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LOAD UP!!! We have a TEA Party bus to fill!!!

The cost will be around $40-50 dollars each. We will leave around midnight (Friday night) and return back here around 2am on Sunday morning. Depending on how many people are going, we will leave from Lenoir or Hickory.

I need to know as soon as possible, we have one bus and can get a second one if needed! You can mail me a check or bring it the next meeting 3/6. I will take money until that night we leave, but if I don’t know you want to go, I can’t reserve you a space and you might not get a seat. Continue reading

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Ethan Wingfield: Conservative or Fraud

Since he has not held office before one can only judge the depth of Wingfield’s conservatism on his political activism as a young man in college. Unfortunately for western NC conservatives, Ethan’s record is one any RINO or Democrat could appreciate.

Wingfield was involved in the 2006 reelection campaign for liberal Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, serving as Brown’s co-founder of “Students for Chafee”. Chafee was best known to conservatives for his support of abortion, federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, amnesty for illegal aliens, opposition to Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito’s confirmation, as well as opposition to the 2nd Amendment. Chafee even opposed a bipartisan effort to ban partial birth abortion,..

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