Democrat budget proposal is unrealistic


The Democrats budget proposal is unrealistic given conditions and they knew that when the President put forth his bad high debt proposal which is why Democrats didn’t want to pass the budget before the election. So, the President knows what the problem is. Why are we cutting the budget? That’s right, the spending is too high, the debt is too high, the deficit is too high, and in that conjunction the Federal government is too big. Because the taxation on the people, businesses is too big, and federal government intervention (regulation and otherwise) in this manner is stifling, harming the U.S. economy. There is a balanced relation between private (the People) and public (the government) within the economic realm and within that it is an argument of freedom and government control overreach. The Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution warn and declare that government and society will not function best when freedom is inhibited by government going into areas it should not and is not stated so in the Constitution. Education with government intervention for example has produced bad results. Trying to claim falsehoods out of the Constitution by using “to promote the general welfare” or ‘the commerce clause’ (used in the healthcare law) for runaway and poor governance produces failure and the kind of debt that we now have.

Cutting the budget is not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue, it’s an American issue because Americans can plainly see the debt number and that spending is too high. The overriding consensus of sensible Americans is that the debt and deficit is an agreed upon task that must, must be reckoned with for the sake of the future, that is living within means and stops reckless spending. The November election was a disapproval of current policies that has the Nation on the wrong track. The November election was also a disapproval of Washington ‘business as usual’ that continues bad results for America.  The overwhelming majority of Americans (of all political backgrounds) come down on the side of REASON in fixing the fiscal crisis and want austerity as the prevailing policy.

2010 spending levels should not be maintained and a significant and legitimate first cut would be to go back to 2008 spending levels. How is going back to the 2008 spending levels not logical or reasonable if the stimulus bill worked?

Along with this notion is that the welfare handouts and money dependency on these handouts is too big and is making for a non-productive elements of the economy (some 1/3 of Nation on welfare and food stamps!). Added to this is the large increases to federal salaries and/or benefits which includes the public union employees. Along with hiring, the salary increase makes for a 24% increase in Federal agency budgets since 2008. — Meanwhile the States go bankrupt, American workers go to high unemployment and the housing mortgage industry, car dealerships are closed, oil production is not just limited but rather shutdown, etc. Half-truths, partial stories and actions don’t make for the reality and so the government is not helping here.

There should be no new taxes or ramifications that puts more burden on free market business or Americans. The answer here is for the Federal Government to not direct its imposition toward the Liberty of the American People to thrive in business or the States but rather to turn the pointed finger back at itself and direct the Nation’s budget problem and deficit to where the problem is — the too big Federal Government.

THE DEBT NUMBER IS SEVERE —- $14 TRILLION. 100% Leverage on the U.S. economy! Congresswoman Michelle Bachman made concise statement that the deficit is headed into “shark infested waters” and she has the exact right analogy. Consider a point of no return..….WHEN THE DEBT HITS 16, 17, 18,19, 20 $TRILLION it is destruction—the INTEREST alone takes on a life of its own and becomes a walking MONSTER! This interest monster is now growing legs — the month of February was $225 billion debt alone!! What is there not to understand about doing 4th grade math?!! The cuts should be $400-$500 billion really! $61 billion, $100 billion is only a ‘drop in the bucket’ when the President wants $1.65 Trillion spent. We either deal with some restraint now or the fake numbers continue until we have massive pain with even worse hardship and economic damage. It’s better to have a government shutdown than a Country shutdown.

The Democrats, in the past two years have recorded and performed the most gargantuan, massive, unconscionable, ruinous, explosive, erratic, careless, extreme, astronomical increase of the deficit EVER in U.S. History — some $$4-5 TRILLION!! (WITH A T!) AMERICANS DO NOT WANT TO HEAR EXCUSES. These past two years has seen the referral of $10 Billion, $50 Billion or even $100 Billion as just pocket change!! SO, it was $ 26 Billion here (congress’s special session callback on unemployment, Teacher Union payouts), $50 Billion there like its no big deal but then when it come to something OBVIOUSLY actually CRITICALLY Nationally IMPORTANT to the U.S. — called BORDER SECURITY — why $1 Billion (JUST 1) it can’t be done. The Border Patrol can’t be manned, the fence can’t be built, the National Guard is barely there.

