Obama exacerbates illegal immigration

Illegal Aliens raping American women and children and killing Americans could be prevented and would not have to occur because an illegal Alien should not be on U.S. soil in the first place. When securing the Border and doing legitimate checks like E-verify and enforcement of having policeman with reasonable cause ask for valid ID, illegal Aliens would respect the law and illegal Aliens committing other crimes like DUI, ID fraud, stealing, drugs would not be just let go– so they can then commit rape later again and again. Current Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick (D) for example, does not mind illegal Aliens pillaging, believes illegal aliens are welcomed in Massachusetts under any circumstance, as he defended an illegal alien who killed a person in a car accident, helped illegal Aliens steal taxpayer money with getting them healthcare, not doing enforcement making his State a sanctuary for illegal Aliens to keep treading America to bankruptcy. But the more overall formative notion here is the collective illegal Alien populous doing the raping of America and the Statue of Liberty in general.

President Obama has now helped increase illegal immigration, and exacerbated illegal entry of the U.S. 0bama prefers to service foreign illegal intruders and foreign governments at the negative expense of rather serving the United States and the American People. 0bama just for his political gain and far Left plans increases economic decline for the U.S. by creating the mentality of amnesty. President 0bama took the illegal, impeachable executive action of just invoking the Dream Act into “law” without creation by Congress which violates the Constitution. For 0bama, his Dream Act amnesty order of work permits was done by a lone act of traitor against the U.S. by essentially practicing tyranny in saying, “I’m going to do whatever I want, and this is made so, just because I said so.“ Selective choosing of laws and making up administrative regulatory law around Congress has become a despotic hijacking assumed as regular practice (call it willful “signing statements”) by the Executive Branch but why bother being nit-picky about corruption. Not to mention this amnesty action violates the Nation and damning the American and Legal Immigrant population who rejected allowing the Dream Act amnesty 8 times. It’s not complex, it’s rather simple basic understanding that doesn’t take a law degree as a President of the U.S. that you stand to defend America from violation. 0bama is playing that he is humanely “sharing” with friendly illegal invaders but with ulterior motives jeopardizes National Security and disregards the further crushing of the unemployed, adding to unskilled labor woes, student employment woes adding salt to his wounded economy and is rather worse seeking pander votes. Overall, ALL of the U.S. States reject what 0bama’s Federal Government has done and is doing. The President might say, what the heck, the American People can handle some sharing redistribution thru illegal pillaging, they can handle the cost — problem is NO, we don’t have to handle pillaging, accept or tolerate illegal Alien pillaging. Can you hear the footstep pitter patter coming? That’s the sound of Latin American Countries sending there children across the U.S. Border to get 0bama’s amnesty decree. Now we’ll have more trailer trucks loaded and houses crammed with illegal Alien children making a run at the Border coming as far as Columbia. The same foreign Nations that 0bama joined with in legal brief to help sue U.S. States stopping an illegal invasion. 0bama reinforces the notion that illegal Aliens and now anyone in the world can just walk in to America as nice friendly visitors that can just come and trample America because he thinks the U.S. should have essentially no Borders.

See Video – Call to Secure Border:

Polls consistently show that 65-80% of Citizens and Legal Immigrants want Illegal immigration stopped, enforced against with current law and the Border actually secured. There has been no legitimate polls saying that Americans want an amnesty or don’t mind a “pathway to Citizenship” for illegal Aliens. 60% of illegal immigration comes off the Border. Only 1 out of 3 or 33% of illegal Aliens are caught and deported leaving a miserable porous feeble unacceptable Border security ratio of 66% of illegal Aliens gaining access to U.S. domain and stealing down America — which amounts to America taking in about 1 million illegal Aliens annually and its unacceptable cost that does not have to occur. It does not matter what State, County or town you are in, you will find that illegal immigration is a scourge that 65-80% of Americans want enforcement to stop the violation and allow American workers to find work.

There they were on August 15, 2012 – the lines of illegal Aliens getting an “application” —Illegal Aliens are NOT Victims, they are criminals stealing American money, property, resources, and votes and it has been shown to be a net drain time and again. These people are not America’s people, Not people of the States, these People are foreign Nationals intruding and is declared so in their nature of agreed collective intent— they are the Federal Govt’s people, they are the subjects of the Federal govt — these are the modern day slaves — the slave trade of fascism — why?? — because the federal govt has consistently failed to secure the Border, enforce the laws when it is their job — at every instance and for so long . Too long the, collusion of business with government (at the Chamber of Commerce, the Ford Foundation, etc.) to allow illegal Alien entry is a correction where business can adjust to proper law such as E-verify. E-verify and enforcement is simply an adjustment in business practice that once taken to correct illegal immigration then prosperity can follow. E-verify could simply be linked up with the I-9 IRS form and the Social Security Service to cross-examine legal presence and that way the IRS can do away with made up tax instructions for so-called, “non-resident Aliens” (aka illegal Aliens). It is not a matter of agreement or trying to get things done in Congress because IT IS THE LAW and its in the Constitution as Fed duty to protect U.S. States from invasion.

