NCAE (teacher’s union) meeting summary

~~*”:.-_We crashed their meeting! _-=:”*~~

The best of the best, or the worst of the worst, depending on how you think of it, was this statement:

From the back of the room, an attendee asked asked directly, “What have YOU teachers and administrators given up in the budget process?”  The TEA Party members whipped their heads back to the front of the room. The young teacher/presenter, Laura Parnell, responded, “How have I sacrificed? I don’t shop at Walmart.  I only buy local and that’s a great sacrifice for my family.”  [Somebody enroll her in a Logic class.]  I followed-up with, “Then you probably have enough money to contribute 10%-20% towards the cost of your medical insurance?”  She said she did not.  The rest of the teachers in the room exploded, we can’t afford to pay that.  We argument, “Why not? The rest of the country does?”  They wouldn’t have any part of the sacrifice “for the children”.

There were 6 of TEA Party patriots and another Conservative citizen, at the NC Association of Educators (NCAE) meeting.  I stumbled upon the meeting on the website 3 hours before the meeting, and then announced it on facebook and here.  The meeting was meant for teachers, administrators, parents, PTA/PTO presidents, and any concerned citizens to attend this important county wide meeting about the budget and NC education.  Well… including the two presenters (and a husband of one), the Western Region NCAE (union steward), and two students from the Early Middle College, there were a total of 11 of them.  If you do the math, they got 7 people there – not an overwhelming turnout supporting the NCAE (teachers’ union).

So, here’s the details.

They began with a Power Point presentation that they abandoned after about 10 slides, because we kept poking holes in their data.

They claimed the NC Legislature has stolen $2 billion dollars from schools and funneled another $2 billion dollars to special interest groups and loopholes.  The presenters could produce neither names nor specifics about special interests of loopholes.  And I spoke to NC Rep. Edgar Starnes last night, and he assured me they had not “stolen” $2 billion from the schools.

The “union” steward  stated that Art Pope, John Locke Foundation, Civitas, and Americans For Prosperity were the special interest groups.  Art Pope, she claimed, supported 32 TEA Party candidates in NC in the last election and 22 were elected.  The TEA Party members looked at each other, shrugged and let out a little cheer. 🙂

They equated school spending with performance continuously.  We didn’t agree and brought up the statistics that show that when the Dept of Education was formed in the 70’s until now, spending on education has increased 10-fold, but performance has remained exactly the same, the drop out rate is exactly the same, and our performance on standardized testing and global competition has decreased dramatically.  So, the TEA Party made clear that more money isn’t the issue in the schools.  The NCAE didn’t agree.

I suggested school tighten their belts by not buying new textbooks for 2-3 years to save money.  They showed a slide from the budget that cut new textbook spending by 34.5%, but said they had changed it to 66% cut.  The teachers didn’t like the idea.  The students in the back of the room stood to say at the Early Middle College they don’t use textbooks, they use laptops, iPad’s, and cell phone for information and homework.  The students supported not buying textbooks and observed that the books could be used much longer than they currently are being used, “You can use a book until it falls apart.”

The NCAE fear mongers told the students in the back of the room, the NCGA will cut the entire technology budget from schools in this budget.  The heavily dependent students were terrified and said they wouldn’t come to school anymore.  I asked, “Could you be more specific about these technology cuts?  The schools already have computers and internet.  They can still be used for years until there’s more money in the budget for upgrades.  The NC Legislature is not going to confiscate all the existing technology from the classrooms.”  The presenter had no specifics.

Going back to teachers contributing a small portion to their medical insurance and retirement, I brought up the solution several times as a quick and easy way to balance the budget.  The “union steward” interjected that we cannot accept any required contribution because it opens the door to more and more contributions.  She sited the State of Georgia’s request for teachers to pay $22 PER YEAR at first, and she was outraged that now Georgia teachers contribute 6.25% of the cost of their medical insurance.   Oooooooooooooooooo! The TEA Party looked around the room at the indignant teachers and said, “The rest of the country pays something towards their medical insurance and retirement.  Why should you be any different?”  They got loud and shouted, “You can’t make us pay that out of our salary!!”