How hard is it to do 4th grade math??!! For those that refuse to do 4th grade math are guilty of deliberately ignoring the impending problem. The Budget: (all the American families have one weather they like it or not) — the money comes in, the money goes out — the difference is the debt. Yet President Obama (and approving folks) suggest another astronomical $1.65 TRILLION overspending!!?? The President and fellow approving Democrats can “believe” in mythical goodness of what is “right” but the HARD NUMBERS say DANGER. Nancy Pelosi’s statement that “its not about the money, it’s about morality” calls to question the social agenda that she and other Democrats are wrongly placing on the back of the budget. So for Democrats to accuse Republicans of the same thing that Democrats are doing is again political question that does not get at the reality of the numeric problem.

As the typical action from Democrats who don’t have an argument there is the resorting to doing word play such as accusations, diversions, nonsense (cowboy poetry festival) and blaming, race-baiting or labels such as “extreme“. Senator Schumer a year ago stated that, “Americans don’t care about pork spending”. Well, here WE are, and its because Mr. Schumer has failed as a steward to his oath and Country!! There is nothing to fear from improving America’s condition with principles and common sense and who wouldn‘t want that. The Tea Party acting for Constitutional principles of freedom is plain for the well-being of the Nation —what is extreme is $4-5 TRILLION spending and then trying to install government control by questionable foreign concepts upon the U.S.! What is extreme is that the Democrats want to maintain federal budget levels spending or increase them in order to impose more controls, regulation or do social engineering experimentation (per the likes of George Soros) to install some altered State that is not U.S. but a “transformed” America. The Democrat budget involves social issues and social agenda because that is what the spending is for.   Mr. Charles Schumer sure doesn’t like the words, ‘redistribution of wealth’ very much, does he? The Democrats now don’t want to deal with reality, don’t want to deal with what they created. Senators Schumer and Reid can stop talking and acting like schmucks to Americans. The Tea Party was created by President Obama by his poor and reckless governance and since spending won’t be controlled maybe a shutdown is best.

But at the crux of the issue let’s ponder the social agenda subject. The stimulus spending bill of $787 billion?? Where did that money end up in its cause to help the U.S. Nation? While some projects were done in the States to roads and bridges it is problem of the notion in the name of “morality – solidarity” that we had for example the Wisconsin Union garbage men making $159,000 salaries, Teachers Unions getting $ Millions in pensions, wasteful road signs propagandizing the “recovery act” and then accounting tricks of money going to fake towns and $7000 lawnmowers! If the budget is about people then how about the future people (the children) and the future of the United States.

Then we have witnessed the admitted Committee hearing of HHS Kathy Sebelius and the healthcare bill doing double accounting of $500 billion!! That’s right, a $500 billion lie, which also goes to saying the healthcare legislation IS NOT affordable, is NOT having positive results, is being made into those who are punished and those who are made favorites by waivers in a now patchwork law, that is also unconstitutional. The Healthcare law was a mistake to pass, and knowing that the bill is 2700 pages, the American People did not want such an action.  Then the other $105 billion funding language in the bill was just somewhere in the 2700 pages.  The Healthcare bill should be defunded because bankrupt States wont fund it either!  Fidel Castro was sure proud of Obama’s healthcare bill! Uh, this is not a “social issue” as the Dem Rep. Baccera was up there saying, healthcare was made a fiscal issue by the government intruding into the industry and taking it over– so healthcare has now become a fiscal issue burden and so the need to defund the (un)affordable healthcare act is wise.

Now recently Senator Tom Coburn came forward with a GAO report exposing some of the most awful bloated expanse of the Federal Government — example: some 56 (56!!) programs of Federal employees doing outreach for financial literacy to the public??!! Duplication of Regulation watchdogs in the FDA and the USDA??!! Then there is the Nevada Cowboy Poetry Festival making people exist(?!) — I’m sure it’s a pleasant festival BUT this is a luxury expense of non-concrete essential that IS NOT a productive government job or productive spending because it is entertainment that produces nothing tangible and is an example of unnecessary “pet project“ spending the disservices the Nation. So there is no reason to betray the United States with political antics, diversions and poor governance.

