Governor Perdue should sign good bills for NC

Concerned Citizens,

CONTACT NC GOVERNOR BEV PERDUE – Sign HB36 and HB351 (Voter ID bill).

HB351 and HB.36 (E-verify to stop illegal hiring) passed the NC House and NC Senate this past Saturday, and although it did not go near as far as we would have liked, it is a “good start” to prevent illegal immigrants from getting new jobs in North Carolina.   Our state unemployment rate is 9.7%, U-6 number is near 15%, so why should illegals be allowed to get jobs which belong to citizens?  A $3 billion budget deficit makes illegal immigration and its expenses an even worse crime that should not be occurring in the first place and should be thwarted. 

We will work after H.36 is signed by the Governor and becomes law, to tighten it further.  Hiring illegal Aliens is illegal.  Be polite but firm, but tell Gov Perdue to sign H.36 to start the process to make sure jobs go to citizens, NOT illegal immigrants.  The real unemployment rate is close to 15%.

Tell Perdue to sign HB351 into law to prevent illegal Aliens from voting and be sure legal voters are who they say they are.  Prevents voting under deceased names or multiple voting or other felony illegal voting scams (fake names,etc.)  Have to show ID when cashing check at bank,etc. so why not simply when voting.

CONTACT Gov Perdue by calling (800) 662-7952 or Raleigh local at (919) 733-2391 or 733-4240 or by email at or by website at 


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1 Response to Governor Perdue should sign good bills for NC

  1. daletecChris says:

    I send her an email outlining our plan to make Obama a one term POTUS and implored her to sign these bills protecting CITIZENS rather than harboring Federal Fugitive Invaders from the South!

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