Funny, they denied the existence of NC  teachers’ union. [eye roll] I have the card from the NCAE “union steward”.  After the meeting, she told me that her “entire salary was paid by private money, membership dues, not by school money.” Uh, that’s union dues!  How do they get away with saying there is no teachers’ union in NC????  They collectively bargain and control everything in the classrooms.  The NCAE steps in and negotiates salaries, dismissals, and any problems relating to teachers. They don’t advocate on behalf of students or parents.  They control licensing requirements and renewals. They demonize homeschools, virtual schools, charter schools, and vouchers in the name of protecting the children.  There are only two things the unions can’t do in NC: make dues required for employment, and strike.  However, I call the whole thing racketeering and contrary to America’s belief in free-markets.

They enlisted class warfare repeatedly in many of their arguments.  Saying, “Only the wealthy have choices and that’s not fair to the disadvantaged.” [another eye roll]  I asked the NCAE union steward if she thought that every student should be given a Rolls Royce education for free?  She thought for a minute and said, “No.”  I was shocked at her response, because they claim to be such education advocates.  She didn’t think that a Rolls Royce level of education was sustainable for the country.  Oh, now isn’t that interesting?  Does she mean they are advocating for a mediocre education for all (not great, and not bad).  That’s the theme of Socialism – everything is so equal that is sucks!  In opposition to Socialism, America believes that we are the land of equal opportunity – not equal outcome.

Charter schools are a hot button issue for them.  They want Charter schools held to the same standards as public schools.  I asked for a specifics.  They demand free transportation for all students, breakfast and lunch provided, tons of tracking paperwork for federal statistics, and all the standardized testing.  [eh, we got side tracked with this issue and wasted time. After I thought about it, I don’t really care about Charter schools.  I’m more of a fan of public or private schools, and not blurring the line between the two.  But I’m not against Charter schools, it’s just not the issue I wanna focus on right now.]

Surprise!!! Stimulus spending money is running out and the schools over extended themselves and now there will be a big impact next year when all that money is gone.  Duh, the state and federal governments are out of money!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My remedies for budget short falls:

  • No new textbooks for 2-3 years.
  • Teachers and Administrators pay 10-20% of their medical insurance premium.  Currently they contribute zero.
  • Teachers and Administrators pay 10-20% of their retirement. Currently they contribute zero.  I AM WRONG HERE. I was sent a very nice email about this yesterday and did  some research. Teachers do pay in a percentage of the income into their retirement plans (in that person’s case $300 per month).  The NCAC NCACC explained it this way, “Over 20-years, teachers pay in $60,000 (for 30-years $90,000), but they receive back over $900,000 in lifetime benefits for themselves and their spouse’s.)   This is an outstanding return on investment and possibly why the state education retirements funds are in such dire straights.  There is also a 401K teacher can contribute to separately, but the schools do not match funds here.
  • Stop EOG/EOC testing.  Or at least, stop months of test preparation.
  • End all the hours of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) tracking paperwork that teachers in lowers grades are slave to.
  • Fire bad teachers asap.  End the 1-year of “cause” documentation and mediation necessary for removing a bad teacher from the classroom.  End the peer observations, contact logs, etc… I have seen the dog-and-pony-show of a bad teacher being observed, and for 45-minutes once every 5-years anybody can look compassionate, competent, and knowledgeable.

[4/18/11 Note: I made a few changes to the article and made notes of what or why I changed it.  Also, when I affectionately call the NCAE representative a “union steward” when the real job title is UniServ Director Service Area C, I am using the broadest, most understood terms.  In a non-Right to Work state, they would be referred to as a union steward.  Steward meaning protector.  They are not employee/member protectors, but union protectors. They protect the union and fight hard to keep all the paying members.  If they offer protection (like a bodyguard), they can collect for membership dues from more people who want to be protected.  The President of the NEA has given numerous speeches saying that he will advocate on behalf of students when they begin paying dues.]


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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34 Responses to NCAE (teacher’s union) meeting summary

  1. Carole says:

    Stand your ground is good, but do it so you don’t look like spoiled children. Think before acting. Pick your fights that you can really make a difference on. Don’t get so sure of yourself, remember we need control of the Senate and the White House to actually have power. Boehner and the rest that you put in the House can only do so much. Help them and lets get control of the Senate, and put someone in the White House that has a “Fire in there Belle” excited to bring America back on track.
    Don’t get out there and yell and cause trouble for nothing. Don’t let your enthusiasm run wild, for the wrong reason! You will just make the Tea Party just another group to not pay attention to.

