NC State Assembly – vote on illegal Alien enforcement bills

Lobby the Legislators for Immigration Enforcement Laws
June 7, 2011
North Carolina General Assembly

16 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC
8:30 – 9:00 a.m. (meet in front)
(If you can’t come please call and e-mail contacts listed below)
HB33 – Consular Documents Not Acceptable as ID
HB36 – Employers/Contractors Must Use E-Verify
HB351 – Voter ID – Restore Confidence in Gov’t
SB205 – No Benefits for Illegal Aliens
Contact info:
HB33 and S205 – Call Senator Tom Apodaca (919) 733-5745 or email: and Speaker Phil Berger (919) 733-5708 or email:
HB36 and HB351 – Call Speaker Thom Tillis (919) 733-3451 or email:
See to get contacts to other House members.
HB36 (E-verify)  has good chance to pass as U.S. Supreme Court just upheld AZ’s E-verify law.   Yet HB36 may be tried to get watered down by giving exemptions to some private businesses.  Tell them, NO exemptions.   To stop jobs magnet all business should be mandated to comply.  Hiring illegal Aliens is illegal.
CALL OR EMAIL YOUR NC HOUSE MEMBERS….today and/or this week…


HB.36 will require E-Verify and will dramatically help prevent illegal immigrants from getting new jobs in North Carolina.   Our state unemployment rate is 9.7%, so why should illegals be allowed to get jobs which belong to citizens?

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, North Carolinians want a universal E-Verify law NOW! Citizens should not have to compete with illegal aliens for North Carolina jobs, especially when unemployment stands at 9.7 percent.”

The Supreme Court decision should remove any doubt about the constitutionality of states requiring all employers to use E-Verify.  Please employ it in North Carolina to help our jobless. Unless you require all employers to use E-Verify, North Carolinians seeking jobs in the construction and service sectors will be left to fend for themselves.

TELL YOUR NC HOUSE MEMBER TO PRESS FOR A 2nd READING AND VOTE FOR HOUSE BILL 36.   Also affirm to House Member to pass HB 33 and HB 205 (stop tax dollar assistance benefits for illegal Aliens)  to finally deter further illegal immigration into NC.  Other States (GA,SC,TX,OK,AZ,IN) are moving forward with enforcement and it is past time that NC should take its first step.

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4 Responses to NC State Assembly – vote on illegal Alien enforcement bills

  1. Ron says:

    There is NO reason why the legislature of North Carolina can not pass this bill unless they are getting something in return for not passing it. It is time for our representatives to take care of its citizens before they start trying to take care of every other citizen of the world……..

    • snaketread says:

      Forwarded update—–

      North Carolina, your calls and emails flooded offices as William Gheen of ALIPAC, Ron Woodard of NC Listen, and James Johnson of NCFIRE moved office to office in the NC General Assembly with about ten volunteer activists.

      The results? House Bill 36 (E-verify) passed the house on second reading by a large margin of 75-43! In the Senate Judiciary II Committee, SB 205 (Stop Illegals from getting welfare) bill passed by unanimous approval and heads to the Senate floor! Calls and e-mails are having good impact.

      We are not out of the woods yet in North Carolina as Thursday is the dreaded ‘Crossover Deadline’ and these bills must pass one chamber by Thursday night or they die for the year.

      Please push today and Thursday in North Carolina.

      Step 1: HB 36 does not need your help in the NC House, but SB 205 does need your help in the full Senate. Please call and write all members of the NC Senate with your own distinct version of our sample message.

      Sample Message
      “Senator ________: I am calling/writing to ask you to please support Senator Allran’s wonderful bill SB 205 which would stop illegal aliens from stealing millions of dollars of public benefits from NC and federal taxpayers. SB 205 passed the Judiciary II committee on Tuesday with bipartisan and unanimous support! Polling information from North Carolina provided by the Civitas Institute shows that approximately 80% of your constituents support the measures in this bill which stop illegal aliens from getting taxpayer benefits. Please support and pass SB 205 before the crossover deadline on Thursday.”

      NO word on HB351 – Voter ID – here is prior alert—

      Step 2: Call, then write the members of the House Appropriations Committee to ask them to pass HB 351 today. This bill would require voters to display a valid ID at the polls and this could stop many illegal aliens from stealing more votes in North Carolina.

