not over YET as the bill still sits there ALIVE!

    Pro-amnesty lobby — illegal Alien groups, business consortium (who like illegal workers), immigration lawyers (AILA), etc. still taking actions to plead for amnesty.

    Reid Says Amnesty Vote Pushed Off To Early Next Week

    Please be ready for possible RED ALERT action come Sunday or Monday (12/19,12/20)

    GOOD NEWS — No New YES Votes For DREAM Amnesty

    BAD NEWS — Talk of hiding amnesty inside giant spending & tax bills

    Massive pro-amnesty pressure this week has failed to get a single new YES vote. Congratulatons to all of you who have been phoning with practical and rational comments about the DREAM amnesty. Just as last week, we would beat that amnesty if the vote were held in the Senate today. But we can’t stop phoning because Senate leaders are trying to give pro-amnesty advocates every moment possible to find the last of the 60 votes they need.

    No. 2 Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) now is pushing the DREAM Act amnesty vote out of this week and he says likely early next week. Nonetheless, he continues to claim that the amnesty vote is a higher priority for the Senate leadership than all but three or four of the long wish list they have before Christmas.

    Reid also indicates that if amnesty doesn’t pass before Christmas he may bring Senate back between Christmas and New Year’s. He also has suggested he might bring the old Senate back on Monday and Tuesday after New Year’s for the final two days before the Congress that was elected in November takes over. He knows that an amnesty has zero chance of passing in the newly elected Congress, so he seems intent on holding the old Congress around as long as he needs to get an amnesty to the President’s desk.

    Danger of hiding amnesty inside larger bill during the Lame Duck? The ILW.com website for immigration lawyers carried some fascinating comments this week about the desperation among pro-amnesty advocates. In giving three reasons why the nation’s attorneys should support the DREAM amnesty was: “a not-insignificant fraction of DREAM beneficiaries will need legal counsel, one of the few bright spots on the horizon for law firms suffering from the Great Recession.”

    The latest information we have indicates that the US Senate may be within one vote of passing cloture for Dream Amnesty!

    Furthermore, we have told the media and lawmakers that the Dream Act is a much broader Amnesty than anyone expects, due to the fact that there is no verification of the age of the applicant, the age the applicant entered the US, or the time an illegal alien has been in the US.

    The bill also contains the line allowing Janet Napolitano to arbitrarily waive any and all provisions and grant mass Amnesty to about every illegal alien in America if she or her successor wants to.

    “(2) WAIVER- With respect to any benefit under this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security may waive the ground of inadmissibility under paragraph (1), (4), or (6) of section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(a)) and the ground of deportability under paragraph (1) of section 237(a) of that Act (8 U.S.C. 1227(a)) for humanitarian purposes or family unity or when it is otherwise in the public interest.”


    Prepare yourself to fight right up until and through Christmas Eve if necessary. ALIPAC and our allies in DC are making these plans, as the Democratic leadership may decide to deliver Dream Amnesty on Christmas Eve in order to minimize public attention and backlash.

    News is also breaking that Congress’ approval rating has dived to an historic low, although Gallup polling is trying to exclude Dream Amnesty as a reason. It is up to you to correct that propaganda. The poll was taken right on top of the Dream Amnesty vote in Congress that passed the bill!

    Another one of our heroic border patrol agents has been killed and the news is just now breaking. How can the Senate consider Amnesty when our borders remain open and unsecured?

    Please continue and intensify your calls to our targeted US Senate offices

    The new breaking news and information is dealing a heavy blow to this Congress and the nationally destructive Dream Act Amnesty which is now on course to be voted on next week!

    Numbers USA has targeted the following 10 senators as undecided votes on the DREAM Act:

    * Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska
    DC: (202) 224-6665 Local: (907) 271-3735

    * Mary Landrieu, D-Louis.
    DC: (202) 224-5824 Local: (225) 389-0395

    * Susan Collins, R-Maine
    DC: (202) 224-2523 Local: (207) 622-8414

    * Olympia Snowe, R-Maine
    DC: (202) 224-5344 Local: (207) 622-8292

    * Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.
    DC: (202) 224-4822 Local: (313) 961-4330

    * Claire McCaskill, D-Miss.
    DC: (202) 224-6154 Local: (314) 367-1364

    * Max Baucus, D-Mont.
    DC: (202) 224-2651 Local: (406) 657-6790

    * Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.
    DC: (202) 224-2551 Local: (701) 250-4618

    * Kent Conrad, D-N.D.
    DC: (202) 224-2043 Local: (701) 258-4648

    * Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.
    DC: (202) 224-3954 Local: (304) 264-4626



    Sen. Murkowski (R)

    Sen. Landrieu (D)

    Sen. Stabenow (D)

    Sen. McCaskill (D)

    Sen. Dorgan (D)


    These Senators would have voted NO last Thursday if Senate Majority Leader Reid had not successfully moved to table the amnesty until he could find some more YES votes.

