UPDATE: Voter ID bill

Let me clarify my remarks from yesterday.  I have received so much email and a few phones calls about this one article.  I could have chosen my words better.

The Republicans in the NC General Assembly are still in favor of the Voter ID bill, but they are lacking enthusiastic constituent support.  MAKE SOME NOISE PEOPLE if you want the bill passed.  The Left is making a lot of noise in opposition to this bill.

Preserving free and fair elections is a cornerstone of freedom and liberty in a Republic like we have in America.  Free meaning no poll tax is be levied, and thus allowing the poor to vote. Fair meaning that all is done to preserve the integrity of the election process (poll judges, party representation over ballot counting, poll watchers, a guarded legal process by which citizens prove their residency and eligibility to cast a vote, campaign laws, no threat of intimidation, the enforced principle of “one man, one vote”, etc…).

I have taken a beaten, via email, over this statement:

“One issue that is getting a lot of media and constituent attention is that the poor and elderly will not be allowed to vote because they don’t have driver’s licenses! That’s silly!  Even if you don’t have a NCDL, everyone has a state issued NC ID.”

And then I said this in the email with Jordon:

“We need picture Voter ID. And if someone doesn’t have the where-with-all to navigate the registration system, and they don’t have $10 every 5 years, then maybe that person ought not vote this time.”

Some have claimed I want to keep certain people out of elections, and they argue that the $10 NC ID fee is essentially a poll tax.  Wrong.  I fully explain it in several exchanges,  but purchasing ID is does not constitute a poll tax.  The email thread with Jordon. My resolution is to give the state issued ID to poor who have none, but want to vote.  With the stipulation that they be both legal US citizens and residents of the state.  If that will allow the bill to be put into law, I don’t mind giving away ID cards.  The state of Georgia recently passed a Voter ID law, but it was tied up in the courts with poll tax claims.  If I understand it correctly, the state will provide ID’s to the poor for free.  The details of who is poor, I don’t know.

One subscriber likened the Voter ID bill to a “Nazi police state”.  Oh, brother!  That’s some kinda hyperbole.  The email thread with Alan.

I talked to Senator Daniel’s office, they want our support of the bill.  My take: The NC Legislature will be sticking its proverbial neck out, and would like to know we support the proposed Voter ID changes.  Call!

House Election committee on which Rep. Edgar Starnes sits.   Let him know you want picture ID at polling places or at least a copy of your Voter ID card.

Rep. Starnes (919)-733-5931  Edgar.Starnes@ncleg.net Election committee member.

(or  Rep. Philip Frye 919-733-5661  Phillip.Frye@ncleg.net)

Senator Daniel (919) 715-7823  Warren.Daniel@ncleg.net

These men want the bill to pass, but they have not heard for our side.  They are only being contacted by Organizing for America (formerly ACORN), illegal immigration groups, and other far Left groups who advocate for the large constituency of questionably eligible voters.  PLEASE CALL ASAP!

Preserving free and fair elections is a cornerstone of freedom and liberty in a Republic like we have in America.


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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3 Responses to UPDATE: Voter ID bill

  1. Ron King says:

    Made calls today. Called some Dems too — because they need to hear about Voter ID also. Also promoted two other legislative actions — an illegal immigration enforcement bill modeled after the AZ SB1070 (legislation was introduced last session and needs to be renewed this session –as well 18 other States are now putting enforcement legislation forward and NC needs to join). The other legislative action promoted is a Nullification bill against Obamacare — NC should join other State legislatures in Nullification of the bad Obama healthcare bill. Senator Daniel’s office said a bill has been put forward called ‘The Healthcare Freedom Act’ to exempt or opt out NC — but I would urge a full repeal — not some kind of reform or “tweaking” where we end up accepting parts of Obamacare –because the whole bill functions together and you will get the same government intrusion and takeover of the healthcare industry (and I am not being political against Mr. Obama — the bill is what it is and it is bad with bad results). Repeal and start over with proper better patient and doctor based reforms. These 3 items should get done in NC.

  2. Ron King says:

    Also meant to say that all contacts of Congressmen of NC General Assembly can be found at http://www.ncga.state.nc.us
    Information on bills and actions can also be found here.

  3. Melissa Packard says:

    It will cost a lot of money to implement this change, and the schools need money. I am not convinced that voter fraud is that big of a deal. If there were an organized mafia behind it, as in Chicago in the the 19th century, then yes, but we have progressed since then.

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