AZ Immigration Law Constitutionally grounded in self-defense

Enforcement of immigration laws against illegal Aliens is a basic Right of self-defense in protecting the Citizens from undue harm, damage to property and crimes. Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution states, “The United States…shall protect each of them against invasion”. Each of the States shall be protected from invasion. Just as the States can have State militias when needed in time of self-defense, so too the States can have immigration enforcement to assist in enforcing immigration law in name of self defense.
City, County and State Officials and Legislators have a direct duty to protect and defend its Citizens and legal Residents against fraud, crime, abuse, community intrusion, and excessive taxation and thereby have the Right to make laws that uphold the sanctity of U.S. communities.

Police carrying out their duties can act on “reasonable suspicion” and in standard course of their duties can make a logical deduction as to whether to check an immigration status.
Police ask you, me and everyone to show ID when stopped or asked by a reasonable inquiring police Officer. So an illegal Alien needs to show ID, visa or passport. If it’s a foreign ID or have they no ID at all, then immigration laws are triggered. Showing ID to police is standard practice and its simple, SB 1070 AZ State law same as Federal law mirrors the enforcement. It is discrimination against Americans and legal Immigrants (that are required to carry their ID) to make them show ID, but for illegal Aliens to get special treatment to ignore an ID showing. Showing ID to an employer and E-verify is a simple standard practice that an illegal Alien fails—and they should fail and be deported.

If an illegal Alien feels uncomfortable or not getting good service in the U.S. — then don’t immigrate illegally. It is a distorted hyperbole and fear-mongering that a police Officer is not going to be held in conduct of code and simply start going after Hispanics or Asians, etc. because of their skin-color — again ALL of us are asked to show ID. This problem is NOT about sob stories or complaining that comes from being enforced against — or about assertions that “we should do the right thing to help our neighbors”. Illegal Aliens know exactly what they are doing and what crime they are committing when they cross the Border or proceed to carry out ID theft or visa overstays against Americans. Why do illegal Aliens and the “Hispanic community” not want enforcement —that’s right, because they know they are illegal! Why is it that it is the “Hispanic community” crying about their illegality, surely there are Asian, Chinese, Russian, Arab, East Euro illegal Aliens, and yet the discontent comes from a particular group– because the majority of illegal Aliens are in the “Hispanic community” and they know it. This problem has to do with illegal ENTRY and foreign Nationals. It is the basis of enforcement and for example that is why People don’t commit fraud because there is enforcement. If illegal Aliens don’t like being asked for their ID, don’t like U.S. immigration law, don’t like being illegal — THEN DON”T ENTER THE U.S. ILLEGALLY!!!

It is the case of this matter, that 60% of illegal immigration comes from the Southern Border, that the problem is not just a trickle, not just a couple hundred or couple thousand — but it is MILLIONS of illegal Aliens. Hundreds of Thousands, Millions of illegal Aliens with a collective intent of debasing America, committing crimes with the base of that intent founded in a collecting enough mass in order to carry out their extortion — hence invasion. This invasion is helped along by illegal hiring by illegal companies and by immigration Lawyers taking part in the scandal against U.S. laws in direct refutation of U.S. sovereign law. In this manner when all the States have been impacted by such mass crime, it then becomes the authority of the States to take tenth Amendment Rights to protect themselves by enforcing local immigration initiatives.

Those who want to claim that States cannot take own authority to enforce immigration law should then look at the disqualification of States doing Sanctuary laws for illegal Aliens. These States should conversely come under full penalty and removal of sanctuary laws by the Federal Government. When the severity of a crime wave gets worse do you add more resources to stop it or do you subtract and remove resources? If you subtract resources, isn’t the mentality of criminals to then simply blow-off law to do more crime? A foreign Nation is no ally to the U.S. that commits invasion with multitude of crimes because an immigrant to the U.S. means an understanding of embracing the U.S. flag not vice-versa.

The Border States AZ, TX, NM and CA have a prime interest and duty of enforcing immigration law. All the other 46 States applaud the efforts of AZ, TX and Governor. Jan Brewer for taking a bonfide standing in deterring illegal entry into their States. A matter of self-defense when so egregiously offended by astounding numbers and years of defilement has a Right to be utilized when the laws on the books are those of enforcement and the States and the Citizens of this Nation have a Right to not be invaded or pillaged by ANY illegal foreign populous. The Supreme Court is well within Constitutional bounds by way of sovereignty and States Rights to allow States to enforce immigration laws and uphold AZ’s SB1070 law.

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