I’m sure many that read this will have their angle of differences about the candidates and not one of them comes with some kind of deficiency on a certain issue (some candidates with a worse deficiency and worse so if it is on a critical issue). My opinion here surely is not wholly the opinion of my fellow Tea Party members or of other Tea Party or 9/12 groups across the Country. Unfortunately following the debate, Dick Armey of Freedom Works appeared on Fox News stating that the Tea Party view is most aligned with Rick Perry. Sorry, but Dick Armey does NOT speak for the thousands of Tea Parties or individuals in the Tea Party. It was irresponsible of Mr. Armey to then assert and have the media run with a notion that the ’Tea Party’ endorses Rick Perry. Mr. Perry has problems, particularly with illegal immigration and the Border, not withstanding other poor governing tendencies. What must be said, is that Mr. Dick Armey also has a history of wanting to help illegal Aliens, continue the incentives of Border intrusion (an open Border) and also giving an amnesty to illegal Aliens. Some things must be said and the ideas waged for the good of the Nation. Again, I am making this perspective to illustrate the scope of the problem for the Nation, that is not necessarily the opinion of other Tea Party members or Republicans.

The President and members of Congress swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Most rarely do. While campaigning they tell us what we want to hear, make all kinds of promises that are almost immediately broken upon taking office and once elected most of them vote for high taxes and more government control of our lives. Some candidates are great at speaking a conservative lingo such as John McCain, but don’t really mean it when they go do liberal actions or unconstitutional actions.

Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and Herman Cain would prefer to run the U.S. rooted in Constitutional principles for the American Individual that which promotes, advantages and benefits the United States and betters itself foremost with Americans and the States well-being put ahead of the U.S. government’s well-being. Or simply a U.S. government that governs least is more beneficial to the Individual and hence the Nation as well. Bachmann, Paul and Cain show a message of sincerity, specificity, truth and common sense when they speak — plain talk to the People that can be felt. Bachmann, Paul and Cain are not vague talking in largesse platitudes for example: statements like — “I want to grow the U.S. economy and put People back to work to make America great again” — this generic statement says nothing about what the candidate is actually going to do. These kind of statements are worthless sell jobs that can mean bad outcomes for the U.S. — much like the now infamous statement, “in 5 days we are going to fundamentally transform America”.

The Other Republican candidates speak in terms of what the government will do ON the People and Nation whereas the Tea Party Pro-America candidates speak in terms of what they will do FOR the Nation from the perspective of the American Individual or the American Family that being how to invigorate the basics of individual liberty – to that end which then betters the economy, betters job growth, betters finances, — and to that end it is about having government get out of the way — hence SHRINK the government. Stop the stifling regulation and policy, stop the foreign giveaways and foreign takeaways of abuse and foreign invasion (illegal entry) of U.S. soil and domains.

Romney, Perry, Gingrich and Huntsman (R,P,G & H) are entrenched in establishment holdings that once upon taking office will simply revert back to the “normal” path of keeping big government growing bigger and hence keep a path of declining results and downward trends that works against the U.S. Nation as a whole. Mark these words, once an R,P,G or H takes office there will be no real change in the size, scope or intrusions on liberty of the Federal government. With too many ties to already installed Officials, Elite power brokers, Agencies or a willingness to just compromise to worthless harmful agencies (800,000 non-essential federal workers), bureaucrats, Czars (“advisors”), or foreign ventures (police state type interventions) there will be NO REAL change in the Federal power scope, Federal salaries (auto budget line increases of 8% per year while the rest of Nation suffers) or hence federal spending to print Fed money to indebt and decline the U.S. to a non-sovereign non-free Nation. These candidates don’t really mind if most of Obamacare remains intact or to have Obamacare just tweaked because the machinery of government will then be at their disposal, their power hands to simply push control of bigger government upon Americans. An (R,P,G,H) President will find that the expansion of the executive branch left behind by Obama will be just fine to their liking and just as under George W. Bush — and the con job known as Neocons, big government will just get bigger, more stifling, more degenerative to the States, locals and Individual . President Obama once said he would do away with signing statements (changing Congress legislation to his liking) or just taking military action thru the UN yet once Bush (and/or other Presidents) had set the precedent it is just assumed and Obama did it anyway. It is in this manner that the Democrat and Republican Party have just been leap-frogging one another with the same establishment bigger government (& Federal Reserve deficit money printing) settings that has now brought the U.S. to the brink of critical problems.

Neo-conservatism (neocons) have provided false conservatism (per a William Buckley) over the years that has made for bad results that Americans should reject and not settle for. “Free” trade, bad trade, corporate sellouts against the Nation, militarism that expends the U.S. will continue same as it ever was under a neo-con agenda that would be a view held in a Romney, Perry, Gingrich or Huntsman Presidency. Hence it is these holdings and these trappings that should make Americans reject a RPGH as President because essentially little will change from the way Obama has federal operations going now. The government agencies will stay the same, remain intact and then continue to expand under an RPGH. Hence it is this very problem and trappings that earns the condemnation of calling the Republican Party one and the same as the Democrat Party with little to no difference than the other. It then becomes just a matter of speed of the destruction of the U.S. with RINO Neocon Republicans (per a John McCain) being the slow speed harm and the Democrats being the fast speed damage collapse. All 4 of these candidates are locked in with big time establishment persona that has global design that are negative for the U.S. with only decline in its future — as the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights gets usurped in favor of international law and United Nations (the league of villains).

