Cut, Cap, Balance and keep debt ceiling at current level

Cut, Cap & Balance would be good start.  Return to 2008 spending levels would be good start in agreement to budget reform.  No debt ceiling increase.  Not good idea to keep borrowing, printing money, spending the same way.  If raise debt ceiling now, we will be right back again one year from now in even worse shape having to raise debt ceiling again.  U.S. will not default on bills.  Fear threats of ‘catastophe’ are about wanting to borrow/spend more.  A Correction will have to be made sometime to show creditors and world that U.S. is fiscally sound and stable to take its debt seriously.

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3 Responses to Cut, Cap, Balance and keep debt ceiling at current level

  1. CaldwellRocks says:

    Nixon raised the debt ceiling 9 times for a total increase of 36%. Ford raised the debt ceiling 5 times for a total increase of 41%. Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times for a total increase of 199%. George H.W. Bush raised the debt ceiling 9 times for a total increase of 48%. G. W.Bush raised the debt ceiling 7 times for a total increase of 90%. President Obama would like to increase the debt ceiling once, and there is outrage. Sure. Right. Yeah, that makes total sense.

    • snaketread says:

      This is like saying, they (those bad Republican Presidents) did it, so why can’t I. Which to a large extent has been the case with Obama pretending to not being responsible for his own actions, claiming it’s either A) all Bush’s fault or B) George Bush did it when he was President (expand govt with mass new bureacracy creation(healthcare,bank and business takeovers) spend reckless, take military action thru UN, do signing statements to ignore Congress and will of the People) so by precedent, “why can’t I” — which goes to say the Executive Branch and it’s “President” are out of control and should be impeached by Legislative Branch for abuse of power and crimes against the Constitution and the People. Mind, that many in the Tea Party disapprove of actions by former President Bush and/or the Republican Party in their neo-con big government anti-Constitution slights that has made bad results against America. Obama likes to claim, “my actions are not my fault” or “what I do, I didn’t do”. The Day of reckoning is coming for Mr. Obama when his awful record and policies are put on display and he is slam dunked as a corrupt anti-freedom marxist solidarity thug from south side of Chicago that cloaks anti-U.S. anti-Constitution harm as “social justice”. So as not to get off track, but a reminder needs to made as to who the President is, back to the deficit and spending. Raising the debt ceiling now however comes at a critical juncture or moment because of the sheer size of the $$ number and the debt/gdp ratio for the Nation, so it just can’t be assumed, (as most Democrats do with all their issues, “what the heck, let’s experiment, just do it, anything goes, loose-goose non-planning, moral equivalency social engineering, revel in complexity impractical “great society” utopia rainbows theory”) that it’s no big deal, that history shows we can just go do it and deal with it later. Rather the severity of raising this debt limit just ‘one more time or once’ is that we are heading into an area of financial bankruptcy and collapse of the Nation, especially with this President’s just blow it off attitude of spending yet another $1.65 Trillion in deficit. What also should be noted, that which Obama likes to ignore, is that it is Mr. Obama’s record smashing unconscionable experimental gargantuan spending of $4 Trillion that he did already that got us to this place of having to raise the debt ceiling and near financial ruin. But Obama don’t care as long as he can keep soothing People with phony deficit payoff money he shoves in your pockets — kinda like Al Capone shoving hush money in your pocket. Now let’s be clear, so that the Obama zombie celebrity (‘bad boy’ reality TV star likers) awed followers of Obama may actually use their brain with some planning for the future — President Obama’s last three years of deficit spending has been in the $1.2T to $1.6Trillion range while President George W. Bush’s largest deficit spending in one year was $400 Billion. So Obama’s deficit spending was a record smashing 3 times the amount of GW Bush’s for a single year. So, let’s be clear again for dumbed down Obama zombies, Bush’s deficit spending was in the Billions while Obama’s spending has been in the Trillions, OK Obama zombies, learn your alphabet, Billions starts with a ‘B’ while Trillions starts with a ‘T’, is that thru to that thick “who cares, just do it” zombie skull. So claims about GW Bush’s spending on wars,etc,etc, pales into comparison to Obama’s reckless political kickback (Unions,etc.) spending spree. Oh, that’s right it’s about re-distribution of wealth. Doesn’t Marxism sound good for the United States? Or what Obamaites cloak call Marxism– as ‘democracy’. Now you can see why Americans disapprove of this imposter President and why he deserves such criticism and should be impeached on multiple charges of crimes on his various actions toward the Nation, the Constitution and the American People. So the choice is clear: Obama-Democrats= anti-Constitution foreign Marxism or Republican= Pro-U.S. Constitution freedom and liberty for a strong U.S. Oh, but for Democrats, who cares right, why bother anymore with some kind of concept between freedom and govt control enslavement because Democrats no longer have to be tethered to a notion of allegiance to some kind of flag or Country, like the U.S. flag or U.S. Nation. No mention of flag or Country really comes from the Democrat Party anymore because its irrelevant to them if they live like China as long as they get their zombie money and their soothing zombie wants met with payoff money. For the Democrats, I recommend a new flag, — a prison-like gray background with a $$ symbol.

  2. CaldwellRocks says:

    As usual, you missed the entire point. But why should I be surprised? Oh right, I’m not.

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