    But there is so much horse trading going on right now with the tax deal, with the funding for the entire federal government still up in the air, with the START Treaty and any number of other issues that have to be resolved before Senators head home.

    Thank them for their publicized promise to vote NO on the amnesty and then remind the staffers why NO is the right vote.

    Sen. Pryor (D)

    Sen. LeMieux (R)

    Sen. Collins (R)
    Sen. Snowe (R)

    Sen. Brown (R)

    Sen. Nelson (D)

    Sen. Hagan (D)


    Steven Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, estimates more than 1 million illegal immigrants will eventually enroll in community colleges or state universities as a result of the DREAM Act.

    Camarota estimates that on average, each illegal immigrant who attends a public institution will receive a tuition subsidy from taxpayers of nearly $6,000 for each year he or she attends, for a total cost of $6.2 billion a year, not including other forms of financial assistance they may also receive.

    The DREAM Act does not provide funding to states or counties to cover the in-state tuition subsidies the bill mandates.


    My thought is that it would be helpful today for every phone call to make the same pitches to Senators who are sympathetic to the poster children of the DREAM amnesty:
    No matter how sympathetic these students may be, you can’t give out another mass amnesty without fixing the weak enforcement that allowed their parents to bring them here and keep them here for years and years. DREAM has ZERO enforcement.

    The DREAM Act amnesty includes no requirement that jobs be shut off to the millions of future illegal aliens who will bring THEIR children and put them in this exact same predicament that DREAM puports to resolve. It is totally irresponsible to the 22 million unemployed Americans to give out a big amnesty without requiring mandatory verification to keep illegal aliens from holding jobs.

    I feel like most of the Senators are ignoring the main reasons the DREAM amnesty should not go any farther in this Lame Duck session:
    It is a massive amnesty to deal with the symptoms of past out-of-control illegal immigration without a single provision to reduce future illegal immigration.

    It creates millions more legal workers to compete with the 22 million Americans who want a full-time job but can’t find one. And it does nothing to turn off the jobs magnet for future illegal workers.
    Don’t forget that the Senators you are calling are basically sympathetic to the young illegal-alien adults who were brought here by their parents.

    I don’t think speaking against the potential amnesty recipients will be helpful in those offices.

    Instead, emphasize the points above and how continued illegal immigration harms American victims.

    The DREAM Act amnesty is
    (a) full of loopholes
    (b) wildly susceptible to fraud
    (c) does nothing to end the job magnet that allowed the parents to put these “kids” into their position in the first place.

    You will gain nothing with the Senators we are trying to reach today by being negative about these students.

    Instead, you have to approach these Senators on the basis of practicality. Perhaps the poster children do deserve consideration in the future but not before the enforcement is put in place to stop future illegal immigration. Your argument is that it is not possible in this rushed Lame Duck session to create and pass an amnesty that is limited to the deserving and which will stop future unfair illegal labor competition to unemployed Americans.

    IT IS ALSO A MAJOR FAILURE AND DISSERVICE TO Americans and Legal IMMIGRANTS TO SIMPLY PROMISE ENFORCEMENT WHILE THEN THE ILLEGAL Aliens get Amnesty, benefits and rewards $$$ all up front—This is why there is to be NO AMNESTY.. The enforcement later never gets done… just as what happened with the 1986 Amnesty and later amnesties after —- NO AMNESTY — ENFORCEMENT FIRST & SECURE THE BORDER!!

    ILLEGAL Aliens who have committed multiple crimes should NOT be getting favored or advantaged first over Americans and the United States that has been violated and infringed upon in the first place. An AMNESTY Action is a bad action and failed policy of the past. The DREAM Act is an amnesty action and it goes right against the American People and legal Immigrants— it is that simple.

    This is the line in the sand you are asking every Senator to draw . . .

    . . . . . The line is that whatever one’s feelings about the merits of some illegal aliens for an amnesty, no amnesty should be even talked about until the border is secure against continued mass illegal immigration and our jobs are secure from illegal aliens being able to take them from Americans.



    Best in the cause of defending our Nation and Border from invasion—
    Ron King

  5. Ron King says:

    RED ALERT !!

