Romney’s welfare comments — Democrats cry foul for being outed on truth of what they are doing

   Is Romney’s 47% victim welfare state moment like 0bama’s “you didn’t build that moment”?  No.  Romney is just stating the facts of the current condition of the Nation.  It’s the truth and its that simple.  Yet low and behold Democrats are simply aghast, stunned, knocked off their feet that how dare anyone accuse of them of exactly what they know they are doing!!   Will the food stamp President please stand up.

   A miserable condition of the Nation that Romney pointed out is a stinging indictment of the 0bama presidency, a condition created by bad policies that worsens America’s bankruptcy and potential collapse.  Romney is stating the fact that a segment of America has come upon a culture of entitlement (not talking about Social Security or medicare) and that some if not many groups or factions have a deliberate political belief and philosophy endeavor to expand, maximize a welfare or nanny state in order to achieve other political ends — one of which is to end capitalism (the most successful and beneficial system).  These are not fictitious groups or false blame being projected, and 0bama, liberal biased news pundits, the Clintons, Anthony Van Jones, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumpka and many most other leaders of the Left are well aware of those self titled groups such as the Socialist Party, Center for American Progress, Economic Policy Institute, Socialist Workers Party, Democratic Socialists of America, Apollo Alliance, etc. …

   0bama and Democrats continue to make extraordinary promises they can’t possibly fulfill to People, voters — promises that become dangerous beliefs that they will be taken care of in comfy lifestyle (a utopia) under 0bama where they will get free healthcare, free car insurance, pay all their bills, free mortgage, free college, free contraceptives, free lawyers, free food, free clothes, etc. from cradle to grave — that’s the promise of some kind of economic system.  In 2008 many People were filmed saying in a dreamy way that if 0bama gets elected he is going to buy me a new car or pay my rent, etc.  Maybe this is why some people were fainting in front of 0bama — because of dangerous outlandish promises.  That would be great to bring a utopia theory to reality, but 0bama is finding just as others in history have found like Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung that the re-distribution theory fails when brought to reality because you run out of other People’s money and then ‘the boat’ (the Nation) becomes overloaded with free loaders.  So of course Lenin, Stalin and Mao just had to go to killing millions of their own People to make it work.

   The problem that engulfs the current Democrat Party is that Democrats now are boldly contrary to JFK’s Democrat Party or even Bill Clinton’s Democrat Party willing to work for a better America by listening to the American People, working with Congress and accepting alternate views that keeps America free, balanced, strong.   From the beginning 0bama’s presidency has been, “my way or the highway” — for example, not listening one iota to the American People when WE yelled in majority, “NO to 0bamacare” and slamming Republicans out of any input or negotiations for responsible common sense ideas!   NO, Mr. Obama knows full well and as do most in Washington that he has not worked along with other Americans or Officials on policy, has remained aloof, has not worked at all on the budget and certainly has NOT stood to represent ALL Americans. By far, Obama has played favortism, to some groups while punishing others using govt as a political weapon just as his DOJ does.  Why has 0bama attempted to control the media (like foreign Dictators do), rarely given press conferences?  Why doesn’t Mr. 0bama meet with the Tea Party and ask about concerns (you think he might have when over a million American People erupt in a march on Washington DC).  Democrats and many other Americans have a view of the U.S. Presidency or the U.S. government as to seeing what they can get or what the government is going to do for them a matter of selfish greed well displayed by Democrat Unions (wringing exorbitant wages, benefits, tenure at the expense of fellow Americans and the Nation‘s bankrupt condition)– rather than a Presidency or U.S. government being about taking care of America, promoting the Nation’s well being by doing their jobs by laws.   Social engineering or as George Soros calls it, “experimenting with Nations” is not a role of the U.S. government should be doing.  Whole industries, financial manipulations and life changes are made by Americans or power player Officials based on what Party or who is in power — as if the govt is for example going to lavish money on the “green energy” sector, the healthcare sector, the oil sector, etc. and so then everyone runs over to that industry to “get the money”, this manipulation is not a fair shot, fair by the rules that smacks of a “give me”, “taker” society that is not a unified or healthy America. Democrats who hold to American principles and remain pro-America who dislike socialism should consider divorcing themselves of the newly turned Democrat Party and become Independent. 

