Candidate filing has closed today

NC State Board of Elections full list of candidates link for the Primary May 8th. 

Caldwell County Board of Elections link.

printer friendly list.

Caldwell County Commissioners        (3 seats open)

  • Ben Griffin (R)
  • Clay Bolinger (R)
  • Arnold Wilson (R)
  • Jeff Branch (R)
  • Tommy Courtner (R)
  • Phil Ingle (R)
  • Randy Church (R)  Ran as a Democrat in 2008 for county commissioner.

US House (NC 11th District)

  • Mark Meadows (R)
  • Vance Patterson (R)
  • Jeff Hunt (R)
  • Spence Campbell (R)
  • Kenny West (R)
  • Ethan Wingfield (R)
  • Chris Petrella (R, but ran as Dem in NV Govenor race 2002)
  • Susan Harris (R, but ran as Dem in US Senate race 2010)
  • Tom Hill (D)
  • Hayden Rodgers (D)
  • Cecil Bothwell (D)

Register of Deeds

  • Wayne Rash (R)

NC Senate (45)  — Caldwell County

  • Dan Soucek (R)
  • George S. Robinson (R)
  • Roy Carter (D)

NC Senate (46) – Burke County

  • Warren Daniel (R)
  • Richard Ivey (Lib)
  • John McDevitt (D)

NC House (87)

  • Edgar Starnes (R)
  • Jordon Greene (R)


  • Rick Santorum (R)
  • Ron Paul (R)
  • Newt Gingrich (R)
  • Mitt Romney (R)
  • Gary Rogers (Lib)
  • RJ Harris (Lib)
  • Gary Johnson (Lib)
  • Carol Person (Lib)
  • Bill Still (Lib)
  • Lee Wrights (Lib)
  • Barack Hussein Obama (D)


  • Pat McCrory (R)
  • Jim Harney (R)
  • Jim Mahan (R)
  • Charles Kenneth Moss (R)
  • Paul Wright (R)
  • Scott A. Jones (R)
  • Walter Dalton (D)
  • Gary M. Dunn (D)
  • Bill Faison (D)
  • Gardenia Henley (D)
  • Bruce Blackmon (D)
  • Bob Etheridge (D)
  • Barbara Howe (Lib)

Lieutenant Governor

  • Dan Forest (R)
  • Dale Folwell (R)
  • Tony Gurley (R)
  • Arthur Jason Rich (R)
  • Grey Mills (R)
  • Eric L. Mansfield (D)
  • Linda Coleman (D)

Check our website throughout the remainder of the Primary and General Elections.  We will add new information as it changes.

—————————  other statewide races —-

Attorney General

  • Roy Cooper (D)

Secretary of State

  • Mike Bietler (R)
  • A.J. Daoud (R)
  • Kenn Gardner (R)
  • Ed Goodwin (R)
  • Elaine Marshall (D)

State Treasurer

  • Steve Royal (R)
  • Frank Rouche (R)
  • Janet Cowell (D)
  • Ron Elmer (D)

State Auditor

  • Joseph Hank DeBragga (R)
  • Greg Dority (R)
  • Debra Goldman (R)
  • Fern Shubert (R)
  • Rudy Wright (R)  Hickory Mayor
  • Beth Wood (D)

Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Ray Ernest Martin (R)
  • David Scholl (R)
  • John Tedesco (R)
  • Richard Alexander (R)
  • Mark Crawford (R)
  • June Atkinson (D)

Agriculture Commissioner

  • Bill McManus (R)
  • Steve Troxler (R)
  • Walter Smith (D)
  • Scott Bryant (D)

Insurance Commissioner

  • James McCall (R)
  • Richard Morgan (R)
  • Mike Causey (R)
  • Wayne Goodwin (D)

Labor Commissioner

  • Cherie Berry (R)
  • Marlowe Foster (D)
  • Ty Richardson (D)
  • John C. Brooks (D)

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice  (1 seat)

  • Paul M. Newbie (R)  — He is the 5th of the conservative 5:4 court.  His loss will shift court to a 4:5 liberal majority.
  • Sam J. Ervin IV

Check our website throughout the remainder of the Primary and General Elections.  We will add new information as it changes.

2012 candidate list


About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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1 Response to Candidate filing has closed today

  1. Mike Causey says:

    Amen Christine! Let’s vote for the candidates who will work for all those things- smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states’ rights, free market capitalism and less government intrusion in our lives! If candidates and elected officials will read and follow the Constitution of the United States and the Constittution of North Carolina and follow those principles we can turn this country around and get it on the right track. – Mike Causey, candidate for NC Commissioner of Insurance

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