We told you so…. Obama’s amnesty decree per the dream act for kids turns into no holds barred rush by illegal Aliens to falsely claim they deserve amnesty and the illegal Alien amnesty then instantly ballooned up from 800,000 (a deliberate known lowball number to make it seem “just a little bit”) to 1.4 -2 million illegal Aliens given an amnesty. Of course 0bama is more than willing to oblige and just ignore requirements that could just get in the way of amnesty votes. A 2 year work permit, only 2 years — no business will want to hire them and there are no U.S. jobs being created under 0bama. We’ve played this garbage game before — 2 years will not be temporary and it will turn into 5, then 10 years , then permanent staying in the U.S., which is why any form of amnesty is unacceptable and enforcement is first priority– and again it is illegal entry, illegal stealing, illegal direct harms to family household incomes across America. Now the proud parent illegal invaders can say, “I did it, I did my job — I got my child installed on U.S. soil for all my stealing and together we can demand things from America.”

Oh, and what if, the DHS with all their threat actually has applications that are falsified or just can’t cobble together enough requirements to receive the amnesty — then we will hear about a long staying process to somehow find a way to get them an amnesty –then there will be more crying about illegal family here and there will still NOT be its supposed deportation that its blowing hot air lies toward the American People — once again, the illusion and excuses about doing enforcement are merely lip service blown at the American populous as if the DHS or the Feds will actually do something about taking care of their slaves that connives American Citizens precedent condition. Ulterior motives to be exposed exists in the rotten undermining against the U.S. and Americans and its the Feds slaves (illegal Aliens) thru the failed falsehood of NAFTA (A Bill Clinton action that promised many new jobs ended to be lost jobs, harmed industries and crashed the Mexican peso currency) is meant to effect a problem that can’t exist, that of having Nations undergo an “integration”. Much like an EU or “Eurozone”, “European Union” the thinking is that somehow “integration” of Nations even fiscally, politically into an even larger bigger international centralized government leads to better outcomes for the People rather than just benefiting the Elite Establishment Globalists. As can be seen the “Eurozone” bankruptcy failure now is the greatest example to not proceed any further with an “integration” into trans-national larger central governing (like the EU and UN) because the corruption only gets bigger and worse. The EU should be dismantled because competition between Nation States drives prosperity and the better good. Since the U.S. is a Country to be maintained as the intact driving force of freedom and well-being on the planet — it would serve the highest and utmost interest to maintain the U.S. in healthy condition of U.S. law. Having a healthy U.S. with prosperity means standing as a Nation of Laws that upholds U.S. strength. U.S. strength being Immigrants coming to America abide U.S. immigration laws, assimilate to become American and learn English or they can consider where they are living. Allowing, accepting scourge of negative impacts of ruin in illegal immigration, NOT deterring such illegal negative behavior runs counter to progress, counter to achieving the benefit of freedom for all.

Sure enough, there they were all lined up — the illegal invaders happily getting what they came for — an amnesty handout to be rewarded for their invasion. Why they just walked right in, walked in single file, leaving mountains of trash in U.S State parks and on U.S. Citizen rancher lands — and here are some of the thought process and intent as an illegal Alien commits a criminal act against the United States — “yeah, I’ll just get a fake ID, make up a social security number or steal one, get an easy ITIN number from my best invader helper friend the Federal Govt, — it’s easy to walk all over the nice U.S., I don’t have to follow any stinking laws and I get handed all kinds of benefits — everybody else does it so why can’t I? With every other Hispanic/Latino illegally entering the U.S. my buddies can give me cover, then I’ll meet up with my fellow Mexican/Hispanics and blend in with the legal Hispanics in a Hispanic Community. Then I’ll get easy benefits and handouts from those stupid Americans and then if I just sit, sit, sit, squat around long enough then the stupid Americans will just have to give me an amnesty, then I can raise my foreign flag and speak my language just like my illegal buddies, and then I can help my other and more illegal invader buddies to violate America and eventually we’ll just do what we want because we will just sit, sit, sit around, cause legal, criminal destruction with pillaging DUI crimes, pillaging destruction of U.S. property and by the numbers we’ll just occupy and set up our foreign invasion.

