U.S. Constitution should be upheld by Supreme Court (Obamacare revisited)

President 0bama and fellow Dems just spent and wasted $20 million of your money on 0bamacare advertising to convince you that you want 0bamacare. See the President and , Nancy Pelosi, Kathy Sebilius, Valerie Jarrett and other cohorts think that the problem is that the President just hasn’t done a good enough job convincing you, that you just can’t seem to be smart enough to see how good 0bamacare is for you. No further messaging is necessary because no convincing is possible, because as the President knows it is the actual 0bamacare plan itself and what it does in its whole 2700 pages that the American People reject. The American People were clearly saying, “NO!!” in town halls across the U.S. to the bad plan when it was first proposed in the Summer of 2009.

The U.S. Supreme Court should be judging based on the critical words and spirit of the U.S. Constitution, NOT judging about that their decision is the better course for the Nation. Judicial review is not to be based on the dynamics of current events, a coming election, crisis-emergency hysteria or based on sob stories of certain individuals in need.
If the U.S. Constitution is violated by the bill then it says NO to 0bamacare and the bad bill should be struck down.

The past few months has seen a string of unmerited logistical reasons attempts to claim reason to keep 0bamacare that has nothing to do with the merits of the 0bamacare Act itself but rather for so-called ease of expediency — Excuses such as; removing 0bamacare will cause disruption or crisis, 0bamacare has already put a lot of time and work into what we have now, Americans are already enjoying benefits that would be taken away if ruled unconstitutional. The President won’t even mention his “brilliant” healthcare achievement on the campaign trail because he knows what he has done is wrong, dictator-like and that the overwhelming majority of American People (26 States suing) reject 0bamacare. That’s right, 26 States — over half the Nation is suing to reject and simply disregard 0bamcare as a valid piece of legislation.

President 0bama and fellow Dems in an unprecedented dismissal and disrespect for the Constitution, American form of government (checks and balances) and the Supreme Court, made false statements in the attempt to have the Executive Branch dictate and intimidate the Supreme Court. The President’s accusation of the Supreme court of doing judicial activism was an act of intimidation and a slam against the Constitution. 0bama falsely stated that his healthcare bill was passed with a strong majority in an honest process — when the truth is the healthcare bill was barely passed by 7 votes in the House and 0 extra votes in the Senate and the bill had to be bribed through dark deals behind closed doors with Harry Reid and passed in the dead of night on Christmas Eve. Then Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) tried further bullying by saying, “the Supreme court should do the right thing on healthcare”. As if the Democrat Party has sole ownership of all things compassionate and needy, Senator Leahy wants the Supreme Court to just go ahead and act in a worse way that is NOT for the greater good and just throw the U.S. Constitution ‘under the bus’. Senator Leahy as well as many others see ‘no big deal’ in disregarding and violating the U.S. Constitution, because, well, they do it all the time in Congress. Prime example is the mandate that violates the 1st Amendment’s religious freedom of Catholics being told how to run their church.

Americans do not have to give a wit of credence to how much work Kathy Sebelius, Democrat legislators or others have done on 0bamacare because WE told you NO!! from the start and in process. NO to moving forward with the bill. WE told you to back away from your desks and stop writing an awful bill — scrap the bill!! And start over and go find something more worthwhile to work on such as the economy. Now it is Democrats, Kathy Sebelius, Nancy Pelosi and Barack 0bama that have wasted there time, our time and our $$Billions. SCRAP the bill!! Repeal it and throw it out!! — WE don’t care how much work was done or what work you have done for a harmful and devious bill!!!

Government takeover of the healthcare industry and loss of liberty (control) for the patient and doctor was the prime directive and desire of Obamacare. This was made clearly evident in the bragging admissions by Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) and Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), that “0bamacare is about control“, not healthcare. All in the plans and deceptive secrecy behind closed doors was to create a massive 2700 page bill so as to ambiguously insert mandates of control and taxation into the bill. The bill is so large and ambiguous that they are still making up laws, mandates, taxes so that there is literally nothing that the bill doesn’t attempt to cover about controlling the doctors, the industry and your health decisions. The Federal government taking over and mandating an industry IS a violation of freedom and IS socialism leading to communism.

It is by far an enormous stretch and unreachable leap to say that the commerce clause says that the FEDERAL government has authority to control free individuals to force them to purchase anything. It is the interface of contact where Federal authority is in question. The interface of contact in commerce that allows Federal authority is “with foreign Nations, among the States, and with Indian Tribes” or at best INTERSTATE commerce. The commerce where an individual is purchasing a final product is not the interface that the Federal government is allowed to micromanage a person’s free sovereign choice. 0bamacare’s central mandate of force on a free Citizen is a perversion of the commerce clause and it undermines the fundamental basics of individual liberty being taken away to put government coercion as the means to govern and rule which is un-American in the purview of concepts of American government.

The grand deception of occurring now with 0bamacare is that when 2013 and 2014 arrive Americans will be hit with a massive ‘hangover’. By design for 0bama’s re-election 0bamacare has been conveniently initiated and front-loaded with benefits and back-loaded with costs (which will occur after the election).

— CBO declares after full use of 0bamacare, $1.76 Trillion will be added to deficit
— CBO declares in March 2012 that as many as 20 million Americans will lose their coverage because of 0bamacare. (Remember, it’s about control, not about actually insuring the uninsured)
— CBO estimates that 30% of Employers will drop health coverage for their employees

— in 2013 all the new 0bamacare taxes take effect (medical device tax, tax on drugs, etc.) and as well due to the taxes that will drive up medical costs Advanced Medical Technology Association estimated that 43,000 U.S. jobs could be lost to the device tax

— in 2013 all the bureaucratic panels and commissions start to decide and control every aspect of our healthcare (rather than doctors and patients)

–in 2014 all persons will be FORCED to purchase government designed health insurance even if it is more expensive or contains benefits that you don’t want.

— Businesses will be uncertain with economic outlooks for years to come as bloated Federal healthcare costs are inflated with taxes and bureaucratic fixes

— IPAB (the unelected, unaccountable board of “expert” bureaucrats) that will control doctors and decide which patients can receive which treatments at what costs —rationing to supposedly control costs meanwhile the savings of the costs goes into the bureaucrats bloated govt. salary

What has become evident, just as the American People said why they DO NOT want 0bamacare passed, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (0bamacare)does the opposite and does NOT protect the patient or make healthcare affordable because it IS about government takeover and control. It should be noted, that from the start, Republicans were not consulted and rather completely shut out from input on 0bamacare and that it is a total Democrat undertaking. The dimwitted Progressive Nancy Pelosi said in February of 2010, “It’s about jobs”. “In it’s life healthcare reform will create 4 million jobs, 400,000 jobs almost immediately.” The only thing ironclad about 0bamacare is its bankrupt iron prison it will put the Nation in and its bad outcomes.

Supreme Court, — please remove in entirety the worst piece of legislation ever written in the U.S. and remove one of the worst episodes in governing ever foisted on the American People.

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