    Senate to Vote on DREAM Act Saturday!
    Call Your Senators Friday 12/17 and Tell Them to Vote NO

    Please consider takig important action…

    Senator Reid Thursday evening filed cloture on the House version of the DREAM Act (H.R.5281) and immediately announced that he would bring the bill up for a vote Saturday–most likely Saturday morning. If the Senate passes the DREAM Act, it will go straight to the President’s desk and become law. We therefore have about 36 hours to make sure all 100 Senators know that the American people overwhelmingly reject the DREAM Act!

    Keep calling your Senators until you get through!
    Even though the holidays are approaching quickly, we need all of our members, activists and friends to summon up one more bit of energy and call their Senators. If you can’t get through to the Washington, D.C. office, try calling your local office. Remember, if you do not call your Senators, the only people influencing their votes will be the special interests hovering over Capitol Hill at this very moment. Don’t forget: if the Senate passes the DREAM Act, it will go straight to the President’s desk and become law!
    When you call your Senators, tell them:
    Congress should be using its time and energy in the lame-duck session to help American workers, not illegal aliens;
    American students should not have to compete with illegal aliens for limited federal dollars and declining slots at colleges and universities;
    It is unfair that hard-working American taxpayers are forced to subsidize the education of illegal aliens; and
    Granting amnesty to lawbreakers does nothing to stop illegal immigration and will only encourage more.

    Please focus on these Senators but also call any other Senators as well:

    Numbers USA has targeted the following 10 senators as undecided votes on the DREAM Act:
    * Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska
    DC: (202) 224-6665 Local: (907) 271-3735
    * Mary Landrieu, D-Louis.
    DC: (202) 224-5824 Local: (225) 389-0395
    * Susan Collins, R-Maine
    DC: (202) 224-2523 Local: (207) 622-8414
    * Olympia Snowe, R-Maine
    DC: (202) 224-5344 Local: (207) 622-8292
    * Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.
    DC: (202) 224-4822 Local: (313) 961-4330
    * Claire McCaskill, D-Miss.
    DC: (202) 224-6154 Local: (314) 367-1364
    * Max Baucus, D-Mont.
    DC: (202) 224-2651 Local: (406) 657-6790
    * Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.
    DC: (202) 224-2551 Local: (701) 250-4618
    * Kent Conrad, D-N.D.
    DC: (202) 224-2043 Local: (701) 258-4648
    * Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.
    DC: (202) 224-3954 Local: (304) 264-4626
    Sen. Murkowski (R)
    Sen. Landrieu (D)
    Sen. Stabenow (D)
    Sen. McCaskill (D)
    Sen. Dorgan (D)

    Kay Hagan (NC) has shown signs of improvement and somewhat said she would vote NO– and she needs encouragement to stay a NO vote!


    The phones are ringing off the hooks in the US Senate as the Dream Act Amnesty bill that recently passed the House by a narrow margin hangs within one or two votes of passing the US Senate.

    The phones are ringing with calls from illegal aliens and their supporters, who are backed by million dollar public relations groups, paid phone banks, massive media buys, and teams of professional lobbyists, who are trying to persuade US Senators to vote Yes on cloture to pass the Dream Amnesty.

    First of all, the Dream Act Amnesty will turn millions of current illegal aliens into legalized workers, students, and voters. This means that millions of innocent American citizens will be displaced and replaced. Please picture yourself or your children and grandchildren not getting a job, not getting into the college of their choice or college at all, and your votes being counteracted by millions of illegal alien voters.

    In a world of limited resources, millions of American jobs, college seats, and votes will be transferred to people who broke into America to take these things without permission.

    Dream Act Amnesty would also qualify most illegal aliens for in-state tuition subsidies and affirmative action programs, which would force US taxpayer to replace their own children in the limited seats in our colleges at taxpayer expense!

    Second, the Dream Act Amnesty is not for children and will not be limited to just a few million illegal aliens. The supporters of the Dream Act Amnesty have made it clear that passage of this friendly sounding legislation is just a lever to gain the full Amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens in America today! In fact, once they legalize the Dream Act Amnesty recipients, politically stopping full Amnesty will become almost impossible. Once the full Comprehensive Amnesty becomes law, there will be no reasonable expectation of future enforcement of America’s existing immigration and border laws.

    If we Americans of every race, party, and walk of life representing over 80% who want our borders protected cannot have our way in our own nation, then all hope will be lost once millions of illegal aliens are made citizens, voters, workers, and students who will be deployed against us.

    Third, even before the mass Comprehensive Amnesty kicks in, it is probable that many more millions of illegal aliens will be given citizenship under Dream Act Amnesty, rather than the current 1-2 million being promoted by bill sponsors.