  2. Carole Mace says:

    Good job everyone! I was involved in a semi-crash of another group last year but we were in disguise – HA! Their turnout was very small but we learned a great deal about leftist community organizing paid for by the government.

    • Tony says:

      That’s exactly what it was: crashing and acting like a bunch of teenage punks.
      Showing no respect. Yet, you would expect it.
      What hypocrites and bad citizens you are!

  3. Tony says:

    Your crashing of the meeting was disgusting and disrespectful. If you want to do something useful: grow up and act like adults. There are real problems to be solved in this world and your approach is that of spoiled children.
    Have your say but allow others to have theirs as well.
    You call them leftist. I call you extreme right wing terrorists.
    And never forget: what goes around comes around!

    • Christine says:

      Tony, as a matter of fact, the meeting was not advertised as a NCAE (teachers’ union) meeting. I was a community meeting for all teachers, parents, and concerned citizens. We are concerned citizens. The group that was hosting the meeting was simply a local group with a fb page. I did some research and it appeared as though the NCAE would be presenting at the meeting. As a concerned citizen, I wanted to hear what they had to say. In my opinion, the information was very slanted (Liberal) and we have a different point of view. We weren’t disrespectful. I thought we have good exchange of ideas. It’s my guess that they have never heard our point of view.

    • Kenneth Oakes says:

      Act like adults! Are you talking about acting like the teachers did in Wisc. and Ohio?

  4. Tony says:

    You are full of pompous lies. There are no UNIONS in NC, so the gentleman was not a union rep.
    You’re full of FAUX news talking points and cannot verify any of your claims.
    You trampled on the rights of other citizens.
    Your obnoxious behavior displays the true ignorance with which you operate.

    • Christine says:

      Where you at the meeting? We didn’t trample anyone’s rights. We exercised our rights of free speech. The state is in a serious budget deficit and the teachers are banding together to fight ANY cuts to school budgets. Surely we all know of waste in schools?

      I have talked to both my NC House and Senator, their opinion is the NCAE is a union that just can’t strike or require dues for jobs. True, we are a Right to Work state, but they do collectively bargain and lobby the legislature with armies of official state registered lobbyists. They are a union. I have the business card from the union “mediator” at the meeting. Her name is Lina and title is UniServ Director Service Area C from East Council Street in Salsbury, NC. I stayed and talked to her for about 45-minutes after teh meeting. She gave me a hug and said she enjoyed talking to me. She welcomed the respectful exchange of different ideas. We both left with a better understanding of each other. She has held this position with the NCAE for 13 years. She mediates all teacher related problems. She is involved in the process from minor problems, all the way to legal battles. She defends all teachers in dismissal cases – working very hard to keep them employed. She is indeed paid by member dues (she volunteered the information).

      • Lina Drinkard says:

        I am the “union representative” who was invited to attend the meeting by a Caldwell Co. teacher who was interested in findng out what was to be presented and if we would have corroborating data or not. The representation of the meeting and the comments by Christine are NOT factual and are miscontstrued statements beginning with the fact that she called it an NCAE meeting. I was not a presenter, nor was I even aware of the meeting until that afternoon when I was invited by a local teacher to attend. Furthermore, Christine unequivocably misrepresents both the meeting and the conversation we had after the meeting. She is right about one thing, I did speak openly and respectfully to her and offer real information concerning things she considered to be problems; however, she in writing has misrepresented almost every word that we exchanged. Lesson to be learned, don’t offer to listen or respond to teaparty members in a respectful dialogue; it will only be rewritten to suit their purposes and used to disrespect you and your beliefs. Shame on you Christine for disrespecting yourself and your party with such actions! You have made a mockery of my efforts to be respectful and dialogue for understanding on both sides of the issue.

