Presidential Election Should not be a Pageant

(opinion piece)

It has become apparent to many Americans that electing the U.S. President has gotten far away from its beginning of what it should be — the People’s choice to hire the best person for the job, to lead America to a better future. More so now and in the past few elections, the notion of running for President has become a too long mass media spectacle with too much money involved. Of course modernization does grow. Yet, more problematic since the past 3-4 elections is an establishment apparatus that wants to steer the election away from the American People, so as the American People essentially do not have much of a choice…where policy for the U.S. makes no real change of course whether it’s a Democrat or Republican in the Executive Branch…(which has now led to bad results) which then makes the election process merely a formal celebrity pageant.

Myself and many Americans, weary of the irresponsible defilement of America by bad government officials, look for a President that has a soul of an American, the soul of a Patriot that will look to advantage the U.S. and put the U.S. and Americans first and foremost in policy in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

It should not matter (to a reasonable extent) if the person is appearance challenged (fat, old, bald, short, dress attire, etc.). Recall that William Taft became President weighing some 300 pounds.  Race, sex and religious background should be secondary considerations behind issue stances (An employer of course would legally say these should not be an issue).  Americans do not have to have a college litmus test that says the new President must be from an Ivy League school (Harvard, Yale) — when most times the Presidential job requires mainly Pro-America common sense. Presidents Lincoln and Taylor never finished school. The President job should not be a celebrity position, like as we have now, that is choreographed, teleprompter dependent and ‘word worried’ about finding new words. The Presidential candidates more importantly do not have to be ’establishment approved’…to say they must meet with and speak before the Council of Foreign Relations (which is what has been occurring –Obama, Kerry, Romney, McCain have). Lastly is the media — is the media going to be fair to the candidates, treat them fairly, objectively…or is the media going to try mockery, belittling or dismiss valid points important to true American principles? (This includes not just pro-Obama mediacrats against Republicans, but also establishment media against Washington outsiders)

One last point, Americans do not need an Elitist President who dismisses the U.S. Congress or the States Rights or the American People’s voices (which is exactly what happened on the Obamacare bill).  Americans do not need a President who tries to get around Congress by doing actions thru executive orders, doing military actions from the UN or actions thru the courts. Americans do not need an Elitist President or Candidate that thinks he has to speak in code words, generalities, meaningless tired rehash political show labels (such as ‘tax and spend‘) or long diatribes because such Elitist thinks the American People are just too uneducated enough. Recall the worst debate ever (sleeper debate) was McCain-Obama in 2008 (not one real issue was brought up).

Yes, Presidential candidates make promises …and then the standard of the pageant is truly shown when such promises are immediately broken once actually taking office. Americans should look to candidates that talk sense, talk without propaganda, talk straight to the problems facing this Nation.

America does not need a pageant, she needs a President with an American-Patriot soul. (And a President with no czars — the result of too big government and an Executive branch that has been hijacked).

Video: Ron Paul makes firm points from last election.

In this second video — watch how Chris Wallace and Brit Hume  (Fox News) mistreat Paul.

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1 Response to Presidential Election Should not be a Pageant

  1. Gordon Ipock says:

    Very good piece. I agree with 95 percent of the content. The last real president this country had got his brains blown out for all the world to see, and nobody was ever charged with the crime, much less convicted. Instead, the hidden government put the blame on a patsy who was quickly killed before ever being questioned. This is the main reason the JFK assassination is so important. It is an object lesson for every president who comes after JFK: get out of line, get too independent, don’t take orders, even for a moment think you are anything more than a spokes model for the capitalist oligarchy, and you can be taken down just as easily as Kennedy was — and with equal impunity!

    I’m not quick to believe in conspiracy theories, but the JFK assassination was a conspiracy — a huge conspiracy! It is not so huge because of the handful of paid killers who actually killed JFK; it was huge because of the number of powerful people who were in on the cover up. Killing a president was not the hard part. Covering it all up was.

    It’s pretty obvious that Obama is just another puppet president in the post JFK era. Liberals are greatly disappointed with Obama because he has been such a disappointment to them. He has governed as a center-right president… a wall-street Democrat. Ronald Reagan was equally disappointing. He ran a campaign criticizing organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission who seemed to staff every presidency with cabinet ministers and sub-cabinet officials who were all globalists. He was especially critical of George HW Bush for belonging to these groups. The patriotic wing of the Republican Party gave the nomination to Reagan on this issue. And when he won the nomination, what did Ron Reagan do? He disappeared for a couple of days and then came back out and announced he was selected HW Bush to be his VP. I was dumbfounded!!! With that move Reagan repudiated everything he had campaigned on, and myself and other patriots knew he had sold out to the hidden government. Reagan sold America out to Wall Street and the global capitalists just like Obama has sold out to the same crowd. Perhaps both men were sat down and a dozen times shown the Zabruder film where Kennedy gets his skull blown to bits.

    We are ruled by a global capitalist oligarchy. The president is a spokes model. Congress are just bagmen for the oligarchy, the true rulers.

    I like Howard Dean, who was the clear Democratic front runner in the 2004 presidential election. Then Dean came out and publicly stated he wanted to use anti-trust laws to break up the few powerful corporate media conglomerates that controlled all news and serious information here in the US. The mass media that had loved Dean quickly turned on him and made him out to be an idiot for simply celebrating his victory in the New Hampshire Primary with a whoop. Once every mass media outlet in the country played that tiny clip over and over hundreds of times, Dean was done. The nomination went to John Kerry, a real system insider. At that point it didn’t matter whether Bush was re-elected or John Kerry became president. Nothing of substance was going to change.

    We participate in a sham democracy. We get to choose between two carefully vetted candidates for every office of any significance. It makes no difference which one wins. And I have no confidence that the vote counting isn’t rigged to produce any outcome desired.

    Gordon Ipock

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