    Not only can millions of illegal aliens making false unverifiable claims be instantly immune to deportation, but any illegal immigrants caught by Homeland Security can claim they qualify for Dream Amnesty, if it is passed based on ‘Prima facie’ evidence. Simply put, any apprehended illegal can claim they are under 30, brought here as kids, and planning on attending college so deportation will be waived, and if nobody rebuts their claims, since Homeland Security plans to keep applicants confidential, good luck checking on their work and so much for open government!

    The Dream Act Amnesty bill that just passed Congress has no funding or details on how the provisions of the bill will be enforced, and even if funding and mechanisms for enforcement were added, there is no reasonable expectation that the Obama administration will enforce those laws. Only those eager to grasp for desperate hopes like the floating wreckage around our sinking national ship would succumb to such folly. Please if there one existing immigration or border law that has been adequately enforced over the last ten years?

    Why would a Department of Homeland Security that skipped the process of comparing millions of legal immigrant applicants against the terrorism watch databases bother with checking the claims of Dream Act Amnesty supporters?

    The promoters of the Dream Act Amnesty including numerous elected officials, pundits, and members of the biased media claim, “The Dream Act is for undocumented residents, who have been in America for more than five years, are under the age of 30, and were brought here under the age of 16 by their parents can enter college or the military.”

    These are not assurances, these are claims and in many cases they will be false!

    There is no magic machine that tells us when and where someone was born, at what age they crossed the borders illegally, that they are of good moral character, or how long they have been in America.

    There’s not even a requirement that Dream Act Amnesty recipients have a clean criminal record. Nor are they required to even finish college or their military service! It just requires the claim they will go to college or join the military.

    All that will be happening here is that millions of illegal aliens will sign their names or make their mark on a piece of government paper claiming they are under 30, claiming they have been in the US over 5 years, claiming they are of good moral character, and claiming they were brought here as children.

    Giving illegal aliens any form of Amnesty such as Dream and Comprehensive will be like letting bank robbers keep part of the money, if they are ever caught. Such a policy would lead to more bank robberies as Dream Amnesty will lead to more illegal immigration.

    The worst of these problems in the Dream Act Amnesty bill HR 5281, which is up for consideration in the Senate, is the ‘waiver’ on page 5 line 21 Sec. 6 (a)(2) that allows the Secretary of Homeland Security, the American patriot antagonist Janet Napolitano, to waive all of the enforcement requirements arbitrarily for any illegal aliens she wants. Thus, the Dream Act Amnesty bill that is close to passing gives Homeland Security the option of granting mass Amnesty to all illegal aliens in America through executive decree!

    “(2) WAIVER.—With respect to any benefit under this section and sections…the Secretary of Homeland Security may waive the… ground of inadmissibility …and the ground of deportability… for humanitarian purposes or family unity or when it is otherwise in the public interest.”

    This provision will grant the Obama administration the power to declare full amnesty for the 12 to 20 million adult illegal immigrants in America!


    With millions of established illegal alien voters, students, and workers keeping Americans on deep retreat within our own borders, the next batch of ten million illegal aliens will arrive soon, if Dream Act Amnesty passes.

    Those elite special interest groups and personalities, who are responsible for this invasion and betrayal of the public trust want to destroy America and replace Americans who paid the bills, built the nation, and fought the wars to preserve our way of life with a new army of more manageable people.

    The Dream Act Amnesty is a political teddy bear with a hand grenade in it. It is a spoon full of sugar and lies in order to make the poison go down.
    The following is from numbersusa.com


    Most Senate Offices Are Unaware Of The Millions Of 10-Year Work Permits That DREAM Offers To Illegal Aliens

    1. Application: The DREAM amnesty begins with illegal aliens filling out applications. They merely have to claim — not provide evidence — that they meet criteria of having been brought to the U.S. before age 16 and being under the age of 30 at time of enactment and being present in the U.S. at least 5 years before enactment of the amnesty, among other criteria.

    2. Work Permits Given: Once they allege these minimal criteria, the illegal aliens are given “conditional lawful permanent resident status” and are given a 10-year work permit to compete directly with the 22 million Americans who want a full-time job but can’t find one.

    Estimates suggest that up to 2 million illegal aliens could legitimately qualify for the opening application, and perhaps a couple million more might be or look young enough to fraudulently apply.

    Those millions would immediately be able to legally compete for any U.S. job.

    3. Ten Years of Work Before Education Required: Despite all the talk about how this amnesty is just for people who go to college or serve in the military, the illegal aliens don’t have to do much of anything in that regard to have the legal right to work for 10 years.

    Everybody who applies and gets the work permits has 10 years to complete two years of college or two years of military. Ten Years!

