RNC Platform and those in Power

Ron Paul / Liberty delegates who were rightfully elected and credentialed at their district conventions, and collectively approved, or not, at their state conventions.  The Paul delegates, and to a much lesser extent Gingrich, Santorum and Bachmann, followed the procedures, rules and conditions set upon them to participate in Republican Party politics at the Precinct, then County, then District, then State, and then National level.  They arrived ready in Tampa to participate in the rules, resolutions, and platform changes of the Republican Party for the next 4 years.  Some delegates, weren’t cleared to leave their states before they were replaced by Romney delegates.  But a great many were replaced right there in Tampa – taken from the floor under protest. (Google it.)

Ron Paul and his delegates play such a prominent role in this convention, because Paul was the last man standing officially in the Republican race with Mitt Romney.  Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was given direct and specific instructions NOT TO SAY his dad’s name, Ron Paul, while on the stage.

The Republican Party used some sketchy tactics to replace the Ron Paul supporting delegates with Romney pledged candidates.  I guess to avoid any public descent at the convention?  But what they created was a firestorm and very unhappy rank and file delegates and members.  Even widely known conservatives and long time GOP’ers fell prey to the establishment trickery.  Virginia delegates supporting Ron Paul and Morton Blackwell, of the Leadership Institute, were held in their delegate bus for an hour and a half not being allowed into the convention Green Zone. (story w/ video link, another link)  Michigan and Iowa also with large Ron Paul delegations, were kept in their buses during the televised Delegate Rollcall that nominated Mitt Romney.  Morton was supposed to give the form Minority Report to the convention, but since he wasn’t there (held in his bus) the RNC Chair refused to mention the prepared opposition to the rules.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin stating on her facebook page, “The controversial rule change being debated at the RNC convention right now is so very disappointing. It’s a direct attack on grassroots activists by the GOP establishment, and it must be rejected.”

Then, in an unprecedented move, the Party rammed through rules changes at the clear protests of rank and file Republicans, both at the convention and at home.

The new Rules protected the status quo and power in the Party and really goes far to keep any grassroots groups from having much of an impact in the direction of the Party. There is also the average Republican coming to vote in an unorganized way for their favorite candidates.  I know the outcry was heavy, at 12:45pm I called my NC GOP in Raleigh to ask them not to pass the four unfair rules changes, referred to on twitter as #rncpowergrab.  The NCGOP said they had been overwhelmed with objections to the rules changes all day.  The 2012-2016 Rules changes passed at 2pm the same day, regardless of any objections.  Read more here: http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/12645-rnc-disenfranchises-delegates-rigs-rules-to-nominate-romney

Boehner doesn’t read the Platform and doesn’t know anyone who does???  Maybe that’s the freakin’ problem in Washington?  Read more here: http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/12642-boehner-no-one-reads-gop-platform

The National Platform Boehner and his friends didn’t read:  http://www.gop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/2012GOPPlatform.pdf  It’s 62-pages.  I haven’t finished it yet, but so far pretty good.  In my opinion, the country would be in great shape if the GOP simply legislated according to the GOP Platform.  If they stood on the principles of less spending, lower taxes, free markets, free choice, and LESS REGULATION, we really would be fine!

My experience in NC is that “the Party people” DO NOT read the Platform and seem to have no real use for it.  I’ve asked; they don’t.  Again, in my opinion, the Platform is just fodder for the masses and not for those in charge.

 ———– Will these same kind of tactics be used to keep the Democrat delegates in line when it comes time to cast their delegate votes for Barack Hussein Obama??


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1 Response to RNC Platform and those in Power

  1. Sunshine says:

    Where did my heart go …..???.. I read this …my heart, my breathing has stopped. Who are these people? We have been asking all along .. Who is giving the orders?…Who is running our party? … IS the Republican Party run by liberals?.. socialist?.. globalist?.. China, Russia… ??? Have they taken over ? Who is taking care of AMERICA? It is supposed to be “WE THE PEOPLE.” WHAT HAPPENED? ……………………………………….. PRAY with ALL YOUR MIGHT ……… …………~i~

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