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Scott Walker needs phone volunteers – that’s you!

If anyone wants to help Gov. Scott Walker stay in office, please consider helping by following this link. It is thorough instructions for phone bank volunteers tonight from 5-8:30pm CT (6-9:30 ET). You can do this from home anywhere!

http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=378811b3c052d40a005861416&id=f837995c6b&e=1a5e68fa95 Continue reading

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anti-Agenda 21 at the NC GOP

Keeping their quorum as dinner and the keynote speech by Donald Trump approached, Republican Delegates, ignoring that they were almost two hours over the time allocated for business, stayed, and early Saturday evening passed a resolution in the GOP platform opposing Agenda 21. There was no debate. The resolution passed with unanimous consent to continuous thunderous applause!

Agenda 21 is no rumored conspiracy. It is a legitimately recognized threat to American sovereignty. Continue reading

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Importance of iCaucus

I have talked about iCaucus for a couple years now. The system is now so well tuned and effective that I have to explain why it’s important, and why I need your participation.

Some of the more prominent iCaucus endorsed candidates are making national headlines. Our regional iCaucus coordinator was approached by many candidates in run-offs and asked to go through the process. That is a testament the system is fair and meaningful. Each candidate is hoping for a coveted iCaucus endorsement. Continue reading

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Wisconsin would be best to keep Scott Walker as their Governor

If the People of Wisconsin choose wisely, they will vote to not recall Governor Scott Walker. Governor Scott Walker, has shown the way to responsible government with beneficial outcomes for all Wisconsinites by being reasonable, fair to making the State as a whole stronger and a better place. The results of Act 10 (Budget Repair Act of 2011) prove the positives of curtailing the Public Union’s crony abuse that was going on. Some of the positive stats of the conservative action: Balanced budget (removing the $3.6 Billion deficit – WITHOUT increasing taxes), $150 million budget surplus, 57,000 jobs created, school budgets improving by having pay for performance and bidding out Union healthcare plans to competition. More positives for Wisconsin can be seen at http://www.reforms.wi.gov Continue reading

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