    By the way, despite the fact that some media outlets have taken to referring to the potential recipients of the amnesty as “the best and the brightest” and “stars,” illegal aliens can get the 10-year work permit merely by completing a GED and enrolling in a single course in a community college or trade school.

    4. When 10 Years Are Up, What’s The Chance of Anybody Being Asked to Leave? At the end of 10 years, illegal aliens who have not compiled two years of college or military would finally lose the right to compete legally with unemployed Americans for a job.

    But they also would have sunk 10 more years of roots into their communities, building up an even bigger claim that it would be a hardship to be forced to leave this country. In addition, their advocates in the open-borders groups can say that they aren’t really illegal aliens since they have just spent 10 years living and working as legal residents.

    Fortunately for them, the DREAM amnesty allows those who fail to meet any of the criteria after 10 years to file a claim of hardship. The US Citizenship & Immigration Services agency is given the right to issue waivers and allow these illegal aliens to stay. By the way, they can get a waiver if the hardship is to them, or if it would be to a spouse, one of their children or one of their parents.

    In the end, it is not only the 2 million potential qualified opening applicants but millions of potential fraudulant applicants who will get 10 years of legal competition against unemployed Americans. The only way the frauds can lose their work permit is if the government brings individualized cases to prove that they lied on the applications. Want to guess how many of the millions of fraud cases the government would have time to investigate and prosecute — one by one?

  6. Ron King says:

    WANTED to add this info in case can’t get phone call thru DC Office:

    These Senators Lean Strongly YES On Amnesty
    But Will Have To Face Voters In 2012

    Joseph Lieberman (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-4041 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Hartford: ph: 860-549-8463 adr: One Constitution Plaza, Hartford, CT 06103

    Bill Nelson (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-5274 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Coral Gables: ph: 305-536-5999 adr: 2925 Salzedo Street, Coral Gables, FL 33134
    Davie: ph: 954-693-4851 adr: 3416 South University Drive, Davie, FL 33328
    Fort Myers: ph: 239-334-7760 adr: 2000 Main Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901
    Jacksonville: ph: 904-346-4500 adr: 1301 Riverplace Boulevard, Jacksonville , FL 32207
    Orlando: ph: 407-872-7161 adr: 225 East Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32801
    Tallahassee: ph: 850-942-8415 adr: U.S. Courthouse Annex, Tallahassee, FL 32301
    West Palm Beach: ph: 561-514-0189 adr: 500 Australian Ave, West Palm Bch, FL 33401

    Debbie Stabenow (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-4822 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Detroit: ph: 313-961-4330 adr: 243 West Congress, Detroit, MI 48226
    East Lansing: ph: 517-203-1760 adr: 221 W Lake Lansing Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823
    Flint: ph: 810-720-4172 adr: 2503 South Linden Road, Flint, MI 48532
    Grand Rapids: ph: 616-975-0052 adr: 3230 Broadmoor Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
    Marquette: ph: 906-228-8756 adr: 1901 West Ridge, Marquette, MI 49855
    Traverse City: ph: 231-929-1031 adr: 3335 South Airport Road W, Traverse City, MI 49684

    Amy Klobuchar (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-3244 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Minneapolis: ph: 612-727-5220 adr: 1200 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55415
    Moorhead: ph: 218-287-2219 adr: 121 4th Street South, Moorhead, MN 56560
    Rochester: ph: 507-288-5321 adr: 1134 7th Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901
    Virginia: ph: 218-741-9690 adr: 820 9th Street North, Virginia, MN 55792

    Claire McCaskill (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-6154 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Cape Girardeau: ph: 573-651-0964 adr: 555 Independence Ave., Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
    Columbia: ph: 573-442-7130 adr: 915 East Ash Street, Columbia, MO 65201
    Kansas City: ph: 816-421-1639 adr: 4141 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111
    Springfield: ph: 417-868-8745 adr: 324 Park Central West, Springfield, MO 65806
    St. Louis: ph: 314-367-1364 adr: 5850 A Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63112

    Jeff Bingaman (D)
    Washington, DC ph: 202-224-5521 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Albuquerque: ph: 505-346-6601 adr: 625 Silver Ave SW, #130, Albuquerque, NM 87102
    Las Cruces: ph: 575-523-6561 adr: Loretto Town Centre, Las Cruces, NM 88001
    Las Vegas: ph: 505-454-8824 adr: 118 Bridge Street – Suite 3, Las Vegas, NM 87701
    Roswell: ph: 575-622-7113 adr: 105 West Third Street – Suite 409, Roswell, NM 88201
    Santa Fe: ph: 505-988-6647 adr: 119 East Marcy – Suite 101, Santa Fe, NM 87501