There no need for demagoguery of the issue or generalized aspersions and false statements that keeps us on the same track of disastrous spending because people or seniors are not “going to go starving“. Statements that are of no use or good to the situation: “tax cuts for the rich“, “investments for the middle class“, “growth investments we can’t afford to do without“, ‘hurting the children’, ‘throwing the elderly out of hospitals‘, ‘force people off subsidized housing‘, ‘reduce services in national parks’, etc. ….. Sorry but a 24% bloating of the federal government lavish salaries or unnecessary jobs means there can be an across the board cut of 20-25% back to 2008 levels. REDUCE BACK, SCALE BACK, PHASE DOWN — Education Dept. for example, etc. Also– The U.S. Postal Service — year after year it is a $8-15 Billion LOSS — and then the stamps go up another 2 cents!!?? The $200-$500 million President Obama just promised Brazil to fight gangs should be rejected.

A government job is NOT a sacred cow and it is not a perpetual sacred obligation that is indispensable once it is created. The labor force is a fluctuating aspect and the Dept. of Education is suspect in its non-necessity. Unnecessary or ineffective or flat out absurd programs like “researching if bears eat meat” only dreamed up in Washington because funds for the current budget must be used up in order to get the same funds next year is clearly wasteful for the People and it harms the Nation. It can be well assessed that some government jobs are more important than others. Some government jobs are vital such as CIA or air traffic controllers while others are clearly more extraneous such as an ‘Outreach Coordinator for financial literacy’ or NASA conducting outreach to the Arab world or an excess number of Regulators of some industry. It is NOT okay to pay someone money just to keep them busy “doing something” to then say this person is just getting money and they go buy things and so they stimulate the economy — this is a deficit stimulus if the persons job ends up being a net loss or salary deficit. Less programs means less government workers and that’s right, the government worker is to be laid off and sent to the streets looking for private sector work! When the private companies are freed up from less government, then business expansion will hire in these federal workers looking for work. Private companies do it — A GM plant was recently closed and some 3000 workers were given a pink slip and sent to the streets. Bank of America a couple years ago laid off 4000 employees in Charlotte, NC because they sent the customer service jobs to India and sent them to the streets looking for work! That’s right!, some federal employees don’t belong working and should be sent to the streets to find better work, and if unemployment is chosen then taxpayers pick up a reduced charge on that worker.

Some private companies have had to have their employees agree to have their hours or wages cut back in order for all the employees to stay employed at the company. That is not good or enjoyable yet we have to make the cutbacks. In this respect, it is reasonable to have a shared sacrifice of Federal employees to have a 10%-15% salary cut across the board (going back to the 2008 spending level salary) for the benefit of all employees as well as the U.S. Nation. That is reasonable.

The FEDERAL RESERVE NEEDS TO BE AUDITED AND BROUGHT TO TASK. The Federal Reserve needs to be brought to terms with the Constitution’s specific terms of Congressional Power ONLY to coin and print money. The Federal Reserve is a primary ’monkey on the back’ of the U.S. economy that IS NOT Okay to run the wheels down bare off the Peoples’ back in trying to manage economic bubbles or doing other tricks — THAT IT IS RUNNING OUT OF! Printing more and more money IS taxation and inflation. The rotten other aspect of the Federal Reserve has been its actions to fund either the IMF, Wars or to soothe the lobby/corporate interests that are with or against U.S. interests. It’s LONG overdue that this entity stop being thought of as a ‘magic money tree’. Reduce back, scale back, audit and oversight the Federal Reserve.

