AZ shooter is a crazy, apathetic citizen

I haven’t been able to watch to news very much since Sunday after the media began calling this the fault of the TEA Party rhetoric, when in reality it was a tragic shooting of 18 people by an obviously crazy person.  He hasn’t been linked to any TEA Party groups.  In fact, he didn’t even vote in the all important 2010 Primary or General elections.  Since he didn’t vote, he’s politically a pathetic.  He acted alone.  His parents are devastated by their son’s actions and mental state.  Surely their guilt is incomprehensible.

I am so sorry for the victims family’s losses. As Americans, we are all sorry.

No one in this TEA Party political movement that I am involved with condones the crazy, shooter’s behavior.  We know we can work out our differences peacefully and through the proper channels – like the ballot box and Party reform.

Such targeting of an elected official is unthinkable of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).  The killing of innocent people standing in line to speak to the Rep. Giffords is nothing more than slaughter by a crazy man.  Changing gun laws will not prevent crazy people from doing crazy things.  The tightening of free-speech laws will not prevent crazy people from thinking or doing crazy things.  This is the fault of one crazy 22-year old monster.

According to Rep. Giffords physician, she is expected to survive.  He is “101% confident.”  She has continued to respond to verbal commands and has been pulling at her ventilator tube as if she wants to talk.  God Bless her.  God bless all those still struggling to survive, but who are not in the media spotlight.  God bless those who have die and their families and friends as they try to find answers and comfort in such senseless violence.

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)  have announced they will be carry their legally concealed carry handguns with them 24/7 when in their district.  Seems prudent to me.


Who are we going to censor first, Obama? That’s exactly what Barack Obama said he would do to counter Republican attacks “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said at a Philadelphia fundraiser Friday night. “Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.” That is exactly the rhetoric THEY are talking about – but it’s coming from THEIR side, not mine.

Encouraging news: Gun Sales sore after AZ shooting.

[Editor’s notes: I intentionally did not use the crazy, shooter’s name.  I hope it is forgotten – blotted from the book of life.]


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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1 Response to AZ shooter is a crazy, apathetic citizen

  1. Ron King says:

    Let’s recall the Obama crisis-opportunity doctrine

    Let’s recall a common theme of the Obama Administration’s reasoning on actions in order to achieve a particular policy end that it takes in forming a response to America — the Obama crisis-opportunity doctrine. Surely the President can speak words of mourning and remembrance in an eloquent manner to a truly horrible heinous criminal act that all reasonable common Americans condemn just as other Presidents have done in instances. So, why was the President watched so closely to see if he would forward some political agenda item of his desirable choosing? That’s right, its been quite clear from prior occasions the Obama administration likes to practice the crisis-opportunity doctrine to attempt a “transforming” and calculating propaganda associations (such as having his healthcare supporters wear phony doctor coats for a photo op). So why, the immediate unfounded shameful blaming and wrongful accusations at particular political groups (Tea Party, conservatives) or even persons in the country before facts are uncovered for the shooting tragedy? Saying how this criminal act affects the President’s approval rating is politicizing the tragedy. But as we know from this President’s Administration and his associates, he and they don’t care. But attacking the 1st and 2nd Amendments doesn’t look good for a U.S. President. But he doesn’t care, as diplayed by his past 2 years of awful results. The unrelated shooting tragedy does not excuse the Obama Administration and progressives harmful bad policies for America that need full denouncing and repealing.

    So just because Congresswoman Giffords (who supports the 2nd amendment, prayers with her and God bless) is in the hospital does not mean Americans or the United States needs or benefits from government run healthcare per the healthcare legislation (Obamacare) that is the same bad 2500 page defective deliberate socialist bill that it always has been that destroys the quality of the U.S. healthcare industry, destroys jobs with long-term negative impacts of government intrusion, taxation, deficit spending (for bureaucrat regulation jobs that harms doctor effectiveness and drives up costs). I’m sure we can get the fake racism cry in here somewhere.