    Remember Democrats, got to hide that socialism, hide that communism behind the fake plans you say, because what you are doing is anti-American and is foreign antithetical to the U.S. Constitution and American principles.  Sorry Democrats don’t be so stunned that you have been outed, we are just stating the facts.  If you don’t like being called welfare state promoters than stop doing such bad policy — because the truth is, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck then IT’S A DUCK!! — so with 0bama we are calling what he looks like because of what he is DOING — govt welfare state — socialism –anti-American foreign past failed concepts.  When the President and his followers are practicing or doing un-american foreign concepts on America then it is clear that socialists and communists are what these people are and hence they are not patriotic, not American and are problems to America‘s well-being.  Democrats always cry that they are being called unpatriotic, but that is what they are if they want to impose un-American foreign failed concepts on America — so that’s right –We are calling such persons — traitorous un-American foreign infiltrators against America and they know who they are.   Democrats earn the socialist/communist label for  what they are doing.  An example of 0bama’s DOING or ACTIONS is for him to publicly state that he is all about an ‘all of the above energy strategy’ but then 0bama quietly behind closed doors has his EPA destroy the energy industry of oil and coal along with its jobs. For 0bama and many Dems the socialism is in the details and the actions (his true plan) don’t match the words (the fake plan).

    Obama has now set the mood and condition for the Nation that they are personally stuck in their life and things will roughly stay this depressed way as the new American normal (so get used to it) so that he (0bama) can keep transforming, keep social engineering more government control to take care of your stuck life. MSNBC (Obama’s State controlled media channel) once had a header relating to 0bama’s National condition reading, “Americans learning to live with less”.  Somehow when 0bama and his govt are done with their transforming plan that won’t be enough.  This is why 0bama pleads, begs on his knees to “just give me a little more time, give me a little more money”, “I just need a little more time, I promise it will get better.”  “I haven’t finished my progress”??  So what is the plan — oh, that’s right he can’t explain it because he has to keep the USA downer harmful plan of the socialism/govt control thing hidden, he doesn’t want Americans to know what he is DOING which is why he doesn’t want a budget — sure we get the general bogus statements about “tax the rich, help the middle class, insure education, invest, innovate…”  same, same, same nothingness. 

    Again here is the whole projecting onto Romney, that somehow it’s Romney’s fault that the truth be stated. Democrats claiming that Democrats are not doing what they are doing so that they can step back and say, it’s not our fault, it’s not 0bama’s fault that he did what he did for the past 4 years– again, more of the same of what has come from this unstable conflicted presidency since its beginning — no responsibility for the quite obvious harmful bad actions of President 0bama that is quite opposite of the words that come out of 0bama’s mouth.  Acting like you are not responsible for what you are doing such as practicing socialism/communism does not mean you are not doing socialism/communism.  So the President and covering liberal followers sit there with blank faces as if they are somewhere else and not responsible and act like 0bama hasn’t done anything for the past 4 years.  As with anything, you are either DOING IT or YOUARE NOT!!

   Other Democrats have given us public statements and glimpses as to who they are and the  socialism they are doing — Maxine Waters, “in the end we are just going to take control of your business”, Rev. Al Sharpton, “0bama is just doing what he said, redistribution of wealth”, Max Baucus and John Dingell- “0bamacare is about control”. Michael Moore to corporations – “it’s not your money”.  The very basis of Obama’s redistribution of wealth and that no one should own private property comes from a prior clearly defined historical person.  The statement made by the past historic figure says, “From Each according to his Ability, To Each according to his Need” — Karl Marx.  So there you have the basis of 0bama’s un-American Marxism.

By the way, since we are going to go with secret tapings like this one of Romney and hot mic moments let’s recall 0bama’s Russian visit saying, “he will be more flexible after the election” or the taping of 0bama meeting with Radical professors, activists that have been kept secret, speeches 0bama has given before the SEIU Union about organizing to see what they can get out of corporations or America.


Notice it is about how to raise organized power on how to get things, stuff, concessions out of America, out of corporations.



 Mitt Romney’s views of America and his vision for America is a free, robust, healthy, strong Nation where ALL Americans are prosperous. More important is that Romney will do the basic job of President unlike Obama – get a budget, LISTEN to, consult American People and Congress. Romney’s vision for America is the New way and a new path of pro-America common sense government that holds to limited government reforms Washington and is NOT simply going back to Bush or “old Republican” policies.  Mitt Romney offers the opportunity of new way of success and has a five point plan put out that shows his actions (for example #1 is Energy policy – build the Keystone pipeline, allow drilling, let coal be mined — lower gas price, better economy).  See:


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1 Response to Romney’s welfare comments — Democrats cry foul for being outed on truth of what they are doing

  1. andy says:

    snaketread –

    i agree that Mr. Romney told it like it is, in that almost half the nation pays no income taxes.

    the thing that bothered me is around 10% of that 47% group of freeloaders are indeed senior citizens. its one thing for him to let loose and tell the truth, but i don’t want him killing the support of our older americans – we’ll need them in the upcoming election.

    also in that group are veterans, which we really don’t want to alienate.

    i am also worried that this will insult southern states, that depend on taxpayer dollars to survive. if we are going to win the White House, we need the south.

    – andy

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