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What is Obama hiding?

The unanswered “Why” underlying your suspicious, uncooperative and reluctant behavior about your dubious sealed and mysterious personal past has now obviously opened the famous Mississippi Floodgates of ‘justifiably acceptable doubt” about this important issue that could potentially prove an illegitimate Presidency! Medical records, college transcripts, college writings all sealed. Why?
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RESULTS: July 17th Run-off

Since many of you asked for Caldwell County results, I have compiled all the run-off races here. HOW DID THE PRECINCT YOU WORKED AT DO? Continue reading

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Next meeting – 7/26

7/26 – Caldwell TEA Party regular meeting 7pm at the library. Re-cap the 2nd Primary Election, share the results, and begin November 2012 plans. Caldwell TEA Party has had requests from outside organizations for support – member discussion is needed to determine our involvement. See you there! Continue reading

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