    So what is recalled here and worth examining is Rahm Emmanuel’s statement of “never want to let a crisis go to waste.“ As well, Hillary Clinton also making the near same statement “A crisis can reveal or present opportunities to change things on issues that were otherwise unchangeable.” Having been originally generated from the great thinkers at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the member Lincoln Bloomfield once stated,” a crisis, a war so grave that attitudes and practices are open to possibility of new political arrangements”. The same CFR that has floated other poor notions toward the U.S. such as giving up its sovereignty and having foreign laws be used in America.

    In examining the crisis-opportunity doctrine, this would seem to imply that a crisis would then become a desirable thing. That a crisis is now a wished upon chance or opportunity to the point where in order to manifest change it may be desirable to create a “crisis” or the appearance of a “crisis”. Isn’t it positive thought that the U.S. White House and its czars now looks forward to seeing more crisis develop? President Obama using doomsday threat terms in speeches such as “catastrophic consequences if stimulus bill not passed”. Or “healthcare costs are an unsustainable disaster where the deficit will skyrocket”. The Obama Administration chooses producing hysteria making claims of ‘sky-falling‘, “catastrophic” or “disastrous” consequences rather than relating specifics of what he is actually going to do (meanwhile the President spends $3 trillion.) Obama saying in abuse , to hurry up and pass these bills without reading them, do as I say or Americans future will be of such gravity of despair (meanwhile spending $3 Trillion).

    Worth mentioning here is Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s (a CFR member) careless comments after the attempted Times Square bombing. When a bomb was planted in Times Square last year and his own city nearly blown to smithereens (thank God not so), Mayor Bloomberg, unbelievably detached from reality, prior to evidence facts, off the cuff smirked his prejudices and pondered that the criminal might be someone who “doesn’t like the healthcare bill.” Well it fit the media’s desired opportunity and the mayor’s statement was made “newsworthy.” And the mayor’s theory was debunked when the culprit turned out to be someone with a political motive against the U.S. Then the Times Square bombing story was about “Hush, hush, child. Nothing to see here. Move along.” — just the typical Islamic Terrorist you know. No string of conjecturing, drama or blame. Meanwhile, eerily, ironically the Mayor has no qualms about putting an Islamic mosque at ground zero.

    Those wanting to “fundamentally transform America” to the likeness of Communist former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones that would like to see Communism be the rule in America would then be pleased to see more crisis and are pleased with the current debt. Communist, anti-Americanism and socialist wealth-redistribution visitors go in and out of the White House regularly such as SEIU President Andy Stern, George Soros, Al Sharpton or declared Socialist Czars Carol Browner, Ron Bloom and John Holdren. No, America’s detractors are not far away.

    So, what was the point of bringing the 9/11 flag to the Obama mourning speech? Which seems to bring the word ‘despicable’ to mind. Oh, that’s right, the U.S. should be blamed for the 9/11 attack like Arizona should be blamed for the crazed Tuscon shooting and there’s an opportunity to “fix” a crisis, like the TSA homeland security dept. “fixing” airport security. Much like “fixing healthcare”. That’s right, the President wants to “fix” Arizona with a lawsuit that allows Arizona to be attacked (trampled and assualted with crime by illegal immigration rather than apply enforcement of existing Federal law) by a foreign country. Arizona should of course defend itself as U.S. soil with principles of sovereign American law that is reasonable and enforce such law to protect it Citizens Rights. So the problem seems to emanate and exist in the Executive branch. The Executive branch seems to not be functioning properly on several fronts. Crisis-opportunity doctrine that may or may not be linked monetarily now has to considered to be questionable motives in any future event or hyped-up occurrence in the United States.

    Ronald King
    United States

    P.S. — A couple points of interest:
    1) The Arizona shooting tragedy was a heinous awful crime that the shooter is responsible for, the shooter is not a victim.
    2) the shooting tragedy is a crime of ‘attempted murder’ that occurs to regular common people world wide, the fact that it was a Congresswoman that was shot does not mean that an overblown drama reaction needs to be created (yes, it is a horrible incident just as many other crimes occur as they do)
    3) People kill people — guns do not kill people just by sitting there. — The same crime can be committed with an alternate weapon — a knife, an axe, a baseball bat, etc

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