    Sherrod Brown (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-2315 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Cincinnati: ph: 513-684-1021 adr: 425 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
    Cleveland: ph: 216-522-7272 adr: 1301 East Ninth St., Cleveland, OH 44114
    Columbus: ph: 614-469-2083 adr: 200 N High St., Columbus, OH 43215
    Lorain: ph: 440-242-4100 adr: 205 West 20th St., Lorain, OH 44052

    Jim Webb (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-4024 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Falls Church: ph: 703-573-7090 adr: 7309 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, VA 22042
    Richmond: ph: 804-771-2221 adr: 507 East Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23219
    Roanoke: ph: 540-772-4236 adr: 3140 Chaparral Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018
    Virginia Beach: ph: 757-518-1674 adr: 222 Central Park Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

    Maria Cantwell (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-3441 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Everett: ph: 888-648-7328 adr: 2930 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, WA 98201
    Richland: ph: 509-946-8106 adr: 825 Jadwin Avenue, Richland, WA 99352
    Seattle: ph: 206-220-6400 adr: 915 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98174
    Spokane: ph: 509-353-2507 adr: U.S. Federal Courthouse, Spokane, WA 99201
    Tacoma: ph: 253-572-2281 adr: 950 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402
    Vancouver: ph: 360-696-7838 adr: 1313 Officers Row, Vancouver, WA 98661

    Herb Kohl (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-5653 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Appleton: ph: 920-738-1640 adr: 4321 West College Ave., Appleton, WI 54914
    Eau Claire: ph: 715-832-8424 adr: 402 Graham Ave, #206, Eau Claire, WI 54701
    LaCrosse: ph: 608-796-0045 adr: 425 State Street – Suite 202, LaCrosse, WI 54601
    Madison: ph: 608-264-5338 adr: 14 West Muffin Street – Suite 312, Madison, WI 53703
    Milwaukee: ph: 414-297-4451 adr: 310 W Wisconsin Ave – #950, Milwaukee, WI 53203

    These Senators Do NOT Face 2012 Re-Election
    But Are On The Fence And Leaning YES

    Lisa Murkowski (R)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-6665 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Anchorage: ph: 877-829-6030 adr: 510 L Street, Anchorage, AK 99501
    Fairbanks: ph: 907-456-0233 adr: 101 12th Avenue, Fairbanks, AK 99701
    Juneau: ph: 907-586-7400 adr: 709 West 9th Street, Juneau, AK 99802
    Kenai: ph: 907-283-5808 adr: 130 Trading Bay Road, Kenai, AK 99611
    Ketchikan: ph: 907-283-5208 adr: 540 Water Street, Ketchikan, AK 99901
    Wasilla: ph: 907-376-7665 adr: 851 East Westpoint Drive, Wasilla, AK 99654

    Mary Landrieu (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-5824 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Baton Rouge: ph: 225-389-0395 adr: U.S. Postal Building, Baton Rouge, LA 70801
    Lake Charles: ph: 337-436-6650 adr: One Lakeshore Drive, Lake Charles, LA 70629
    New Orleans: ph: 504-589-2427 adr: Hale Boggs Federal Bldg, New Orleans, LA 70130
    Shreveport: ph: 318-676-3085 adr: U.S. Courthouse, Shreveport, LA 71101

    Byron Dorgan (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-2551 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Bismarck: ph: 701-250-4618 adr: Federal Building, Bismarck, ND 58501
    Fargo: ph: 701-239-5389 adr: 112 Roberts Street, Fargo, ND 58102
    Grand Forks: ph: 701-746-9126 adr: 102 North 4th St, #108, Grand Forks, ND 58201
    Minot: ph: 701-852-0703 adr: 100 First Street South West, Suite 105, Minot, ND 58701

    Encourage These Senators To Stick
    With Recent Pledges To Vote NO


    Susan Collins (R)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-2523 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Augusta: ph: 207-622-8414 adr: 68 Seawall Street, Augusta, ME 04330
    Bangor: ph: 207-945-0417 adr: 202 Harlow Street – Room 204, Bangor, ME 04401
    Biddeford: ph: 207-283-1101 adr: 160 Main Street, Biddeford, ME 04005
    Caribou: ph: 207-493-7873 adr: 25 Sweden Street – Suite A, Caribou, ME 04736
    Lewiston: ph: 207-784-6969 adr: 11 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, ME 04240
    Portland: ph: 207-780-3575 adr: 1 City Center, Portland, ME 04101

