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Vance’s big jobs plan

Well here it is below. But it’s the same outline of a plan he released in September (maybe earlier than that). Where’s the plan?? This was re-released yesterday, 5/17/12, by the Asheville Citizen-Times as a press release of an unveiling of Vance’s jobs plan. It’s the same outline he has had on his website since the beginning of the campaign. I’ll ask again, where’s the plan? Why did he tell me on the conference call, in front of many witnesses, it was done and that he would release it?? Is this the kind of run-around candidate you want “representing” you in Washington? Continue reading


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Vance, Meadows, iCaucus conference call

Vance has self-funded his campaign, mortgaged his house, and says he’s not going to ask anyone for money. I asked Vance if he had another $1 million to $1.2 million to fully fund his campaign? He said “This election is not about defeating Hayden Roger’s! It’s about America!” To which the phone call erupted in “YES IT IS ABOUT BEATING HAYDEN!” We tried to make Vance understand that if you can’t get elected first, then you can’t help America. He seemed too angry to hear us.

After the call, I wondered about his level of accountability if he should take office. I wondered if he will be transparent in office, or will he block questions. If questions about campaign positions and campaign finances sends Vance over the edge now, what will his attitude be in office when he must participate in monthly iCaucus conference calls about pending and passed legislation? If recent behavior is any indication of future behavior, I’m not sure he will be as accountable once in office as we hope. Continue reading

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