      Create your own distinct message. Sample Message- “I am calling/writing today to ask Representative ______ to please support HB 351 in Appropriations today. We need to stop illegal aliens from committing the felony of voting in our elections as they have recently been found doing in many states. Please protect American voters by passing HB 351 today.”

      Please call each office, speak to someone or leave a voice-mail, then send in your distinct message by e-mail.

      Here are the names of the members of the NC House Appropriations Committee

      • snaketread says:

        GOOD NEWS! Several bills passed, and finally (after years of negligence and lobbying) shows NC taking steps against illegal immigration.

        HB33 – Consular Documents Not Acceptable as ID – passed by the House (now goes to Senate)
        HB36 – E-Verify – passed by the House (now goes to Senate)
        HB351 – Restore Confidence in Government “Voter ID” – passed by the House (now goes to Senate)
        HB744 – Safe Students Act – passed by the House (now goes to Senate) *tracks the number of non-permanent resident status students for Federal reimbursement monies.
        S205 – No Benefits For Illegal Aliens – passed by the Senate (now goes to House)
        S303 – Real ID Act Compliance/ Non-Permanent Resident Status Border on Drivers License- passed by the Senate (now goes to House)

        H.36 will require E-Verify and will dramatically help prevent illegal immigrants from getting new jobs in North Carolina. Our state unemployment rate is 9.7%, so why should illegals be allowed to get jobs which belong to citizens?
        S.205 PASSED IN THE NC SENATE (final reading) YESTERDAY AS WELL. S.205 would deny non-emergency services to illegal immigrants as federal law will allow. The idea is to cut out government services now going to illegals, because many County agencies do not adequately check to make sure if the illegals are eligible. S.205 tightens down on the kinds of documents that are acceptable.
        S.303 PASSED THE NC SENATE (final reading) YESTERDAY. S.303 would require a special mark on a NC driver’s license issued to non-citizens who are in the USA for a shorter period of time legally. This would draw attention to the expiration date, and that is was a shorter duration driver’s license, in an effort to restrict those who overstay their visa and attempt to use their driver’s license as an ID and for driving purposes. Once a person overstays their visa, they become an illegal immigrant.
        H.351 PASSED would require a legitimate photo ID document and also has a number of other provisions to authenticate the voting process in North Carolina. We are in favor of this bill, because it would help to make sure illegal aliens cannot vote. Voting is a special privilege and it should be conducted in a lawful manner.

        BUT REMEMBER, WE ARE NOT YET DONE ! THESE BILLS NOW HAVE TO BE PASSED IN THE OTHER CHAMBER (NC House passed bills go the NC Senate, and Senate bills now go to the House).
        Thanks again for the help you provided by making calls, sending emails, and some even helped “on the ground” at the NC General Assembly.

  2. brittanicus01 says:


    AMNESTY or as the Pro-illegal immigration groups prefer to label it–Immigration Reform. The truth is not ever going to happen? The 1986 IRCA was a utter calamity and costly for taxpayers. The 1986 (IRCA) Immigration Control and Reform Act that was a mass amnesty, which became the prime deception, played on the American taxpayer of all time. Because of despicably fraud and supreme neglect, the 2 million farmer’s laborers and other illegal workers who were provided a legal course to citizenship, that ultimately turned into 6 million. Even inexplicable those people, who received this pardon, vanished from their usual places of employment and turned up in the job force around the country that Americans citizens had to compete with. Future wise, Congress proposed the I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification Form.) to ensure that all employees presented documentary proof of their legal eligibility, to accept employment in the United States. If the employee has a hiring issue, and chooses to contest an irregularity notice, the employer prints out the “Referral Letter” from the E-Verify program.

    The letter contains information about resolving the problem, as well as the contact information for the (SSA) Social security Administration) or (USCIS) US Citizenship and Immigration Service, depending on which bureau was the source of the non-authorization to resolve the problem? As constantly the open border zealots, US Chamber of Commerce, ACLU and a radical mix of anti American organizations, have used the Liberal Press as a fulcrum to regrettably try to suppress the implementation of E-Verify. Are we not in the poorhouse with China, as it is? But this is no firm binder, because millions more people will strive to reach here, before that ominous Using the media these groups have also brought pressure on the administration not to espouse the Secure Communities law, which identifies criminal aliens through fingerprints by informing ICE. Then Subsequently E-Verify that is increasingly more popular each day by business owners. They are now cautiously aware that an I-9 audit puts their business license in jeopardy, as upheld by the Supreme Court.