    Olympia Snowe (R)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-5344 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Auburn: ph: 207-786-2451 adr: Two Great Falls Plaza, Auburn, ME 04210
    Augusta: ph: 207-622-8292 adr: 68 Sewall Street – Suite 101C, Augusta, ME 04330
    Bangor: ph: 207-945-0432 adr: 1 Cumberland Place, Bangor, ME 04401
    Biddeford: ph: 207-282-4144 adr: 231 Main Street, Suite 2, Biddeford, ME 04005
    Lewiston: ph: 207-784-6969 adr: 11 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, ME 04240
    Portland: ph: 207-874-0883 adr: 3 Canal Plaza – Suite 601, Portland, ME 04112
    Presque Isle: ph: 207-764-5124 adr: 169 Academy Street, Presque Isle, ME 04769

    Sen. Max Baucus (D)
    Washington, DC ph: 202-224-2651 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Billings: ph: 406-657-6790 adr: 202 Fratt Building, Billings, MT 59101
    Bozeman: ph: 406-586-6104 adr: Federal Building, Bozeman, MT 59715
    Butte: ph: 406-782-8700 adr: Silver Bow Center, Butte, MT 59701
    Great Falls: ph: 406-761-1574 adr: 18 5th Street South, Great Falls, MT 59401
    Helena: ph: 406-449-5480 adr: 225 Cruse Avenue – Suite D, Helena, MT 59601
    Missoula: ph: 406-329-3123 adr: 211 North Higgins – Room 102, Missoula, MT 59802

    Kay Hagan (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-6342 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Greensboro: ph: 336-333-5311 adr: 701 Green Valley Rd, Greensboro, NC 27408
    Raleigh: ph: 919-856-4630 adr: 310 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27601

    Kent Conrad (D)
    Washington, DC: ph: 202-224-2043 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 20510
    Bismarck: ph: 701-258-4648 adr: Federal Building, Bismarck, ND 58501
    Fargo: ph: 701-232-8030 adr: Federal Building, Fargo, ND 58102
    Grand Forks: ph: 701-775-9601 adr: Federal Building, Grand Forks, ND 58203
    Minot: ph: 701-852-0703 adr: 100 First Street SW, Suite 105, Minot, ND 58701

  7. Ron King says:

    The following is the actual Vote tally for the defeat of the DREAM Act:

    You created the political conditions that caused 12 of the 15 Republican Senators who voted for an amnesty in the past to NOT vote for the amnesty today.

    You created the political conditions for 6 Democratic Senators to go against their Party and their President to NOT vote for the amnesty today.

    Yes, the PRO-amnesty folks were 5 votes short of the 60 needed. But several NO votes could have gone the other way.
    The incredible efforts of ordinary citizens like you, communicating with those key Senate offices, saved the country from a nightmare.

    (Ark.) Pryor
    (Mont.) Baucus
    (Mont.) Tester
    (Neb.) Ben Nelson
    (N.C.) Hagan
    (W.Va.) Manchin didn’t vote but issued a statement that he opposed the DREAM Act amnesty.
    All other Democrats voted YES for the amnesty today.
    In a Senate filibuster roll call like this one, the effect of not voting is the same as voting NO. Sen. Manchin is brand new and takes the seat held close to forever by the late Robert Byrd who was one of our most reliable Democrats to stand for American workers against unfair foreign labor competition. We are looking to West Virginians to make sure Sen. Manchin continues that tradition.

    NOTICE: North Carolinans — Senator Kay Hagan voted NO here–which is quite remarkable and hopefully has ‘seen the light’ in improving her immigration report card from an ‘F’ grade. Ms. Hagan was bad on the immigration issue while in the NC State Senate as well. Many have told Ms. Hagan thank you for the ‘NO’ vote, but we must stay vigilant with her about this issue.

    *** – asteriks next to Senator’s name means they were lame-ducks that now have left the Senate

    (Alaska) Murkowski
    (Ind.) Lugar
    *** (Utah) Bennett
    The following three were committed to vote NO, even though they didn’t end up voting at all.
    (Ky.) *** Bunning
    (N.H.) *** Gregg
    (Utah) Hatch
    All other Republicans voted NO against the amnesty.
    That accounts for all 100 of the Senators.

    Notice: RINO Lisa Murkowski voting ‘YES’ here — snub against conservatives?

