Obamacare facts from Dr. Love

Author – our TEA Party friend and frequent caller to Sean Hannity’s radio show, Dr. Love.

Hi Tea Party Patriots,
Being a physician in what was the best health care system in the world, I want to apprise you with salient facts to rebut the liberal talking points.

1. Beware of their use of pathos to evoke feigned sympathy for that massive take over of of such a vast portion of our economy such as saying they do not want to see any one go without care: This program deprives Medicare recipients, who usually have prepaid to enter that entitlement, of $500 billion dollars in just basic items (who is pushing granny over the cliff now?).

2. Obama cares? Until he left the Congress in Illinois, Obama kept on the burner legislation that condones leaving an infant without any comfort care or mercy on the table to die after a botched abortion and his wife steered indigent folks to other facilities so the financial burden would be on other hospitals and not the one where she was so gainfully employed.

3. Believe me foreigners, young adults, and even terrorists abiding in this country comprehend that when they go to an emergency room there is no question that you have to be treated, I have heard the stories from folks over the years with no intention to pay. Our country and physicians have long participated in altruistic free care for patients.

4. The churches, civic groups, spontaneous groups have all raised money for folks in need of medical care. Before I had cognition, my family told me how they were called by our neighbors, because I was was going door to door soliciting money for surgery on my sister’s arm.  My parents quickly came after me. America has been a good country, if not then why are people breaking down our gates to get in? Of course now with this president, they can just walk in through Arizona.

Author – our TEA Party friend and frequent caller to Sean Hannity’s radio show, Dr. Love.


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Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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