Adding to the problem of securing U.S. Borders for a better future is that persons willing to assist an invasion because they have a conflict of interest with their allegiance to America and the U.S. flag or they are sympathetic to illegal Aliens for various reasons. Many Officials in the U.S. government are willing enablers of illegal immigration. To name a few there is Hilda Solis of Labor Dept., Cecilia Munoz (former VP of NC La Raza) as Director of Intergovernmental Affairs in Exec. branch, Esther Olavarria in the DHS, Ken Salazar of the Interior Dept. that are just a few of many others looking to help illegal Aliens rather than deter. Quite questionable is the conflict of interest in allegiance to the U.S. is the actions of the Hispanic Caucus in the U.S. Congress, a few being, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Rep. Xavier Bacerra (D-CA), Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), that at every chance looks to help illegal Aliens and block any action to deter further illegal immigration. Illegal Aliens and its supporting cohorts want to keep the ongoing dynamic of keeping illegal immigration the same as it has been, that illegal Aliens can get the best of both worlds — ignoring U.S. law under the radar, get benefits and having the freedom to pillage running from State to State. Illegal Aliens enjoy the shadows and don’t really want to come under U.S. law because they think it should be under the Mexican flag. False dramatized displays as illegal Aliens being victims of raids or hiding in churches or using family unity are used as reasons to maintain a continued flow and intrusion process to impose extortion from the U.S. As seen many times, when it is a van, truck or busload of illegal Aliens that crashes, and dead illegal Aliens are strewn all over U.S. highways and many more are seen running from the crash site — it does not show a scene of victims but rather the true nature of illegal Aliens is shown as invaders.

No its clearly posted, where the Border is, so they know exactly well that they know they are doing wrong, that the foreign Mexican flag (or any other) doesn’t belong or does not fly here. So do such “immigrants” and illegal Aliens love America or do they hate it?? Oh, that’s right illegal Aliens just want to ignore U.S. laws, be able to run from State to State pillaging, doing crimes but when they raise foreign flags and refuse speaking English then clearly there is the lack of love for America that somehow told them to come here. So what is the beef, problem with Hispanics/Latinos, that it has to be such a dramatized issue/ affair about them legally entering the U.S.?? Why don’t we have the Chinese, Arabs, Russians causing such a calamity about their illegal demands from America?? Why something so important to Latinos/Hispanics that special treatment and laws go unenforced by the President?? That’s right Latinos/Hispanics wants to show that the squeaky wheel is actually a hostile act intrusion on the U.S., the attitude is quite well portrayed with wrong dumb statements of, “we didn’t cross the Border, the Border crossed us” or “our Land was stolen”. Oh that’s right because they have a problem with the U.S. flag and figuring where they belong.

See video — this is the real problem of illegal entry by Hispanics/Latinos protesting:

Monetarily on U.S. immigration law and the Border 0bama finds himself in untenable excuse. The loss and destruction of money in this illegal mass intrusion is staggering. The poor inept and untrue excuse against actually doing the enforcement is “due to limited resources” of ICE, DHS, etc. is such that they have to be used in prioritizing illegal Alien types (criminal, student, etc.) oh, because of “budgetary limit spending” (oh that just happens to be a spending problem in this Border enforcement area dept but not any others -spend, spend, spend) and therefore why bother with laws and illegal Aliens are given amnesty – then more illegal Aliens enter the U.S. compounding worse defilement. Well, sure enough we can even borrow $2 Billion from China to aid Pakistan, or send $1.5 Billion foreign aid to Egypt but when it comes to the U.S. Border well we just can’t find a red cent and there’s a fake sudden major concern about spending limits — when it is quite clear the more important ‘close to home’ problem is the Border! A heinous grievance is be committed here because well it is said that we don’t “have the money” to do enforcement, yet the same money is then given to illegal Alien benefits, tax credits, food stamps, etc. in direct destruction of taxpayer money in the an opposite process. Not to mention all the illegal Alien babies costing hospitals, fed/medicare budgets and Americans nationwide because the 14th Amendment misrepresented drives illegal entry for birthright babies. Americans budget tax money is also given to pro-invader groups helping illegal Aliens to violate America — groups like National Council of LaRaza, MALDEF, ACLU, LULAC, etc.

