Dr Dan withdraws from Congressional race today

Dr Dan Eichenbaum withdraws from the 11th District Congressional race today.  His withdrawal is quoted in full, and my comments are below.

Dr. Dan 4 Congress 2012 – February 20, 2012

Dr. Dan says thank you . . .

With the filing deadline upon us, having spent many of the past days in prayer and discussions with family and friends, I have decided that I will not file for US Congress in North Carolina’s 11th District.

Over the past several months of the campaign, listening to the other candidates for Congress in NC 11, I find increasingly little difference, on paper or in words, between the positions I have consistently held and theirs. More importantly, I am unable to self-fund sufficiently to compete against those who can. As such, I see no clear path to victory in the primary.  

I wish to extend my appreciation to my wife and my children, my team, family, friends and all who have supported me in my political endeavors over the past two election cycles.  My thanks and appreciation go out to the Asheville Tea Party, Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Cherokee County 9-12 Project, the FairTax organization, and other grassroots organizations who, standing firm on conservative principles, refuse to give in to pressure from the establishment of both political parties.

I extend my deepest heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Jane Bilello, Chair of the Asheville Tea Party and Asheville Tea Pac, for her unwavering commitment to saving our nation at great personal sacrifice.

For those candidates seeking the support of grassroots groups, especially those affiliated with the iCaucus, I urge you to submit to its vetting process. Evaluation and approval of your platform by independent groups gives citizens of this district the ability to hold you accountable for your actions in Washington, D.C.

Be assured, I will continue to champion private property rights, Constitutionally limited government, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, individual liberty, and a free market economy based on the principles of sound monetary policy.

I remain passionately committed to educating everyone I can on the urgency of repealing ObamaCare in January 2013, and spreading awareness about Agenda 21, the United Nation’s incremental plan to take away US citizen’s private property rights and, ultimately, US sovereignty.

As patriots, we must resist with vigor the elitists in the current administration and their fellow travelers in both parties who seek to steal our birthright of Freedom and replace it with the tyranny of Socialism.

May God Bless America.

Trust in Freedom

Dr Dan Eichenbaum

Dan certainly did bring something great to the table with his candidacy. Truthfully, everyone in the 11th District is better for Dan being in the race.  (I posted this on fb earlier today.)

Many people are now rightfully worried about the lack of a knowledgeable Agenda 21 candidate in the race.  And because there is so much concern, I feel I should share this information with you all.  On this issue, I give Mark Meadows very high marks on his in depth knowledge of the real threat of Agenda 21.  I’ve had Mark fully vetted on the subject and he was given full approval by our friend and Agenda 21 expert Neal Thomas.  If the threat of Agenda 21 is your greatest concern, please personally speak to Mark on this issue.  —- This is not an endorsement, but merely information I have gathered through the vetting process.

I really have looked through everything (fb, candidate websites, alllll my inboxes, and twitter) for any official or even unofficial comments any candidates have made about Dr Dan leaving the race.  I could only find one press release from one candidate.

If I have overlooked any official comments from a campaign, please email them to me and I will post it here.

[2/23 NOTE:  Vance’s statement was released to the media 20 minutes after I posted this article originally.  I have included his statement above.]


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