    As with the 1986 (IRCA) bill those who advocate against the laws are profiteers for more wealth, or to accumulate more votes or just to prepare America (according to the WikiLeaks group founder Julian Assange in secret documents) for merging with some kind of traitorous program, with Canada and Mexico with one currency. This stealth agenda was collusion between the Canadian and American Ambassadors.

    The other side of the aisle on the corrupt Washington beltway, says we cannot afford to enforce immigration laws? Then my question we had better figure someway, for as the law stands we are just encouraging more illegal newcomers? So the second question, when does this invasion end, when does the lawmakers install laws, that make it impossible to stop this travesty? Are we just going to leave the doors open and hope for the best? All we are encouraging is even more poverty and distressed people, that taxpayers have to bear the full fiscal impact? Ten years from now, population numbers will be skyrocketing and the only winners are the profit-takers.

    Whether we are coming out this miserable recession or not, we cannot afford any immigration amnesty. The first Amnesty in 1986 Ronald Reagan’s term of office, cost–$76 BILLION DOLLARS–by the time it was fulfilled. In today money it’s expected to cost $2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS as stated the Heritage Foundation. So taxpayers would be expected to cover that bill, lending most of it from China again? Are we not in the poorhouse with China, as it is? But this is no firm binder, because millions more people will strive to reach here, before that ominous inauguration day of a new Immigration Reform bill. If Congress is unable to cut spending in this recent of 14 .5 Trillion dollars US Treasury deficit, can anybody in the right frame of mind, tell us where we intend to get another $2.5 trillion dollars, to subsidize those illegal immigrants already living here? These dollars are inconceivable and even if there was another. It’s outrageous that Washington politicians would expect to bleed even more money from traumatic Taxpayers, when we are confronted by rejuvenating two nations abroad, in millions of dollars a day.

    Amnesty, it will only further multitudes of people to come here? Washington legislators come and go, author bills, but are never held accountable for the financial wrecks they leave behind? Only Secure Communities, E-Verify can mitigate some of the pressure that will make foreign nationals think twice before crossing the border, or entering America by other means. This isn’t about any particular race, a person’s politics, religion as we are all suffering. It’s not even about the legal Hispanic population, as they are under the same pain of finding a job, stagnant wages and some type of exploitation. We are all the same boat and without stringent restrictions on immigration and its costs, that boat is heading towards rough waters and could easily sink. The TEA PARTY will slow down this process by confronting Washington aggressively on birthright citizenship to rescind it, which will sever the bond of 300.000 babies from foreign nation getting instant citizenship; cutting down on the annual monolithic cost to subsidize these offspring and families.

    It will also bring to a halt, which it attributed to this wrongly conferred law, saving taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars a year? The TEA PARTY will examine these unfair taxes placed on Americans, by Liberal oriented courts, to appoint obligations to educate, provide health care that comes with the never ending tide of illegal aliens skirting our laws. The TEA PARTY will created bills to up the penalty, for entering America as a felony. This should have been the law of the land, decades ago? Personally, it has always translated to prove there was no serious intention to enforce these laws. It’s in the vein of a conspirator’s reason, why the Southern border fences completion remains a fiasco. The Tea Party will enforce the 1986 (IRCA) law as was planned, with no complicity of government agencies to stifle those laws, such as the business influence.

    The TEA PARTY in 2012 will remove the Liberal influence and even have the empowerment to construct the real border fence, and mandating with no exemptions E-Verify and Secure Communities and indefinitely remove Sanctuary Cities nationwide. As the Tea Party grows against the powerful influences in Washington, these Representatives like TEA PARTY Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota will retire those pro-illegal immigrant politicians, Governors, mayors and all those who have adversely affected strong laws that have been introduced. The American People should not be forced by law, to pay for the impoverished people that trespass into America from other countries.

    We can aid our fellow legal workers out, by taking immigration one step towards generic “Citizens Arrest. We cannot apprehend a suspicious individual, as it could lead to legal action. But we have the opportunity to join other “Whistle blowers” to inform ICE or local police as irregularities stand out. Not speaking reasonable English is a dead give-away, specifically in factory environment and if somebody has an accident through not comprehending a warning notice.

    The time is ripe to contact their federal and State Representatives to insist they enact mandatory E-Verify, Secure Communities for every State, at the Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.

    Member of the Arizona & West Michigan TEA PARTY

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