Wisconsin would be best to keep Scott Walker as their Governor

If the People of Wisconsin choose wisely, they will vote to not recall Governor Scott Walker. Governor Scott Walker, has shown the way to responsible government with beneficial outcomes for all Wisconsinites by being reasonable, fair to making the State as a whole stronger and a better place. The results of Act 10 (Budget Repair Act of 2011) prove the positives of curtailing the Public Union’s crony abuse that was going on. Some of the positive stats of the conservative action: Balanced budget (removing the $3.6 Billion deficit – WITHOUT increasing taxes), $150 million budget surplus, 57,000 jobs created, school budgets improving by having pay for performance and bidding out Union healthcare plans to competition. More positives for Wisconsin can be seen at http://www.reforms.wi.gov

See this video:

The main crux of responsible governing, limited government and proper budgeting of the People’s money is that Taxpayers, Businesses, public Schools benefit rather than big government benefiting. Isn’t it fair and of good stewardship to provide taxpayers good services at REASONABLE cost? In the act of ‘good intentions’ by Public Unions to seek positives for their Workers, it is the nature of human greed and power that gets in the way and the Democrat Party acts as the enablers for crony abuse that occurs in this relationship. Isn’t it FAIR that Public Unions not be allowed to cohabitate or parasite the State government and its conjoined Democrat Party not be allowed to perform a kind of extortion and money kickbacks to abuse, harm and run-over their fellow Citizens lives known as the Taxpayers (other working men &women), private Businesses (that grow the economy) in order feed their lavish benefits and nearly free healthcare plans in order to achieve large salaries?!

At the heart of the conflict of Act 10, is that it prevents most State Employees from being fired by their Unions for declining to pay what were mandatory membership dues. Under Act 10 Union Workers were responsibly made to pay more for their benefits and pensions more on par with their fellow private-sector Workers and hence relieve the budget cost (tax expense) on the State. The Unions initially made sob stories claiming that their Members (Workers) would not be able to survive if they had to spend more for their own benefits out of their salaries (boo hoo). But when figures were made public showing the claims false, that public-employee benefits were still quite generous compared to workers in the private sector the Unions changed tack and had to agree with Governor Walker’s reforms as long as some collective bargaining privileges remained intact. In other words to be blunt, the public labor Unions (AFL-CIO, SEIU, WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association Council) primary concerns is NOT fighting for their members (worker’s) well-being but rather using them like useful idiots and getting their hands on the members money (dues) because that money is used to buy political influence (kickbacks to fund campaigns, etc.). Which herein is why Public Unions and the Democrat Party wants to raise taxes rather than cut government expenses (on whatever wasteful program) so that the money can be washed back and forth between the Party and the Unions in ever expanded stealing.

The AFL-CIO, SEIU hires paid Protestors, who are deceived as useful idiots (that will not receive the promised utopia the are being told) that do not know why or what they are protesting. The Unions manufactured the Occupy Wall Street protest by paid Protestors and they are paid to protest for healthcare, gay rights, etc. Found and witnessed in a Winston-Salem/Charlotte local events newspaper, ‘Yes Weekly’ is in fact a hiring classified advertisement by the AFL-CIO as follows: ‘Jobs: Organize the 99% Working America — AFL-CIO is hiring field staff –women, LGBT and People of color encouraged to apply. Bens available.’ Surely the democrat Charlotte convention will have these paid Protesters. Herein is the Big Lie being foisted on vulnerable Citizens — join the Unions, become a worker for the government, make government bigger, bigger –you are promised to be given handouts (food stamps, healthcare, free contraception) utopia as long as you then do what your government tells you because they now take care of you –and eventually there is no freedom, liberty for you as you are controlled by the govt — then you find that there is NO utopia at all as you really can‘t have upward mobility in your career or life because you are now dependent on govt debt money– you are a caged slave to your government — we all should be government workers — but what is that then? — socialism/communism. Fellow Americans — do not be deceived, Bigger government, more government, more taxes to pay for this bigger govt., more laws to nanny your life, more regulations, more centralized government is NOT the solution — it is the worse problem of socialism/communism that leads to failure like Greece or deplorable human Rights abusive mandates like China. An unhealthy government-business relationship is where government controls, over regulates, over intimidates a free-market business and socialism/communism is that unhealthy relationship and a Public Union can easily become this unhealthy relationship if abused.

SEIU (Union) was the largest single donor to the Democrats 2008 election at about $28 million. Andy Stern (the former head of the SEIU until 2011 and Communist China enthusiast) thereby earned more trips to the White House than any other single person, a recorded 53 times. Teamsters Union Jimmy Hoffa, we ask that you do not call the Tea Party foul names, as the Tea Party is for our fellow American workers just like you, getting them back to work at good American wages. In a past and present associated issue, it us Tea Party/conservative Americans that stand with Mr. Hoffa to NOT allow the Mexican Trucking program (NAFTA program to allow Mexican National Truckers to cross the Border and truck anywhere in the U.S.) — to stand up for American Truckers and American Workers.

Mr. Hoffa and other Unions, We the Tea Party and other fellow Taxpayers are your fellow Citizens trying to tell you to knock off the cronyism and the stealing (Wisconsin Union bus drivers and garbage men being paid $150,000 salary!!??) for your own good, your own liberty — and ask yourself — not what you can do for yourself but rather what you can do for your Country. Wisconsin — ask what you can do best for your State and Country. Re-elect Governor Scott Walker.

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