That being said, it is now so bad, the Obama Presidency has taken the U.S. Nation to such a new low and poor condition, that it can be said that a Republican Presidency will be so much better (which it would be better) due to the fact it could only get at least somewhat better just by having a President that is not directly doing corruption, attacking America, blaming America, hurting America, and being vindictive toward America. That simply any new President that does no harm to America will be good. Therein lies an enormous potential deceit for Americans — that a new Republican President such as an R,P,G or H would be branded as such an improvement over Obama that this new President would then be able to proceed with underlying, under-gutting anti-America actions that continues the RINO trend that slow declines America into an uncovering entity with little freedom.

The problem has been and is now rooted in the Executive Branch — an Executive Branch that essentially has been hijacked by global designs — that does not act many times in the best interests of the U.S. — an example is NAFTA, CAFTA or allowing continued illegal immigration, taking foreign military action thru the UN with no consult by Congress, having the Fed Reserve print money and send it all over the world at expense of America or also listening and doing the wants of so called – unconstitutional ‘Czars’ (“advisors” picking up a fed salary)(and who are these people exactly). The Executive Branch and its persona has been trying to attain its wants to do what it wants, at the ignorance of the check and balance system American governance — that is to say, act dictator like with just running around or over the Congress and/or the Voice of the People. These actions are impeachable offenses.

The Tea Party and its pro-America candidates are not asking for an abrupt change or dismantling of the Federal govt but are seeking the TRANSITION that essentially returns authority to the States and locales as it was meant to be and to have the Federal govt out of institutional realms it was never meant to be per the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. can, has and should continue to lead, help and trade globally, BUT NOT at our expense, and we can not help others if America does not take care of itself first — this is NOT isolationism or protectionism — this is wise common sense.

AND SO it is the new way that Americans are seeking, — the new way of being pro-America (NOT pro-global first) for the American family as Tea Party families across America from all backgrounds sense something very wrong with what is going on and know that we are all Americans that should be on a Pro-America course — an American soul, and patriot that comes in Bachmann, Paul or Cain is the better choice.   WE can do better!


A final note. It is my take and I think many Americans would agree — while social issues are important (to some) somewhat such as say abortion, gay rights, parenting or religion — these issues are secondary and are just not as important as to the critical issues that are near life-death for the Nation– such as bankruptcy (debt), illegal invasion, jobs, govt role (socialism/communism vs. Constitution), China corporate buyouts and/or takeover of America. The media and others try or want to make hey over the social issues but they are a backseat to literal survival of the Nation!

A small word on the UN:

ANY imposement of UN decree or laws (such as Agenda 21) on the U.S. should be considered a violation of sovereignty and as it is the UN already violates the U.S. soil with its presence on NY land and by taking U.S. tax dollars that finds its way into anti-U.S. endeavors including terrorism. (lets not forget the UN’s oil for food scandal that was largest theft of U.S. dollars in history that went into pockets of many UN bureaucrats)) The UN remains a defunct corrupt organization that masquerades as global good when most times its serving its own ends almost as a bulwark against America. Hillary Clinton has gone before the UN to signal that the US is ready to join a “small arms Treaty” that in its details will be a restriction on the U.S.’s 2nd amendment that likely can lead to registration and then the UN’s prior and long standing stated global goal of gun confiscation from free law-abiding individuals.

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  1. Ron says:

    I can NOT support Perry due to his stance on illegals getting state benefits from the tax payers of TEXAS. Just not fair that you are breaking the law and get rewarded. I can NOT support Romney due to his stance on RomneyCare which is the blue print for obamacare. I wish that Christy was in the race but I can support Mr Allen West and Mr Herman Cain………………….

  2. Nicole Revels says:

    Completely agree with the assessment here. I worry about Bachmann in that she voted to renew the PATRIOT Act and still defends her vote on that matter. This act is not pro-liberty and Constitution. Also her stances on making certain social matters federal issues worry me that she would take us further from limited government. When Cain talks, it is angelic, but I have no voting record to reference his level of sincerity. This is why I will be campaigning for Ron Paul (well, not just these reasons, but also because I actually LIKE him). I will certainly be spreading the word about Bachmann and Cain, though, as well.

  3. Carole says:

    WOW! Reading your views, I found myself thinking there is no hope for us at all. Mr Allen West and Mr Herman Cain that would be wasting my vote. Putting someone in government that has no experience would be worse than letting Obama remain.
    I think you should maybe think of moving to a different country for you to be happy !

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  5. Mike martin says:

    This article is “Absolutely Correct”. Fox news ( I hate to say ) has an agenda like the other news agencies. They don’t want Bachmann, Paul or Cain to win the primary. They want a Good old Boy as the Republican candidate. I hope my primary vote will count by the time NC gets to vote.

  6. Carole Mace says:

    Just to set the record straight: the “Carole” above is not me. “Carole”: please change your profile to include your last name. If “Carole” chooses not be known – I ask all readers to take note of this post. Thank you, Carole Mace

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