    • Shirley says:

      I was at the meeting and found it interesting. I was surprised at the very low turnout. If it were not for those of us you attempt to insult, there would have been no audience except for 1 or 2 people other than the “association” representatives. Christine is right that the meeting was advertised as a public meeting. We are the public. Your insults are silly and do nothing to forward the debate on this important subject. I am a well-educated, rational person who can be swayed with reason. Any comments or questions from me were a sincere attempt to get information to help me understand the NCAE position and call for action.

      Your name calling and demands that we not exercise our first amendment rights scare me. I assume you are a teacher of our young folks. I suggest you attempt to be a better role model, and I pray you don’t treat your students in such a matter if they have the courage to disagree with you. If you wish to convince me that your position deserves my support, tell me exactly what we said were “lies”. I am unsure what a “pompous lie” is. You give no examples or facts to back up your opinions.

      I am very lucky to have had some excellent teachers. My English teacher in my sophomore year taught me to never write a statement as if it were fact without citing specifics. My debate teacher would not have approved of your technique, either. Tony, take a deep breath and try to outline for us some non-emotional, rational arguments for why we should support your position. We only ask that you and your colleagues use some critical thinking skills.

      I do not expect you to believe me, but we really are not enemies. The enemy is driving our state and our country into bankruptcy and possibly collapse. We are all victims, and it is going to get much worse. I suspect we have something in common that drives our beliefs and actions–we are afraid, too.

      • Jill says:

        Caldwell County Schools’ dropout rate is the lowest it has been in 20 years (article published in the Lenoir News Topic just recently) but you can double check those figures on the state DPI website. Last year, CCS had 87% on grade level, and has shown steady improvement among many subgroups, despite cuts to the budget over the last 2 years. CCS is 105th of 115 LEAs in spending for students, and NC is 46th out of 50 in the least amount of spending per pupil. Teacher salaries in NC are also at the bottom of the barrel on the national scale. I am impressed that CCS has produced growth in academic performance, increased graduation rates and has shown a substantial reduction in the dropout rate during a time when resources have been cut. Given the amount we spend on students compared to others statewide and nationally, I don’t believe we will be able to sustain improvements, and yes, may start to go backward, as further cuts to education are made ( my opinion–but based on the data I review on a regular basis). I agree with some of the suggested reforms posted here, but want to make sure all of you know that state employees do make mandatory contributions to their retirement program. Also, if you compare the coverage and costs of the SHP with that available privately, I think you will understand why teachers aren’t crazy about paying a premium for insurance many can’t afford to use due to the copays. Further, I disagree that NCAE is actually a union. The association does pay for a lobbyist, but as for collective bargaining–I don’t know what leverage they have other than their voice and their vote. Having a lobbyist really is no different from any other organization, public or private interest. Thank you for the opportunity to post.

    • Ron says:

      Tony- I thought Obama and the liberals asked us all to change our tone. We should talk with a new respect and kindness after the AZ shooting. Your tone doesn’t sound like you got the message. With Love….Ron.

    • Christine says:

      Ms. Drinkard,
      I completely disagree with your comments above and know that I didn’t misrepresent the meeting.

      The meeting was advertised on the local Foothills Radio station calendar, as I quoted, as a community meeting. I suspected some NCAE ties after going to the facebook group’s website. The ties were only strengthened by having an NCAE “union” paid representative from Salisbury, NC, attend the meeting. Salisbury is 2 hours from here, so you didn’t just drop by because you live here and are a citizen in our community. The NCAE had an interest in knowing the mood of the teachers and parents. You’re just mad now because the local TEA Party showed up and then blogged about the meeting. I didn’t misrepresent the meeting, but in my opinion the NCAE is misrepresenting facts to teachers and parents.

    • Christine says:


      If you exclude the 100% rate from the Middle College, and special accommodations for struggling students, the graduation rates are the same. In what I see as a dishonest move to show improvement, the bar for graduation was lowered, instead of all students needing 29 credits, now struggling students only need 22 credits. (As I wrote on 10/18/10, here –> ) Quoted below:

