Keystone oil Pipeline portrays the failings of the Obama Presidency


Another poor and harmful decision by President 0bama to reject a gainful oil pipeline for the U.S. shows absurdity in the name of politics and blind want of a vision. Of course 0bama doesn’t think rejecting this new oil resource for America is dumb because it is a calculated political decision for his own job at the expense of the Nation. When he came out and said in December of 2011, the decision to do the pipeline will not be made until after the election (in 2012 or 2013), it is quite clear that that means votes and the President felt he needed to please his own leftist base. Which sometimes politicians say things to please voters, but this pipeline affects lives and the U.S. Nation now in its passing away. So this is about 0bama pandering to his far-left base in order to get votes just like he has done with projected tax increases, healthcare (the insurance mandate in 2014, tax “or fee“ incursion up front before benefits in 2016), budget cuts (military, medicare (his version of mistreating seniors)– making sure all his bad policy hardship that he and Democrats have installed for Americans comes AFTER the election.

Of course, all of us Americans, including those darn heartless Republicans, obviously want and hope for a clean environment, clean drinking water, clean parks, key preserved natural wonders and take part to keep the environment healthy with reasonable steps (which is why we have resource managers). The Ogallalah Aquifer has miles of oil pipeline already running over it. Modern oil drilling is now done to minimize environmental impact. Environmental protection can be taken to an absurdity when legitimate use of resources is a top human value to mankind economics with good reason and mankind has precedence or rank to its existence. Closing down entire areas, beaches, forests for some tiny rodent, insect or weed plant (for example) is fantastically ridiculous and is more about an agenda of control (socialism) than it is environmental (which is the agenda ruse of “global warming“ now shown to be false by Climategate). Climategate in 2010 being the admitted falsifying of data by scientists to claim global warming is actually happening. All the attempted “green” energy efforts (wind, solar, bio etc.) simply will not power this Nation, (yes we can take efforts to curb energy costs or waste and wisely seek other energy forms) and the truth is (especially for now and right now) their must be a mix of energy resources (“green”, oil, natural gas, nuclear, coal, etc.). By the way, the energy to charge those electric cars (the Volt, etc.) is coming from coal. Add the U.S.’s current predicament on energy and finances to the dependence on foreign oil (again you simply will not power this Nation without oil and coal) THEN seeking local energy sources, like the Keystone pipeline from our ally Canada, becomes a priority that is good economic value, wise and sound that will also drive down prices and help all.

Why is it that the U.S. be the most constricted Nation to refrain from seeking fossil fuel energy when clearly China, India, etc. are doing reckless energy production that reaps havoc on the environment? Do I hear a political agenda under the guise of global warming or refusing oil production? Why don’t the Environmentalists get upset with those in foreign Nations rampaging over the environment with pollution? Canada will make the oil and simply ship it to China or elsewhere, so the environmental impact will occur and it is just fine anyway because man needs energy and it must be so. There should also be drilling in Alaska, off-shore drilling and seeking of better ways to get resources such as shale oil. Alaskan oil drilling is legitimate and beneficial to tip the balance toward U.S. well-being and is naturally okay as the elk wildlife will have plenty of room to adapt and can move. The fact that it takes time to initiate and equip the drilling as a reason to not proceed is a false argument because you have to get started sometime and if we did so in the 1990’s when the same political Naysayers wouldn’t seek development then, we would have more resources right now. Beginning the process forces the Arab oil producers to lower their prices and puts the U.S. in better position. The created jobs is an added benefit that makes the oil gains (that undercuts imported foreign Arab oil) a win-win situation. If the talk is about jobs then yeah, right, “roads and bridges”. Sorry but the President’s “Jobs bill” about “roads and bridges” was a political ploy he intended to not pass (as his own Democrats were the ones doing nothing, blocking the bill, because they voted against the bill too) and if it did pass, it was just a way for him to wantonly spend another $450 billion (possibly into more crony “green” scams like Solyndra or Sunpower) where the created jobs would be bloated Union salaries (much like the wasted stimulus money that saw jobs created at $2 million a piece) going to his political buddies, the Unions, whereby the President would get a percentage kickback to campaign coffers. 0bama has never been focused on private sector jobs, making private jobs more viable with less regulation, every time that he says he has. If anything Mr. 0bama has tried to micromanage and control private sector jobs by uncertain harmful force.

A more reasonable understanding to the environment and oil –Man by reason of need is good to utilize resources for great endeavors and Nature cleans itself and it adapts and man is part of that Nature and oil that is leaked or spilled is that which came from the earth, returns to the earth. This oil pipeline rejection is NOT about some little permit issue or timing of process by Republicans that the President sheepishly fesses, because the President has shown that he will simply go and do whatever he wants, whenever he wants by running rough over the Constitution or by executive order or for example having the EPA simply write up whatever laws — so he could get the agreement go ahead and get it done, and 0bama again has acted in shame AGAINST the U.S. in having his State Dept. Hillary Clinton to stand up in the way for him. This is not reasonable or helpful to the United States when the President can act for a win-win situation at a critical time. How can any American want four more years of this? “Doubling-down” to do the same action when that action has failed shows a poor vision that the President is bent on even if it means lost opportunity and expense to the Nation. It is a decision like this oil pipeline that has been too numerous for candidate 0bama and it is many political self-serving, corrupt, and lack of common sense actions like this that makes 0bama unworthy of re-election where he should be removed and allowed only one term. We should hope for change away from 0bama’s “Change“. We can do better with a new President that makes better decisions for the Nation. Politics or not, it is not good to pass up a legitimate good opportunity that is beneficial such as this oil pipeline.

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