Immigration/Border incidents — Important

Positive results for the enforcement of current immigration laws:  Shows that the system is not broken, rather the system is just not enforced and enforcement will work.   Following video shows Americans lining up for jobs illegal Aliens were doing…


An Obama Administration scandal has been uncovered regarding the Border and the ATF (Alcohol,Tobacco & Firearms) agency.  Congress and the Admin. should hear from American People about this.  3 Links to these reports: —initial ATF gunrunner scandal 3/31 –Public outrage on ATF gunrunner scandal — Grassley being blocked on investigation

The DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) recently tried to do a “security” drill in Iowa which made a scenario portraying Americans doing legitimate protest or dissent against illegal immigration (hence standing up for the U.S.) as extremist or terrorist.  The drill was canceled after public outcry of finding out.  But the DHS and Janet Napolitano should be condemned and Congress called on to investigate.  It should be noted that elements in the DHS also made political accusations of “extremist groups” and assumptions immediately after the Giffords Tuscon shooting before any of the facts were in  (which is not proper law enforcement).  3Links to Iowa drill incident: — Iowa terror drills portrays —Backlash to Iowa terror drill — DHS page 13 of lexicon

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1 Response to Immigration/Border incidents — Important

  1. Steve Bogdan says:

    Good job getting this on our website. It tells you a lot about our legal citizens taking jobs this current administration seems we don’t want to do. OMG in ’12

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