China and NAFTA: our history

It’s very important for you to understand how we have lost their jobs because of NAFTA,  ISO-9002 (no longer in use), and the US-China trade agreement reached in November, 1999, granting to China permanent normal trade relations status by the U.S. Congress.  Paving the way for China’s entry into the World Trade Organization and the G-20 in the same year.  Liberal American government policies setup China to be a global economic powerhouse.  Now, we owe China over $3-trillion dollars.

The truth hurts.

The Democrat led U.S. House of Representatives approved NAFTA by 234 to 200 on November 17, 1993. The U.S. Senate approved it by 60 to 38 on November 20, three days later.

NAFTA signed into law by President Clinton on December 8, 1993.

NAFTA took effect January 1, 1994.

NAFTA and other destructive policies led to the Republican “Contract with America” unveiled to voters Sept. 27, 1994. The first Republican take over of the US House in over 40 years with a conservative led 104th Congress.   

Heritage Foundation analysis of Contract with America, Oct. 1995, link.

History of NAFTA link from, US Economy section.


When I think about history of our past few presidents certain events that come to mind. NAFTA started by Clinton, how most of the furniture companies were so eager to move down South of the border.

I remember Broyhill Management telling us that we [Americans] made too much money, so we will have our furniture made in Mexico. Well, Mexico did not last long, because the Mexican factory owners were corrupt. The Mexicans cut cost by cutting steps in making good furniture forcing ISO-9002 rule came up forcing the Mexicans to make furniture exactly as specified.  This caused many Mexican companies to go bankrupt, because they could not make as-specified furniture.

In 1999, Clinton signed the China-America trade agreement. The Chinese were so serious about making products that they… really did a good job.  Truth. What good is a political party [Democrat] that sent most if our jobs overseas and made it easy?  Then the Clinton’s party divides the country by making other items seem more important that the Economic Health of our nation.  The Clinton’s and Dem’s put racism, abortion, homosexual issues, etc… in the spotlight.  All these social issues should come after our American economy is fixed, stable, and secure.  I am tired of the Democrat Dog and Pony Show of polarizing issues.  The understanding was, ‘If you do business inside of our country that is not fair trade.  Just leave America. I don’t want you here.’

I am so glad that we have Mark Meadows running for congress.  He’s an American business owner.  He conducts all of his business inside the US.  He employs only Americans.  He doesn’t exploit lower paid foreigners for his profit.  Really think about this.

Vote out everyone who supported, or does business, outside our country.  Someone can say “how good they are” or “how nice their church is” etc…, but when all is said and done, their business is outside of America.  Shame on them!!

Thanks to the Clintons for starting out to be the great divider, money maker of stock holders, and keeping us distracted over Social issues in America when the rest of the world used to look up to us. Now they hate us because of your liberal ways. No wonder the Muslim Brotherhood chanted Monica at Mrs Clinton in Egypt recently. We have become a wicked country, Clinton, and we are not safe because of Liberal philosophies, practices, are figuratively “molesting” everyone.  I’m right!!!  Vote the sons-of-dogs out of office.

by Dan Wilcox

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