      Setting the Bar Lower? – The current school board keeps campaigning on continuing the past excellence in our schools. Who thinks we really have “excellence” throughout our schools? As an example non-excellence, in an Oct 4th County Commission meeting, Clay Bollinger asked Dr. Stone about how the graduation rate changed from 68 to 75% in one year? (See 20:20 in the video link below.) Dr. Stone said that last year they implemented a new program for an alternative graduation requirement in which struggling students were allowed to graduate with as few as 22 credits instead of 29 credits. The school board has set the bar lower for SOME STUDENTS. Effectively, this increased graduation rates 7% without anyone lifting a finger. I had a child in the local school system. The problem, as I saw it, is that the so-called “guidance” counselors just aren’t doing any “guidance” towards graduation. It’s simple math, with 32 possible classes in four-years, a student only gets 3 TOTAL non-academic classes. Do the math and plan for the future! Another example, remediation is the norm in Math and English for a students coming out of high school and attending 4-year universities, even for those going to the local community college 65% take at least one remedial class. That’s is not “excellence” in our schools! Watch the Oct 4th meeting for yourself.

    • Gobacktoschool says:

      Hey, didn’t anyone ever tell you that faux is pronounced “foe”, not “fox”. I had to point that out. You liberals are so proud of yourselves and take the intellectual high horse all the time. Maybe you idiots should learn how words are pronounced. Just sayin’.

  5. Donottreadonme says:

    @Tony: where did you get the totally incorrect belief that there are no unions in North Carolina? It is not based in fact that is for sure. There are unions in many businesses across the state, and with government employees too. One of them (NC-SEIU) advertised on TV against the house Majority Leader in the last election. It was unusual, because the Majority Leader was one of the most liberal Democrat Representatives in the NC General Assembly.

    The NCAE teachers union has been active in North Carolina for many decades. And teachers are government employees in case you did not know that.

    My Father worked in a company in NC that had 3 different unions representing the workers.

    You call people liars, yet your posts are based on lies from the start.

    • Christine says:

      When I was in Raleigh this week, in the House Gallery there was about 30 large men in identical blue t-shirts. I talked to one man. He said he was “a union maintenance worker for SEANC.” Below the SEANC logo was small print “SEIU local 1349”. There are unions here.

  6. Christine says:

    Teachers Unions Explained in this little video.

  7. Concerned American says:

    It seems Tony is no different than most of the liberal union supporters. They are unaware of the truth, make up lies and do their best to demonize anyone who might disagree with the power grabbing union bosses. They don’t want to give an inch to help get our country back on sound footing again, kinda like the current Democrats in power. It’s not their money they are spending, it’s the taxpayers money and the MAJORITY should have a say in how and why the money gets spent. Keeping bad teachers is NOT productive and not fair to the kids or the taxpayer.

  8. HomeGrown Radio Granite Falls says:

    Heres another liberal thinking between his nose and his chin. Tony, you weren’t there… I was. The presenters had completely slanted and in some cases, just flat wrong information. When questioned about sources or pushed to prove their allegations against the current legislators …. they failed miserably. You HAVE to produce proof when you accuse someone of wrongdoing, bottom line. I know facts completely enrage you liberal morons because they disprove everything you stand for and everything you try to brainwash the masses with but they have to be produced. As far as your “There are no unions in NC” diarrhea that spewed from your mouth, bzzzzzz…. wrong answer. Try again. Better idea, get off the computer, quit being a keyboard commando and actually attend some of these functions to get the FACTS before opening your pie hole again. They lied, they failed to produce proof, and they lost at this meeting… plain and simple. If you ever attend one of our rally’s or events and you want to debate ANYTHING, My name is Eddie. Look me up and with just the facts….. I thoroughly look forward to SEEING you.

  9. PatriotDog says:

    I went to that meeting and it was very educational but the fact is our state is over $2 billion dollars in the hole and 40% is attributable to our educational system. They tried to paint the charter schools as a special interest group but I say all the educational systems in NC are special interests running off the tax payers money. Cuts have to be made in order to meet a balanced budget. Our economy is in tough times so tough problems must be solved. All ideas of cutting costs will be on the table.

  10. Donottreadonme says:

    @Jill, the NCAE is a de facto union that holds much sway over teachers in this state.

    While in school, I personally overheard private conversations between teachers who did not wish to be a part of it, being warned that they join or be blackballed in their wishes to advance their careers into administrative positions, or even risk being forced out as a teacher. Certain other teachers who had refused to join, and had been fired, were mentioned in the conversation. That was decades ago, and I seriously doubt that anything has changed regarding this de facto union. Give the stated socialist objectives the organization had then, I suspect it has become much worse.

