Glenn Beck’s “The Project”

As seen on on September 26th and 27th, 2012.  These are the links to both parts of the documentary on radical Islam.  There is no excuse to not see these videos with the 14-day free trial.  Please watch it, talk about it, and vote responsibly!

We will watch as much of these videos again at the meeting on 10/4.  Also, for those of you who have already seen it, we will have an area OUTSIDE the room for you all to talk about the movie.  The videos will begin at 6pm.  Each should last 45 minutes.  So the full group discussion should start about 7:30pm, maybe a little later.

========== INFO for further research ==========

The stated goals to defeat the West as outlined in Dec. 1, 1982 “The Project” (yes, the same name as the video):

  1. Use deception in all areas of government and society to disguise the Islamist agenda.
  2. Support Jihad movements across the world through propaganda and material support.
  3. Conduct covert operations within the halls of power in support of the global movement.
  4. Infiltrate existing Western institutions and work within them until they can be subverted to Islam.

On camera experts below:

M. Stanton Evans – author “Blacklisted” a story about Joe McCarthy’s work finding communist infiltrators in America and how he was right.

Diana West – author “American Betrayal” about our government betray its citizens.  Calling someone a racist shuts down conversations and stops thought.  Policy influence is a great threat to American politics.

Stephen Coughlin – former CIA and expert in Islamic Law who was briefing military commanders between 2004-2007 until his presentation was deemed too offensive.  Stated in 2011 in an FBI training session, Islamic law is incompatible with US law and our Constitution.

Sebastian Gorka – intelligence expert and adviser who asks “Who is Islam?”  “What do they want?”  “What is the end state?”  He urges us to use their terminologies and call communists communists.  Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

James Woolsey – former CIA Director

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)  House Homeland Security Committee

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) House select committee on Intelligence – only 19 members.

Erick Stakelbeck – terror analyst and author “The Terrorist Next Door”

Andrew McCarthy – US Attorney who investigated and arrested Ghauam Nabi Fai and the radical ties that surround the globe.  ISI (Pakistani Intel) is working with Al Quaeda and the Taliban.  MSA (Muslim Student Association) is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.

John Guandolo – Former FBI Special Agent.  These radical Muslims use their influence everywhere.

Patrick Poole – PJ Media reporter and terrorism expert who lives in Hilliard, OH, and documented radical ties to global Jihad and his local Islamic school (Salah Sultan the principal).  Louay Safi is the IIIT president who founded the Muslim Brotherhood, and is now the Chairman of a Syrian political group fronting the Muslim Brotherhood.  Also investigated Hani Saqr is the top leader of the North American Muslim Brotherhood and founder of NOR Islamic Cultural Center.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) goal is the approval of United Nations Resolution 1618 to outlaw defamation of Islam.  link. OIC magazine link. and link.

Wired Magazine article “The Purge”, 9/2011, about political correctness and then forced destruction of entire government libraries about Islamic philosophies, goals, subversion….  (I couldn’t find the article on

================== Pat Caddell says, the media has become an “Enemy of the American people” 

================== Islam 101


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