News from the week, 3/26

“Are we on the wrong side” of international issues??” — Glenn Beck said, “The gates of hell are about to open up, and we will do nothing.”

NC Rep Deborah Ross Says Mexican & Honduran illegal aliens Are Americans

Reagan words contrasted with Barney Frank, Nancy, Joe, and Obama himself.  The Truth has no Agenda!!!

….and lot’s more

What Reagan says about Quadaffi.

Obama’s peeps at SEIU calling for mortgage protest, thereby creating a financial crisis and collapse. Another CLOWARD AND PIVEN move! Steven Lerner, former SEIU Executive (affectionately called “boss”), is calling for destablization, sabotage, crisis, and general chaos in our financial markets.

The Left’s video instructing the Left to stop paying their mortgages.  Burning Down the House

video response to above “Burning Down the House”

I roll my eyes.  The military now has guidelines for gay kissing in the military.

We hate Obama. THEY hate Obama, too.  And, yet we’re over there fighting in THEIR civil war?  That’s so wrong, on so many levels!!!

The situation(s) is the Middle East is messed up! Al Qaeda is fighting on the same side as we are! Oh, hell no!

…and Israel is ready to defend herself.  article Like Glenn Beck said, “The gates of hell are about to open up, and we will do nothing.”

Beck TV: Is U.S. Action in Libya Actually Helping Al-Qaeda?

Trumps calls for Obama’s birth certificate to put the issue to bed.  “There must be something there he doesn’t want us to see?”


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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6 Responses to News from the week, 3/26

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  2. Ron King says:

    Comment on NC Rep. Deborah Ross (D) —
    At the end of her sentence listen to the “or whatever”… According to Ms. Ross then, there is no U.S. Nation — for Ms. Ross, the U.S. is just a piece of land.

    This is just astounding and disgusting. In fact it is almost to the point that she can’t possibly believe what she is saying –and she is just saying it knowing that what (our side –legitimate average Americans standing up for our Country and families to stop illegal immigration and the violation with multiple illegal Alien crimes against our families) is the most opposite thing (anti-U.S.) to say….to bring a short fuse…

    This seems what Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous statements seem to be like —-
    (“pass the bill to find out what is in the bill”, “unemployment and food stamps stimulate the economy”, “Democrats have always had the goal of deficit reduction”, the Tuscon-Giffords shooting was a “tragic accident”, latest -(on the budget)- “it’s not about the money, it’s about morality”) …..

    …. a political strategy? — maybe? Its also the strategy of, ‘just say it to say it – and just say it to make it so…..’ (This also seems to be how the current state of our mainstream media functions and moves) Some who want to believe it will believe it….(the uninformed) — (do and say or not say anything to protect their fragile messiah) how dangerous and how traitorous! (How failed of a job for the media to not have integrity, honesty in its journalism)

    In any event this cannot be let go. Seems that Deborah Ross knows of or has been soldout on the NAU (North American Union) concept (NAU created by the dubious Council on Foreign Relations, Robert Pastor — and supported by the Bush Administration in 2005 via the ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership’ that essentially does away with the U.S. as a Nation (no Borders with Canada or Mexico) ) or she just has wrong headed heartfelt belief in the ‘no border’ syndrome.

    The NAU plan also has it so all our driver licenses and the data would be shared!! between all 3 Nations and such a NAU driver license lets Mexicans, Americans and Canadians drive all over all 3 Nations. Just like the European Union — U.S. Sovereignty (to make and control its own laws) and hence the U.S. Constitution will be overridden and made worthless by so called NAU officials (unelected bureaucrats) just as all the Nations of the EU are now having mandates and gov’t controls put on them by the EU officials in Brussels, Belgium. The failed NAFTA was supposed to be a starter for the NAU concept. The NAU concept has been withered or pushed back as more Congressmen and Lawmakers found out about it– and rightly so!!

    By the way Rep. Paul Luebke (D-Durham) delayed the hearing on HB33 so that an official from the Mexican Consulate could speak. Mr. Luebke should get some feedback about his action here. HB33 will outlaw the Mexican ID Card that quite obviously is designed to aid Mexico’s (and other foreign Nations for that matter) illegal immigration upon the U.S. I will bring further comment on HB33 soon. Thanks for reading, all.

  3. Ron King says:

    Thank You Christine for posting the SEIU (way to bring down capitalism and the U.S.) video. I was going to post. Here is your domestic enemy folks! The communists and socialists right in our midst and quite prevalent at the Wisconsin protests who of course side with the harmful irresponsible Unions. It’s not very pleasant to think that we are borrowing money from China to do “stimulus spending” in order to pay WI garbagemen a $159,000 salary!! Democrats know they are wrong and should be ashamed.

  4. Ron King says:

    Fellow Americans and Patriots,
    The full NC House voted today on House Bill 33 to deny the use of the Mexican Matricula Consular card as an official ID card in North Carolina. IT PASSED. Now it goes to the NC Senate.

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