    I also personally know of several conservative teachers that politically identify and register themselves as independent, as well as some others that are not involved in politics at all, that do the same, to avoid pressures from work, and having their careers threatened.

    If there was not a possible negative job or career backlash, why do these teachers not feel free to publicly state their political affiliation?

    • Jill says:

      Thank you for your comments on NCAE. I have worked in public education for 18 years. At no time did I ever feel pressured to join NCAE, nor did I ever hear anyone state they feared for their jobs if they were not affiliated. In truth, I would say less are members than are because many simply cannot afford the professional dues, even though you can pay them in installments. I never joined NCAE because I chose to have membership that was more closely related to my discipline. There is another teacher organization that some also choose to join because it was more affordable. Granted, I didn’t work at every school in the county, so I am not affirming or denying that you had the experience you describe. There would simply be no way for me to know. In my tenure thus far, however, I have had the pleasure of working with and serving 6 different schools and I never saw it in any of those. I do not know you personally, “Don’t tread”, but I think I have read your comments before in the Morganton Herald, so if your experience was in a different county, it would be very hard for me to comment. I do not think all LEAs or even all schools within LEAs do things the same way. Thank you again.

  11. Jeff says:

    GREAT JOB TEA PARTY! Apparently, there are people in your area that are uncomfortable when someone expresses a viewpoint different from their own. We need this operation replicated in all 116 school districts. Superintendents and the teachers union are using public resources across the state to lobby citizens to keep the spigot wide open. I’m glad to hear they ran into a road block in good ol Caldwell! Keep up the good work. And, oh yeah, NONE of those conservative groups the union hack mentioned take ONE RED cent of government money.

  12. Amy says:

    How sad for you, Christine, and the Tea Party that listens to you. You must have had a sad learning environment growing up to be so negative about our most valuable resource. Most people do not understand what we educators and school employees go through every day. We do our jobs out of love but when continue to suffer with lack of funds, frozen salaries, and added responsibilities we have only the choice of leaving education or speaking out. Do some research on how this is effecting the young future teachers or should I say discouraging. I know my adult children would not consider teaching Shtextbooks already and what shape are they in – you don’t even know that they are on a 4 year cycle now and many have gone 2 rounds already. Just survey the schools and you will find many classes that only have a set of books to use in class – no extras – which means that my children cannot take them with them each period.
    The rest of your interpretation of the meeting is equally flawed.

    • Christine says:

      I had a happy public school experience as a child. As an adult, I have taught at two private schools and two public schools. I understand that more can be done with less than public schools receive.

    • Ron says:

      I am convinced that the schools can do the job with less. The private school system proves it daily. I do feel bad for public school teachers because they have to put up with the disrespectful and disinterested students. If the administration let you toss out the aforementioned you would find teaching more pleasurable.

      • Lynn says:

        The private school has about 4 or 5 students per classroom, some in this area have 4 or 5 students per grade level. I would hope they could do it with less.

  13. Jack says:

    Christine, Thank you for being at this meeting and sharing this information with all citizens of the county.As you were aware most of us did not know this was taking place or that room would have overflowed.I am glad we have at least a few people watching out for all of us.Maybe if the NON-union would give all of us notice you would not be catching all the heat.If the NCAE feel they have something important enough to come to Caldwell county to say-please let everyone hear it.We all have a stake in our children’ s future and must make some hard choices.Teachers are paid by our tax dollar and not some union,
    Thank you Tea Party-are you the last Defenders of our republic? our freedoms?

