Buffett rule is stuffed donkey phony stunt

Mitt Romney asked a resounding question, “Does anyone think Washington should be sent more money?” In light of record deficit spending waste, Solyndra green energy scandals and GSA tax-money party clowns, and 0bama’s own dismal $1.3 trillion budget expense, who in the Nation would think sensible that the 0bama Administration be trusted with anymore money. Can you hear it now?

“FREE Obama money! Step right up, get your free 0bama money!“ “Don’t mind the GSA money wasting clowns in the video as they distract you over here!” “Money means nothing because we can just keep printing it, so you get free stuff!” “Fellow OWS’s and fellow students, and fellow food stampers, fellow voters remember who got you the FREE money.“ The GSA clown video where a GSA government worker is seen throwing money around and partying as a clown while on the clock instead of actually working, clearly depicts the oblivious mind set and blind atmosphere of getting govt money, food stamps, and govt checks as 0bama wants you to believe. Aren’t you the American People tired of the push pull routine of govt wanting to help tell you what to do— more and more taxes, higher prices, the shove of your resources into the govt, so that the govt can shove itself onto you?. Are you paying your govt master or taking your masters orders along with his money to be told what to eat, where to go, being surveillanced 24/7 (as the govt is planning with new many square mile NSA building), having your cell phones wire tapped by bigger govt?

The Buffett Rule much like the phony spending “jobs bill” is a rule that only applies to those who are not allies or friendly to President 0bama and his policies. The Buffett rule is not about deficit reduction or so-called “fair share” fairness, it’s a component scheme in the larger scale agenda of implementing socialism, it’s about redistribution of wealth and about helping concentrate monies into 0bama’s political campaign. The President begs… the wealthy just need to give just a little bit more, give the govt a little bit more and a little bit more and yet the govt will keep taking more and more. Why, does the govt need more money, of course to run more “investments and programs” to do what else… redistribute the money. So the economy becomes a matter of finding where the govt is going to plow the money under, blow the money spigot and running to it.

0bama says” The Buffett Rule would reduce the deficit while helping to pay for investments in education, clean energy, jobs, and other programs that will help our economy grow.” 0bama also says” That’s not surprising when you consider that Romney would like to cut taxes even more for millionaires like him, and would do it at the expense of programs that middle-class families rely on.” It’s all in the buzz words, but the buzz is that of a non-joyful clown joy-buzzer handshake. Listen up Middle Classers, pro-America Democrats. So lets’ see — “the programs that Middle Class families RELY (notice this key word – RELY) on“ — “help pay for “investments” in education (money wasted on lower grades and cheating schools that the Dept. of Education has been a historical failure), clean energy (ineffective ventures on windmills and scandal that the Dept. of Energy has been a historical failure), and “other” programs – like GSA clowns.

Again, being a friend to the 0bama Admin. means special favors for you, much like a gangster stuffs money in the “family” pocket. Cronyism is an alive-and-well staple of any operation. If you are part of 0bama’s green energy “corps” then you will get redistributed stimulus. If you are 0bama’s job czar Jeffrey Immelt than your company GE can pay ZERO taxes. If you are Union Labor company then you can get 0bamacare waivers, stimulus so you can then turn around and kick it back to the Campaign. Certainly if you’re a Public Union monopolizing the govt then the higher taxes are inconsequential as the govt will simply reimburse you with a pay raise. If you are Hollywood Elite then you can throw Parties at the White House. All at the expense of printing more money into $16 Trillion debt and yet more and more to cause inflation and hence tax the Middle Class. If you are Warren Buffet then your railroads can get business payouts by doing the transporting the oil from Canada instead of a cheaper XL Keystone pipeline, that would also create jobs.

Meanwhile 0bama preaches about playing by the rules, paying the fair share..…while in fact doing the opposite, where his playing by the rules and code of fairness only applies if it serves his purpose or is friendly to his dictates…Recalling the President’s dismal record of unfairness, such as having the NLRB Labor Dept. sue Boeing for moving a plant to SC to create jobs in SC, doing an oil moratorium shutting down an entire industry because he dislikes reasonable use of oil and its oil jobs, giving healthcare waivers to Unions and his buddies. Making executive appointments while Congress is in session, doing Libya military action and blowing off the People’s Congressional consultation, a slush-fund of Presidential tax money that the President can dip into as he wishes for whatever purpose — so the President really doesn’t believe in fairness or playing by rules because the words don‘t match the actions.

On the scope of the larger issue of governing National economics to achieve govt control, socialists and progressives (like the Progressive Caucus in Congress) want to run their ideology, that after running the Nation into the dirt with deliberate failed govt spending, waste and welfare dependence, the claim is made that the only way for the Nation to then survive or save itself is to impinge on the wealthy that it is up to them or it is their fault that they decide whether to act in the best interests of the Country or the “commune” to save the Nation. Never mind deliberate acts of job destruction, lack of economic activity or business stifling regulations against creating business, or the developed slack of pushing American workers onto the couch with a govt check. Per se the wealthy care about the Nation then it is up to them to act to save it. Isn’t that what the President is harping about with what he created in foreseeable $Trillions in debt for the future, per the Buffett rule? That alone makes the President unviable for the job as President of a Nation.