President 0bama wants to undo history and undermine his responsibility to the concept of U.S. soil and where U.S. law starts. Why just prior to a year ago when Arizona’s Law came about, 0bama had stated that “some Hispanics/latinos were here even before AZ became a State”.  Sure that can be said about pre-U.S. settlers but following the signing of a Treaty, AZ became U.S. soil and so all persons are then subject to jurisdiction of U.S. governance and if they didn’t like it then they should have left for elsewhere. So abiding U.S. law was made known that the U.S. flag resides as AZ,NM,CA,TX, NV,CO. Eric Holder using the Justice Dept as a political weapon for own political gain and anti-U.S purposes — suing States for immigration laws, voter ID laws or trying to help illegal Aliens get an amnesty by enabling their continued squatting on U.S. soil. Having Federal Judges comport to Holder’s desires and having said judges strike down any kind of restriction that might uphold U.S. law (his job duty). Holder and Obama can’t do enough to help foreign Nations and foreign Nationals violate their own U.S. Countries’ domains and Citizens. So in clarity again: A sitting U.S. President is actively taking actions to bring violation against his own U.S. Country and States in order to help a foreign Nation and illegal foreign intruders further violate U.S. soil and Americans and the very U.S. Country that is his job to protect and the best reason it would seem that this is being done is in order to downsize the U.S. or “integrate” (do away with Borders for a “flow” of cross-Border labor – that is not needed) or submerge the U.S. into a larger overriding U.S. law central government like a corrupt failing EU.

President 0bama cannot go out of his way enough to help illegal Aliens. Here are more recent developments of wrongly bad 0bama policy that bodes poorly for America’s families:

1) Deportation numbers are inaccurately stated too high and are not true that 0bama has deported the most illegal Aliens — by of course rearranging definitions (cooking the books like on most 0bama stats). If you search “0bama deportation record” you will see what all of America sees, numerous claims from CNN, ABC, Huffington Post, and many other 0bama regime supporters proclaiming “0bama Administration Sets Deportation Record.” Unfortunately, this false claim being broadcast to the public is a big lie. The actual numbers are 14% lower than 2008, 19% lower than 2009 and Judicial Watch says they have not been this low since 1972. Even if deportation numbers are up and highest ever as 0bama claims, then that would say Border Security is low and not being done.

2) Ordered the USDA to provide food stamp program info to Mexican Consulates in order for Americans (taxpayers thru USDA) to pay for illegal Aliens getting U.S. food stamps (also called SNAP benefits).

3) ITIN numbers fraud uncovered at the IRS. A recently released report in July 2012 shows widespread tax fraud in connection with the federal government’s Individual Taxpayer Identification Number program. The Feds give out ITIN numbers to Banks (knowing they are going to illegal Aliens) like candy which then Banks (those helping illegal Aliens) wrongly give these ITIN numbers to illegal Aliens. The U.S. Treasury inspector general report accuses the IRS of discouraging employees from reviewing applications for the ID numbers, which are generally from non-resident workers — code word — illegal Aliens doing fraud. The inspector general specifically said there were 154 mailing addresses that were used 1,000 or more times on applications, including 15,795 ITIN numbers assigned to a Phoenix address!! The inspector general also found 10 individual addresses were used for filing 53,994 tax returns and receiving $86.4 million in fraudulent tax refunds. For example, 23,994 tax refunds totaling $46.3 million were issued to a single address in Atlanta and 2,507 tax refunds totaling $10.4 million were issued to a single address in Oxnard, Calif.!! In addition, the Treasury’s Inspector General for Tax Administration reports found 10 bank accounts received 23,560 tax refunds totaling more than $16 million — including: 2,706 tax refunds issued to a single account totaling $7.3 million!! Surely this calls for sensible enforcement. THIS IS an economy issue because the DOLLAR AMOUNTS being stolen, frauded and ripped out of the U.S. Nation by a mass intrusion of illegal invaders is staggering.

4) Has declared that illegal Aliens getting the “dreamer act” amnesty permits are now eligible to get all kinds of money benefits, schooling, etc. at Americans expense.

5) Has ICE dept, DHS, Border Patrol and 287g not doing their jobs (at Americans tax cost) in order to sanctuary illegal Aliens — also demising Arizona 3 hours after Supreme Court decision with penalty to not do enforcement in Arizona.

6) Creates a patchwork of laws by having sanctuary cities with helping fellow conspirators like Mayor Deval or Mayor Michael Bloomberg and States (CA Gov. Brown and Illinois Democrat Governor) ignore the Feds without penalty and not applying Fed laws.

7) Has pulled yet more resources and Border guard off the Border enabling further defilement against America and its economy.

The U.S. immigration system is NOT broken, its not enforced properly because illegal Aliens should not be allowed illegal entry in the first place. Illegal Aliens have the Right to be deported and illegal Aliens should not be given money, service and the system is not broken when the laws are utilized to prevent, deters illegal entry/immigration of the U.S. President 0bama acting wrongly on yet another major issue for America’s well being.

Another important video: 

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