On a final subject, the U.S. needs to take care of itself first and foremost. Just as you are told, “to take care of yourself”. How can the U.S. help others if it is unable to, due to not taking care of itself? That is just about the situation we are in — bringing to mind the Libya situation (as well as Afghanistan). Here it was just a year ago that Hillary Clinton said that the “U.S.‘s debt is becoming National Security problem” and is making the U.S. rigid in its ability to react. YES, $$14 TRILLION IS THAT SEVERE!! Here we are, in yet another Middle East Nation — 200 Tomahawk missiles — and then $BILLIONS more as matters stretch out into years. Americans reject — Senator Lindsey Graham’s comments to just ignore the money (in Libya or any further in Afghanistan) and that hinges on betrayal to the U.S. and is an uncaring statement. This then goes into another area of the rather distasteful grind in these Wars — that of having a perpetual war (Americans die for) because some are profiting off the war — weapons manufacturers, etc. What has gone on here calls into question, Afghanistan and ‘the war on terror’. That can be for another letter. Another consideration, is to in fact charge other Nations at least something if the U.S. is giving protection or military defense to other Nations.

Americans can feel better about standing on firm ground based on what has been successful, following the Constitution and can be assured the Tea Party’s stance is pro-America. There is little Republicans can regret in taking the best course of action for the Nation and the Tea Party that is unlike the questionable radicals on display in the Wisconsin protest. Americans do not have to fear conservatives and the prosperity, generosity that comes with freedom based on God’s natural laws. At least with the Tea Party, it can be known that well-being, vitality and lifelong freedom of a lasting U.S. is being sought, where Democrat (progressive) thought seeks something murky, warped that is of the likes of what can be found in Cuba.

The positives of cutting the budget — going back to the 2008 spending levels: frees up the private sector, reduces taxation, increases hiring, allows business to thrive and do real investment (rather than fake investment such as borrowing $53 billion from China to build a train system that the States don’t need or want). Free-market capitalism that has made the Nation the best in the world and lets Citizens have the freedom from the fruits of their labor. The Founding Fathers warned against too big government, that is exactly what they fled from England and it is exactly the circumstance for the original Boston Tea Party in December 1773.

Officials and Congressmen who want to act like there is no deficit and disregard spending now has to be considered betrayal against the Nation.

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6 Responses to Democrat budget proposal is unrealistic

  1. Dal Benfield says:

    Very good, and line with my thoughts.
    It appears to me that in the economy, the jobs that add to the Gross National Product are those that take a natural resource and make a marketable item out of it. Those are manufacturing jobs. The rest of us,service workers, and government workers only help to stir the money around. If I am wrong, could someone please help me to understand differently.
    If the above is true, look where our manufacturing jobs are.

    • snaketread says:

      To a good extent that is true and I agree. A more solid economy has tangible products or goods being manufactured. The U.S. economy is quite complex though. Unfortunately, what has been implied by recent Leaders as well as business CEO’s/Leaders is that America should be doing higher skilled, more technological, more intelligent (if you will) industry — and there is some success there — information technology, computers,etc. And I agree, service industry – like tourism, planning, retail, gov’t services pushing papers or worsely doing unnecessary regulation are hollow entities that produce nothing tangible and makes are economy more flimsy and unstable if that debt and money destruction starts a “domino effect”. Of course business Leaders and such in their “charity” crusade to develop other Nations are really looking for cheap labor and do disservice to the U.S. Yet, America is still great food producer through farming. There are other areas I can’t think of off hand. Also another aspect is foreign car companies like Toyota making cars here. To think of how diverse our economy is (and is kind of the reason why it is so hard for gov’t or particular Insider persons or organizations to control it and dismatle it) — a #1 product for export that does come from America is filmmaking or Hollywood (though surely most here don’t agree with the Stars liberal views). But yes, manufacturing, contruction jobs, farming — that has been hurt by illegal Alien takeover as well gets us back into the immigration issue and importing foreign workers (unskilled and skilled – H1-B visas) and the rate that this occurs. There is a healthy medium to be attained where America’s financial well-being and health is maintained. Surely it is NOT government jobs which is not job creation at all and is what needs to get out of the way of the free-market economy.

      One last note -(it is my notion and others too) – the big hype about “green jobs” and how great that will be is a massive empty promise — it’s a noble theory — but just impractical. “Green” energy is simply NOT going to meet the energy needs of the size of this Nation — “green” energy will NOT be able to power this Nation — and it is also impractical to regulate and control people’s lives (literally –like living like a caged animal) . There is some 200 years worth of coal production available in U.S. soil.