Why the sobbing broken heart of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Union bosses and liberal Wall-Street donors who profit so well off capitalism can surely write a check and make a donation to the ever so needy IRS. The very same IRS that is to be expanded with tax payer funded salaried jobs in order to force Americans through harsh financial penalty to buy over expensive govt controlled healthcare, so that govt bureaucrats can get wealthy on your tax money while dictating your bodily function. Go ahead Warren, write the check….!!! Make a donation to the IRS for bigger govt control that you want. Do it, we dare you!

It’s unlikely that 0bama welfare supporters and followers can comprehend terms like “social Darwinism”– but that doesn‘t matter to them. So the President needed an ‘ism’ to counteract what he is doing– socialism. Gee, the President must have been thinking of a way to smear capitalism without using the word capitalism…why, we‘ll call it ‘social Darwinism‘… because of course a U.S. President couldn’t look like he is literally rejecting American capitalism. Just as OWS signs read “Smash Capitalism“, ‘Capitalism must be destroyed‘ this is where the President‘s vision goes. Republicans are not about social equality where “from those who are able to those who are because they believe in the American Dream and want all to prosper, Is it not the better to have choice of your well-being where you are not told you are soft, lazy and stupid? The downgrade apology President holds contempt for the U.S. because supposedly its great success….never worked …and the blame America, goes into blaming not just George Bush but all the way back to President Washington and the Founding Fathers.

Republicans don’t want you to be unable to thrive or be disallowed access to free enterprise, to be simply left “on your own” as the President claims — a so-called “shut the govt down — on your own strategy“. NO, most Americans and Republicans, see that not needing govt handouts, govt intrusion, or bigger govt control is preferred to be on our own, that liberty is preferred and able by Americans who choose freedom while there is a place and time for a safety net or need (for example FEMA and disaster funds after a tornado or hurricane) — this is reasonable. Americans can reasonably see a govt that offers assistance, but does not impose over-assistance. Republicans are about fiscal responsibility where the safety net programs are to be saved and not allowed to go bankrupt, by allowing the access to those that when there is a need, then the need is there, rather than having the safety net programs being used as a source of irresponsibility and a means to push govt domination. There is vast difference between needing money and pushing money. Republicans believe in free choice of donation, choice of where your money goes into charity or business. Democrats (along with the well to do Dems) can surely choose the freedom in their choice of donations to help society rather than believing in a coup to discard the most successful system known as capitalism.

Throwing around the “Middle Class” continues to be the most tortured misrepresentation. The 0bama Admin. having put the middle class and poor into worse condition thru rising prices (gas, electric, food) and lack of private sector jobs has saddled the middle class into poverty. Cutting the medicare program $500 billion in 0bamacare is a cut that the President won’t say in his healthcare bill. Mr. 0bama has the false pretense that Americans just “want the money” and that is all that matters. Starving Americans for money makes them want govt money handouts. This is not new, been tried by prior failed governments and goes along with the fellow un-American socialist actions of Francis Fox Piven and Richard Cloward. Cloward & Piven being a deliberate act of economic sabotage by having Unions create a false mass movement whose outward purpose appears to be giving help to the poor but whose real objective is to increase the poorer people to say they need more and more govt handouts so that the entire process falls into Greece-like socialism where govt rule can become dictatorial, the private business is diminished and your liberty is no more. In the late 1990’s it was Mayor Rudolph Giuliani who reinvigorated NY City by calling Cloward & Piven “not an accident, this economic sabotage is a result of policies and programs designed to maximize people getting on welfare.” The new theme for Americans, is that if you want a better 4 years, then “Don’t take the bribe money”, don’t send Washington more money, because you the Middle Class will be duped again, just as you were duped with “shovel ready jobs” and strangely somehow you will continue to have to RELY on govt programs.

The President doesn’t make these judgments in the best interest of America, but are done in the interest of 0bama and done in the interest of bringing to America a system of socialist un-Americanism. The poll of average main-street Americans says that the Nation is on the wrong track. The Nation is in a track of cost and decline, loss of credit worth, loss of freedom. Do you trust a clown, send a clown more money when he throws it in the toilet or throws it in the air like worthless confetti. A Confetti budget that has been discarded in the Senate and has the deficit going to $25 Trillion in several years! But the clown has a purpose, a vision, he wants to put on a show and sing, make you laugh while he installs a ‘post-America world’. Mr. 0bama is running the Nation like a cheap carnival and a joke (much like Bill Maher being a joke) but as long as it serves his political ends and un-American vision than who cares about the negative un-Constitutional impacts to the Nation. It’s not a fair share, but a fare share.

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