DREAM Act Alert — change in plan from prior update

Sneak move on DREAM Act by Harry Reid –has now moved DREAM Act vote forward –Reid planning to run congress thru the weekend which may include Sunday, the DREAM Act likely to be voted on Saturday!!

Once again, Americans have to rally to give a final effort to stop this bad disastrous bill. Though these past days have been tiring with the bogus tax cut deal and spending bills please consider making very important phone calls today – Friday 12/17.

Sneaky Senator Harry Reid just filed Cloture on the Dream Amnesty tonight and it is currently scheduled for a vote Saturday morning. Reid seems to think he has the votes and we must do all we can to stop him.

Friday and Saturday morning will be your last chances to persuade the Senate to say no and you must give it all you have!

Here we go — thank you for all you do.

Senate to Vote on DREAM Act Saturday!
Call Your Senators Friday 12/17 and Tell Them to Vote NO

Please see rest of info and alert in ‘recent comments’ – DREAM Act updates

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