Caldwell TEA Party BY-LAWS, approved

Caldwell Tea Party By-Laws

Ratified June 16, 2011         Printer friendly version

Article I

The name of the organization shall be Caldwell TEA Party, referred to in abbreviated form as Caldtea.

Article II

Mission statement – We are not a political party or a third party.  We are a civic group concerned about out-of-control government.  We share common goals with many grassroots organizations, as well as political parties, and will work together to advance the cause of restoring a constitutionally limited government deriving its authority from Natural Law.

We support the rational, common-sense, conservative concepts of:

  • States’ rights
  • Free Markets
  • Individual responsibility
  • Term limits for federal and state offices
  • Strong national security
  • Secure borders
  • Real energy independence
  • English as the official language of the US
  • Constitutional amendment for balanced budget
  • Responsibly reduced government spending
  • Smaller government – Less involved in our individual lives
  • Transparency, accountability, & integrity in government
  • No government bailouts
  • American Exceptionalism

We will hold elected officials accountable with their Voter Guide responses and campaign promises.

Article III

Member’s rights and responsibilities –

  1. Voting in Primary and General elections.
  2. Must be a member in good standing to vote or hold office in the Caldwell TEA Party
  3. A member in good standing:
  • Must attend 10 meetings in the 12 months prior to the election
  • Must pay $5.00 per year membership fee
  • Must be a citizen of the United States

Article IV

Regular meetings –

  1. To be held  the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 7pm at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave., Lenoir, NC 28645.  Occasional changes of date and location will be announced.
  2. Open to all members, guests and interested parties.

Article V

Special meetings –

  1. Called by the President or Vice President as needed, especially during election seasons.
  2. Typically held at 7pm at the Caldwell County Public Library
  3. Meetings remain open to all members, guests, and interested parties.

Article VI

Special Executive meetings –

  1. Called as needed
  2. Time and location TBA
  3. May, or may not, be open to all at the discretion of the President
  4. It is at the President’s discretion to make the attendees list for such Special Executive Meetings

Article VII

Definition of Offices and duties –

  1. President – preside over meetings, plan and organize meetings with the vice president
  2. Vice President – assist the president in meeting preparation, assume leadership in absence of the president
  3. Secretary – Record all meetings and present the minutes to the membership
  4. Treasurer – Keep financial records for Caldtea, including collection and posting of dues, bank records, SBOE (if necessary) and IRS.   The treasurer will take and pass the SBOE online training within 30 days of assuming office.
  5. Committee Chairs – provide leadership of their committees, recruit members and assign tasks, and report to the Executive officers and to the membership

Article VIII

Election of officers –

  1. Held the 1st  week in April with members in good standing notified by email fifteen days in advance, posted on the website and announced in other ways
  2. Secret ballot voting only
  3. No proxy votes allowed
  4. All offices are  for a one year term
  5. Nominations from the floor the last meeting in March and additional nominations may be made prior to voting the 1st meeting in April

Article IX

Revision of By-Laws –

  1. Can be revised at regular meetings only
  2. Revisions to the By-Laws take effect immediately
  3. Can be revised by various methods at the discretion of the president
    1. Secret ballot of members in good standing
    2. A voice vote of members in good standing
    3. Quorum of fifty-one percent (51%) of the voting members

~~~Ratified June 16, 2011

Page 3    Ratified June 16, 2011


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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