    A yes vote on Cloture for Dream Act is a yes vote for Amnesty. No votes are votes against Amnesty

    LIST of ‘NO’ and ’YES’ votes:

    YEAs —55

    Akaka (D-HI)
    Bayh (D-IN)
    Begich (D-AK)
    Bennet (D-CO)
    Bennett (R-UT)
    Bingaman (D-NM)
    Boxer (D-CA)
    Brown (D-OH)
    Cantwell (D-WA)
    Cardin (D-MD)
    Carper (D-DE)
    Casey (D-PA)
    Conrad (D-ND)
    Coons (D-DE)
    Dodd (D-CT)
    Dorgan (D-ND)
    Durbin (D-IL)
    Feingold (D-WI)
    Feinstein (D-CA)
    Franken (D-MN)
    Gillibrand (D-NY)
    Harkin (D-IA)
    Inouye (D-HI)
    Johnson (D-SD)
    Kerry (D-MA)
    Klobuchar (D-MN)
    Kohl (D-WI)
    Landrieu (D-LA)
    Lautenberg (D-NJ)
    Leahy (D-VT)
    Levin (D-MI)
    Lieberman (ID-CT)
    Lincoln (D-AR)
    Lugar (R-IN)
    McCaskill (D-MO)
    Menendez (D-NJ)
    Merkley (D-OR)
    Mikulski (D-MD)
    Murkowski (R-AK)
    Murray (D-WA)
    Nelson (D-FL)
    Reed (D-RI)
    Reid (D-NV)
    Rockefeller (D-WV)
    Sanders (I-VT)
    Schumer (D-NY)
    Shaheen (D-NH)
    Specter (D-PA)
    Stabenow (D-MI)
    Udall (D-CO)
    Udall (D-NM)
    Warner (D-VA)
    Webb (D-VA)
    Whitehouse (D-RI)
    Wyden (D-OR)

    NAYs —41

    Alexander (R-TN)
    Barrasso (R-WY)
    Baucus (D-MT)
    Bond (R-MO)
    Brown (R-MA)
    Brownback (R-KS)
    Burr (R-NC)
    Chambliss (R-GA)
    Coburn (R-OK)
    Cochran (R-MS)
    Collins (R-ME)
    Corker (R-TN)
    Cornyn (R-TX)
    Crapo (R-ID)
    DeMint (R-SC)
    Ensign (R-NV)
    Enzi (R-WY)
    Graham (R-SC)
    Grassley (R-IA)
    Hagan (D-NC)
    Hutchison (R-TX)
    Inhofe (R-OK)
    Isakson (R-GA)
    Johanns (R-NE)
    Kirk (R-IL)
    Kyl (R-AZ)
    LeMieux (R-FL)
    McCain (R-AZ)
    McConnell (R-KY)
    Nelson (D-NE)
    Pryor (D-AR)
    Risch (R-ID)
    Roberts (R-KS)
    Sessions (R-AL)
    Shelby (R-AL)
    Snowe (R-ME)
    Tester (D-MT)
    Thune (R-SD)
    Vitter (R-LA)
    Voinovich (R-OH)
    Wicker (R-MS)

    Not Voting – 4
    Bunning (R-KY)
    Gregg (R-NH)
    Hatch (R-UT)
    Manchin (D-WV)

    The next sections just look at groups of those Senators in a different way.
    Certainly now with unemployment so high, we thought these Democrats should have been even more interested in standing against the amnesty.
    We kept three of them who voted NO :
    (Ark.) Pryor
    (Mont.) Baucus
    (Mont.) Tester
    But we lost 4 of them who voted YES :
    (La.) Landrieu
    (Mo.) McCaskill
    (N.D.) *** Dorgan
    (N.D.) Conrad

    The PRO-amnesty forces put a huge amount of energy into getting another YES vote out of 15 Republicans who had voted for amnesties in the past.
    11 of those Republicans had voted for the DREAM amnesty previously.
    10 of them had previously voted for the CIR (comprehensive immigration reform) blanket amnesty.

    YOU FLIPPED 12 OF THEM (the years they voted for an amnesty are in parentheses):
    (Ariz.–03 & 07) Kyl
    (Ariz.–06 & 07) McCain
    (Iowa–03) Grassley
    (Kan.–06 & 07) *** Brownback
    (Maine–06 & 07) Collins
    (Maine–06 & 07 & 07) Snowe
    (Ohio–06) Voinovich
    (S.C.–06 & 07) Graham
    (Texas–03) Cornyn
    (Texas–07) Hutchison
    In addition two more who didn’t vote today said they would have voted NO against the amnesty:
    (N.H.–06 & 07) *** Gregg
    (Utah–07) Hatch
    Only 3 of the 15 Republicans who previously voted for an amnesty did so:
    (Alaska–06) Murkowski
    (Ind.–06 & 07 & 07) Lugar
    (Utah–06 & 07 & 07) *** Bennett

    Knowledge is power. You who are reading this now know who deserves a challenge and who deserves support on the basis of amnesty voting.

    We appreciate all of the sacrifices people have made.

    Three cheers for our victory!

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