  2. Gail Roberts says:

    It’s like W.W.W.wrestling. It’s just a show. No one wants to do any thing because it could be political suicide on one side or the other. The news media are the hecklers in the stands.

  3. Gordon Ipock says:

    There are a lot of simply false premises in this lead article. The first is that the election in 2010 was a referendum on the national debt and a desire to bring government spending under control. This is utter falsehood! The election was a referendum on the collapsed economy and the loss of jobs. The same as the 2008 election! The voters were disgusted with George Bush Jr. in 2008 and gave Obama and the Democrats a mandate for change. The problem is more serious than most people can understand. The Republicans did nothing to help Obama turn the economy around and did much to make sure he didn’t turn the economy around. Dazed and confused by Republican rhetoric the voters blamed Obama for the continuing depression and voted Republicans back into power in the House of Representatives. The voters simply want jobs and a barely decent living. They could care less about the deficit.

    Republicans are using the issue of the national debt as a means to carry out their agenda: Tax breaks for the wealthy and powerful and a continued transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper classes. They are doing nothing to rebuild the economy or create good-paying jobs — the kind that allow working people to experience a middle-class standard of living. Instead Republicans have put the focus on cultural issues like abortion and gay marriage to satisfy the religious zealots who make up their voting fodder. Both these groups (the rich and the religious zealots) have no problem with their version of big government: the kind that tells people what they can and cannot do with their personal lives and forces Taliban-like values upon everyone.

    The other big falsehood in the conservative position above is that the only way to balance the federal budget is to cut spending and reduce the size of government. This they claim after passing massive and unsustainable tax cuts for the wealthiest people in America along with all kinds of tax cuts for corporations along with tax loopholes and corporate welfare. We’re to the point that the big corporations pay essentially no tax in this country. They simply skim off all the cream.

    Everyone knows that if you don’t have enough money to live on you can do two things: cut your expenses and try to increase your income. You go at the problem from both ends: cut expenses; increase revenue. George Bush exploded the debt with his foreign imperial wars paid for with loans from the Chinese and Saudi Arabians while giving massive tax cuts to the rich. No wonder we are broke! What we need to do is end these useless and wasteful wars, slash military spending to levels that are commensurate with our actual needs for national defense, and start taxing big corporations and the wealthy again. Dismantling state and federal governments will only turn over all power in this country to the big corporations. And they will loot and steal with impunity until they have used up the people and all the natural resources of the country. That’s what unrestrained capitalism and big corporations do.

    There are easy and obvious solutions to our problems. But they certainly aren’t “Conservative” ones based upon lies and deceit. These will only make conditions worse for the vast majority of people in America.

    Gordon Ipock

  4. snaketread says:

    Mr. Ipock, do you call yourself a Progressive or a Democrat? Or both?

  5. Gordon Ipock says:

    I don’t believe we are living in the simple agrarian world of 1789 anymore. Today I believe all US citizens should have three basic things: health care, education and some kind of pension that will allow them to retire with a bit of dignity after a lifetime of productive work. For these reasons I support Social Security, Medicare, public education and a single-payer heath care system that is not run by for-profit corporations but by the government as Medicare now is.

    Furthermore, I don’t believe we need any more military than that which is necessary to actually defend the United States and its national interests. We should not have military bases in the half the countries of the world and try to control and dominate the rest of the world and bring missiles and aerial bombardment upon anybody who does not knuckle under and take orders from us.

    So in many ways I support the ideas the Founding Fathers believed in, such as a fear of maintaining a large imperial military. But I also understand that if we are to remain competitive with the other advanced nations in this world, we must have good systems of education, research and national health care. And we must have a nation that believes in social justice for everyone and that can create and support a large and prosperous middle class. If you see that as a Progressive agenda, then so be it. But the alternative is to destroy the middle class, to push the working class into abject poverty, and to turn all power in this country over to an oligarchy of the super wealthy and the large corporations… who will loot and plunder this country, its people and its resources — not for nation greatness — but for their own wealth and power. Such an arrangement will surely lead to political instability and eventual revolution.

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