  14. Lynn says:

    The Caldwell County Tea Party makes me ashamed to be registered and voted as a Republican. The reason many teachers and parents, myself included, were not at this meeting is that we still had faith in the promise of our elected Republican representatives. They attended a school board meeting and promised to protect jobs in a county where the economy is already devastated. You crashed a meeting and tried to undermine an advocate for Caldwell County children. Laura Parnell is not only an excellent guidance counselor but a true advocate for all of our children. Even though you devalue teachers and education, the teachers in Caldwell County would still be a supporter of your children. At least Dr. Stone, the School Board, and Caldwell County teachers are advocating for our students. You could care less about anything but getting your name in the paper. I am proud to say my daughter is a senior at South Caldwell High School where she will graduate with honors. She was accepted to all 8 universities she applied. The 2011 class at SCHS will be represented at Duke, Wake Forest, Carolina, ASU, WCU, ECU,….do I need to continue? These students have all these wonderful opportunities because of the excellent education she has received in the Caldwell County School system. That education is available to all students for the taking. You obviously don’t support public education. And you will probably take the tax credit and home school your children. I thought we didn’t have money? Obviously Republicans have turned into fractured Robin Hoods…..take from the poor and give to the rich. And yes…..since teachers or students are not the cause of our unbalanced budget then yes, 2 million dollars was stolen from education. Why didn’t we take it from banks and big business? They are the ones that have jumped through tax loopholes for years or not paid taxes at all. I am pretty sure if I was balancing my checking account, you wouldn’t let me take money out of yours to do it. Enjoy your tea party.

    • Christine says:

      I give education great value!!!! Education is one of the few things, as parents and communities, we give our children that will be with them throughout their lifetime. So please don’t mischaracterize my “value” of education when you have never even had a conversation with me about education. You have no idea how deeply my love and appreciation runs for good education.

      I do not think that teachers should be cut. I would hope that no teacher’s assistants would be cut. I would hope no cuts would effect the classroom. I DO believe that administrative staff should be cut deeply. (Mostly because they are very highly paid and one of their jobs equals 5 teacher’s assistant jobs. And in my opinion, administrative jobs add little to the classroom experience.) I think that the purchase of expensive new fads in educational “programs” should be delayed or cut. It is my experience that schools change reading programs often; they are expensive and don’t work as well as the tried-and-true teacher’s method of phonics and whole language. Another new phonics workbook is costly and unnecessary. — So, do you disagree me?

      In NC, the state spends about 30% of the budget on education. It would be wonderful if these cuts could be accomplished without all the emotional and ridiculous rhetoric about “how much Republicans hate education and children.” Because really that’s not true. I suggest that we all buck-up and get busy, as these budget cuts are going to happen are not personal attacks on people in the education system.

      Good charts on state budget spending and revenue.

      2009-2010 Proposed Education cuts by Committee Chair Rep. Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland), May 2009. These are deep cuts proposed by Democrat controlled Legislature.

      2010-2011 Governor’s proposed budget cuts on pp. 47-54.

      NC Education spending chart funding is going up and performance is flat.

      I noticed in the link below, in the right-side column, the NEA is listed as an education group. The NEA is a union group, not an education group. They advocate for members of their union – not education and not certainly students.

      • Lynn says:

        Then support educators instead of “crashing their meeting” and then bragging about it. That was in very poor taste….consider the fact that most educational employees in the past few years have taken pay cuts, pay freezes, benefit cuts, and mandantory furlows without pay. I have bought pencils, paper, notebooks, folders, markers, and whatever my students need because many students in Caldwell County live in homes where only one or none of their parents are working. So maybe the next time you “crash” one of our meetings, a thank you for all the time and money spent on students would be nice instead of trying to find fault.

  15. Ron says:

    Lynn – Be serious about the numbers of private schools with ONLY 4 or 5 students. Find me more than one that is still in business. Don’t deceive, it belittles you and your cause.

    • Lynn says:

      so Ron…here goes…..
      I have friends with children in the following local private schools. This average is per grade, not even class… YES it is easier with classes this small. I don’t really have a cause except that all children in public school get a quality education. Any job can be done with less, including our government jobs. When they take the cuts they expect education to take, then that will belittle my cause.
      Harris Chapel Christian Academy
      Private | K-12 | Baptist | 69 students (5.3 students per grade)
      Heritage Christian School
      Private | K-12 | Baptist | 177 students (13.6 students per grade)
      Hickory Day School
      Private | PK-8 | Nonsectarian | 48 students (5.3 students per grade not including PK)
      Hickory Christian Academy
      Private | PK-12 | Christian | 323 students (24.8 students per grade not including PK)
      Tabernacle Christian School
      Private | PK-12 | Baptist | 150 students (11.5 students per grade not including PK)

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