NC General Assembly opening day – encouraging hope!

Displaying this video because it is well put.  The speaker is William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration).  The Caldwell Tea Party Org. has no direct ties with ALIPAC and this video is merely to share with fellow Americans to show that there are many Americans and groups standing for the common cause of a better responsible Constitutional American governance and simply doing wise legitimate common sense actions to protect America and its States.  So all who visit, we are not alone in standing to see the United States remain exceptional and improve U.S. future well-being. 

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1 Response to NC General Assembly opening day – encouraging hope!

  1. Gail Roberts says:

    The United States has limited resources. Millions of illegal s come to this country everyday on planes to visit relatives and never go home. We can not survive with this continuing. Water, sewer landfills alone not to mention what this costs taxpayers. Lobbyists are working night and day to get laws overturned to protect illegals. This money would really help with the national and state debt. Why are we, as Americans not behind Arizona full force? Those people are being invaded on our soil. Don’t pass new laws : ENFORCE the laws we have! It is their choice to come here illegally. They go through steps to come here illegally and know they are going against our laws. They should be sent back by bus loads. Use our military to protect our borders! Get America strong again before taking on the worlds problems.

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