What is Obama hiding?

******** A Presumptive Presidency? ********

Circa 2012 a “Presumptive Republican Nominee” is not your only, or your greatest threat Mr. Obama!The unanswered “Why” underlying your suspicious, uncooperative and reluctant behavior about your dubious sealed and mysterious personal past has now obviously opened the famous Mississippi Floodgates of ‘justifiably acceptable doubt” about this important issue that could potentially prove an illegitimate Presidency!If a judicial system is thought to be corrupt or rampant with political cowardice, and fails to properly and prudently act, I fear the civilian vigilante uprising that rumors suggest may feel impelled to address and resolve this matter for the E Pluribus Unum common good of the nation! 
Illegitimate birth is one thing, where parentage is not sanctioned by a valid marital union, it can only produce a “bastard” child. However, more important is the fact that an “illegitimate citizenship”, which contradicts the Constitutional Presidential requirement, can give rise to an illegitimate Presidency, and that cannot legally, historically, nor politically, be allowed to stand Mr. Obama!

This challenge, this issue, and these now seemingly great and justifiable doubts which you have by your own suspicious behavior and actions precipitated have been ignored and pushed under the political rug for far too law now. It is time that the law enforcement community of this nation, now demand, in the interests of national peace, that this matter be thoroughly, completely and publicly reviewed, explained and resolved responsibly beyond any “reasonable doubt”.

In a court of law and justice you may be innocent until proven guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” However, in the political arena of this democracy, and in the court of public opinion, the consent of the governed, will of the majority, as is commonly expressed by the collective voice of We the People, must be listened to, heard and reasonably acted upon to resolve all doubts!

Presumptions in law, as you know, may be overcome, but only with solid evidence of substance. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Obama in this instance there is no such thing as a “Presumptive Presidency!”

* * *

Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio is doing a service to our democracy and system of justice in the interest of preserving an otherwise shaky national peace. This is especially appreciated in light of the threats coming from the many justifiably disturbed elements within the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, the Constitutionalist Party, the Conservative movement, among Tea Partiers, Independents, Occupiers, the Reform Party, the Green Party and even among some disillusioned, disappointed and dissatisfied Democrats. I am voluntarily assisting with strategic planning and press releases in this matter beginning with the drafting of these sentiments for the good of the cause, for the good of the order and for the E Pluribus Unum common good best interests of all legal and law abiding citizens of this still great Union of Fifty United States of America.

Dr. Jeremy P. Fisher, III   — Contact Info: FisherGp@aol.com

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